Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu crying and saying don’t know who kidnapped Rambhateri. Raju comes and says I know that man. She asks who. Raju and Pratap joke. Raju says there are many tubelights in model town. Nandu calls him shameless. Raju taunts her and speaks against Rambhateri. Nandu asks him to stop it and holds his collar. Rajni asks Nandu to come along, they will go police station and complain.

Raju jokes that Rambhateri is missing and even Ram leela. Komal meets Raval and says so you did this. He says yes, old players become coach, and team plays, my confidence did not shake, Raju will not lose, he will win. Komal asks him to go and see model town, everyone is finding Rambhateri, her kidnapping doubled the unity in model town, if Rambhateri comes back, it will be big


Garima goes to her employers and says she met with an accident, so she did not come for work. The lady says we know a lot about you and sends her husband to room. Garima asks what happened. The lady says your son Raju has come to threaten you, you have sent him. Garima says I cook in your house, I m not your slave. The lady fires her from work and scolds her. Garima says I will return your money. The lady says I want my money right now. Garima says I don’t have money. The lady says I know to recover my money.

She says I will sell your mangalsutra. Garima asks her to leave it. The lady’s son stops her. Garima says you are also a woman and know mangalsutra’s value. The lady scolds her and says your son is a goon. Garima cries and leaves.

Raval comes to model town and asks Raju to hear the good news. He asks Raju not to hide it from friends. Raju laughs and makes Raval have sweets. Raval says we both are big creeps. Raju says you are a bigger creep. Raval laughs and says no Rambhateri, no Ram leela. Raju says your hotel will be here. Raval says you will get your house. They shake hands. Nandu comes and taunts them for having sweets. She says I will find Rambhateri, I have a doubt that Raju is involved in this, then Raju will regret to kidnap Rambhateri. She threatens him and goes. Raval smiles seeing raavan.

Everyone wait for Garima at home. Rashmi says mum is not taking the call. Dev says she went after many days, she will come. Raju comes and asks them to see time, will they deal with all situation alone. Dev says don’t worry, she will come. Raju scolds Dev and says I m going to find Maa. Garima comes home and cries. She looks at Raju. Rashmi asks her what happened. Garima makes Rashmi and Rajni sit. She asks Raju to take this poison and give them. They all get shocked. Garima scolds him and blames Dev for all this.

She says we should have died when you have… Dev stops her. Garima says you did not understand this, Raju ruined us and will kill you, he will punish you for your favor. She asks Raju to kill them. She says he broke Rashmi’s marriage, made me lose job, how will we live. Raju asks what is she saying. She asks him not to call her Maa, as he is …… Dev stops her from saying. Garima says no, I will tell him today that he…. Dev slaps Garima and Raju pushes him. Dev falls down.

They bring Dev to hospital. Raju asks doctor to treat Dev, Dev should not die. They all cry. Rashmi asks Garima to say something. Rajni scolds Raju. Raju says this is not home, get your bitterness out at home. Rashmi argues. Raju asks them to go home. Garima asks them to go, she will manage here. Rashmi and Rajni leave.

Garima calls Raju and says she will tell him one truth, and asks him not to call her Maa. She says your Papa is not in hospital for his wound, he is here for his old mistake. Raju asks what mistake. Garima says I m not saying in this anger, my husband Dev is unconscious in ICU, I swear on him and I m saying a truth, you are not my child. Raju gets shocked. She says I did not give you birth, Dev was adamant and I lied that you are my son, Dev is not your Papa, he picked you from road and forcibly put in my lap, he has raised you and you have bitten you, I will stop acting as mother from today, you also stop acting to be my son. She cries and leaves. Raju is stunned and recalls her words.

Raju asks Dev who are you. Dev tells Raval about some pendant. Raval takes it and poisons Dev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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