Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nandu seeing the video. She rushes and checks her dress. She checks reports of blood samples and thinks how did it matched when that man was not Raju, how is this possible. She rushes to that lab.

Raval meets that fake Raju, the person wearing mask. He says you went to model town and molested Nandu on my saying. The man plays Raju’s voice recording and shows his face. Raval says save your own respect now, I wish to kill you, but one who can’t even control a woman, no use to kill him. He throws money and asks him to go away from this city before Raju starts finding him.

Pratap asks the lab technician lady not to tell truth, and says I m senior inspector, take more money and don’t take my name. He sees Nandu coming there. He hides his face and

leaves. Nandu gets the reports rechecked. The lady tells her that the stains on his dress is of color, not blood. Nandu asks what, I gave you two bandages that day, and reports were same, now we know that bandages were of different men, how did the blood samples matched them. The lady gets tensed and says you wanted report soon, blood sample was taken twice from same bandage, so it happened by mistake. Nandu asks is this any joke or any lab, this mistake is too big. The lady apologizes. Nandu says I will rectify what all wrong happened.

Nandu comes back to model town and goes to meet Raju. He asks why did you come here, will you blame me that I kidnapped you. She says I just wanted to talk. He says what talk, I will keep recording of our talk, I don’t trust you, how can any woman fall so much, its too bad, okay tell me now. She says I did not plan all that, I really felt so, I m sorry. He says say this sorry to everyone else, I can’t digest this. She says I m sorry. He says what you all behaved with my sister, will this sorry pay for it, don’t come infront of me, I get anger. He goes. Nandu cries.

Rashmi says I wish it was so sorry to forgive you with your sorry, but all this can’t end so soon. Nandu says beat me, scold me, but say once you have forgive me. Rashmi says if you want to hear lie, I will say, I have forgive you. Nandu says you did not say by heart. Rashmi says it will take time, we both were not involved in this, entire model town was involved, Raju’s identity truth and that blame, its sad that model town believed Raju can do this, I have seen that anger and hatred in their eyes, you don’t know what Raju went through. She goes. Nandu cries.

Nandu requests everyone to come out. They ask what happened now. Nandu goes to Raju, while he washes his bike. He asks did anything happen with her again, what does she want to free him. She says come, I will tell you and holds his hand to take him. Nandu calls out Rashmi and accepts her mistake infront of everyone. She says Raju did not attack me that night, Rashmi and Raju were much insulted because of me, I agree to whatever Raju wants to punish me. She apologizes. Rashmi smiles and hugs Nandu.

Nandu says Raju, just forgive me please, I don’t know apologizing, even then…. She sits down and cries. Everyone looks on. She says I m sorry, please forgive me, punish me whatever you want. Mishra, Komal and others ask Raju to forgive Nandu. Nani also apologizes. Raju goes and gets a wooden stick. Raju says Nandu, you wanted me to punish you and that you are ready. They all look on tensed. Raju says I will have fun to punish you, there was lathi charge on me infront of everyone here. Nandu says sorry. Rashmi asks what will you do Raju. Raju says its our personal matter now, Nandu is drama queen, she cried and giving great performance. Anjali says she is saying by heart Raju.

Nandu says don’t say in between, Raju is right, its our personal matter, I agree to whatever punishment he wants to give. He asks are you ready. She nods and closes her eyes, as he lifts the stick to beat her. Everyone look on shocked.

Raju says Nandu accused me for fake thing, and then fakely apologized, now you will realize my burn, I promise I will not let my wounds dry, I don’t forgive anyone easily. He burns her pic holding a magnifying glass.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. we know that raju will not beat nandu but I’m just thinking that what will raju do to take revenge from nandu. Curious for coming episodes…

  2. Things are getting too intense for my liking…I liked the old playful Raju/Nandu and their fun chemistry with each other. Kind of missing those times…

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