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The Episode starts with Rashmi thinking of Raju’s anger on Jolly. She cries. Raju sees her crying and gets sad. He calls Jolly and talks to him. Jolly asks what is there to talk, I m going airport, I m going Canada, say my bye to Rashmi. He ends call. Raju says listen and worries. Nandu comes there and asks did he send ambulance for Kaka. He says no. She turns him and takes her phone from him. He jokes on her. She asks where is Kaka, why did you kidnap him. He says I did not do anything, don’t blame me for everything. She cries.

He asks what happened to Kaka. She says he met with a car accident, I feel someone tried to kill him, he went missing from ambulance when we reached hospital. He jokes and she scolds him. She says she won’t let Kaka die. He holds her and says I know

you were connected to him, if he is gone, you will be alone. Bairi piya…………plays……….. He says Kaka is dead. She pushes him and says you have no emotions. He asks what are emotions. She says the day you get emotions, you can’t bear your face in mirror. He asks really? She goes. Billu asks Rohit is Nandu crying. Rohit says no, Nandu never cries.

Raju calls Rashmi and asks her to get downstairs, he has to show something. Rashmi says she won’t come. He says I reached here, I m doing imp thing, please come. She goes downstairs and sees Raju dragging Jolly’s car here. He says Jolly was leaving from here, so I got him here. He says he wanted to apologize to them, they both can slap him on his two cheeks. She asks what is this way to get anyone. Jolly asks Rashmi to keep her brother. Raju says I m apologizing, forgive me, talk to me direct, friends?

Jolly insults him. Rashmi asks Raju to come. Raju calls him cartoon and gets angry. He pulls Jolly. Rashmi slaps Raju and scolds him. She says you are spoiling things. Jolly says things got spoiled, don’t call to me ever, its over. He asks driver to start car. He leaves. Rashmi scolds Raju and cries. She runs. He asks her to listen and cries.

Jaggu comes and Raju scolds him in anger. Nandu cries for Kaka and thinks she had hope that she will save Model town. Rohit comes to her and says Kaka met him yesterday, he gave me letter to post, but see the address, I can’t post this. She checks the letter. She reads English note and says he was educated, he knew English, his name was Ramratan. She sees the code, and decodes it smartly. She gets the address of central jail and smiles.

Raju is sad. Raval sees Raju on the road alone and asks what are you doing this, I was sad hearing about your sister’s marriage. Raju asks Raval to go, I m not sad, the baraat will come in this house now, I will do Rashmi’s marriage from here. Raval asks whose bungalow is this, do you know. Raju says I wish I did not know that father who slipped and left walking, and tells about her family.

He shows the room and says he used to live there till his age was 15 years, then life snatched everything, this was my home, I lost my home, this life and my childhood, that boy has grown up now and will get this home back. He cries and leaves. Raval says it means Raju stayed here in this bungalow till age of 15. Its morning, Nandu prays to Lord and asks for help to find Rambhateri. She tells Nani that Kaka showed her way before going. Nani asks why is she going on diwali day. She says she will come and say her. Nani sprinkles Gangajal. Nandu smiles seeing everyone sprinkling Gangajal in model town.

Raju acts like Kaka and makes Nandu upset. She scolds him and calls him Raavan. She puts Gangajal on him and leaves. He smiles. Rambhateri is shown in jail, singing and talking to the prisoners. Nandu comes to jail and asks jail officer about meeting prisoner Rambhateri. Officer says she is not prisoner, she is jail staff. Rambhateri sings har har gange…. The prisoners dance around her. Nandu comes there to meet her. Nandu smiles seeing her.

Rambhateri asks did Nandu come to give her challan. Nandu says Kaka told me to meet you, he said just you can save Model town. A prisoner keep knife at Nandu’s neck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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