Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with doctor telling Garima that Dev is critical. He says Dev drinks and that’s the reason the survival chances are less. Raju hears this and sits in shock. He recalls Garima’s words and goes to meet Dev. He sends the ward boy out and says I did not come to show my grief, I m not sad. I m glad you are not related to me, I m not brother of my sisters, I m not son of my mother, Garima told me everything. Dev opens eyes and sees him. Raju says life looks a big stone to me now, when the stone moved, life broke a mountain on me, who am I, whats my real name, from where did you bring me. He says I will not see my identity when I stand infront of mirror, I feel like an orphan, who were my parents…. The ward boy says Dev can hear you, but he is not in the state to answer.


laughs and says he was never in state to talk, I did not see this man in senses since years and today I need him to be in senses. He asks who am I? Komal looks on and smiles. She calls Raval and informs him. Raval says yes, right, Raju’s poison will get more dangerous, and he won’t be attached to model town. Komal asks him to find his real parents, then you can control Raju. Raval says great Komal, but how to find it. Komal says from Dev, you can bribe the hospital staff, come and meet Dev. We will find Raju’s real parents. Raju goes to his home and looks for something.

Doctor tells Garima that Dev is getting serious, they have to do operation, she has to sign on consent form. She goes. Doctor smiles seeing Komal. Komal and Raval smile. He goes to meet Dev. Raju breaks the things.

Raval goes to Dev and removes the oxygen mask. He says I wanted to have a drink with you, and removes the glucose line. He says I got this special scotch for you and replaces the glucose bottle with wine bottle. Raju gis angry and is searching things to know his identity.

Dev turns away and says I can’t drink. Raval smiles and says you drink every day, when everyone stopped you. He feeds wine to Dev. He asks who is Raju’s real parents. Dev nods no. Raval says I don’t have patience and takes wine. Dev asks him not to go with wine. Raval smiles.

Raju cries and holds his head. Dev tells Raval that he got Raju on the footpath, Raju used to sing well, Raju did not tell me his parents’ name, he had this locket in his neck. Raval looks at it. Raju gets an old pic of him and his mother. Raval takes the pendent and thinks if Raju knows about this, this secret will come out, Dev has to die to keep this a secret. Raval says cheers and force feeds wine to Dev. Dev dies.

Raju cries and recalls Garima’s words. Raju runs to Dev and shows the pic he got. He says this is me right, who is this lady, from where did you get me, am I her son? He realizes Dev died. Raju recalls Dev. He closes Dev’s eyes and cries.

Raval says I will know where did Raju keep Rambhateri and kill her. He asks the goons to kill Rambhateri and Nandu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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