Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nandu stopping by some pipe in her way. She thinks what is this pipe. Jaggu comes and gets shocked, thinking its water pipe which he fixed to blow off havan kund. He says sorry, I forgot this pipe. She goes. Kaka talks to Ram ji and says Nandu is upset. Nandu says she knows to fight, not lose, but she is losing, she is unable to do anything, Kishore came, then Rashmi’s marriage broke, everyone is reayd to leave Model town, but I won’t go Kaka. Kaka says you won’t go, she will come, I have sent her letter. Jaggu hears them. Kaka says she will make things fine. Nandu asks who is she, can she save model town, tell me. Kaka says Rambhateri. He looks at Raavan and says see he got scared, she will do Raavan dahan.

Nandu asks where will she get Rambhateri.

Kaka says where Kanha was born. Nandu asks who is she, we will get her, she will save model town, make me meet her. Kaka says fine, tomorrow. Nandu says she will pick him tomorrow morning, thanks. Its morning, Raju goes to meet Jolly. He stops the auto and see Jolly leaving. Jolly leaves in his car. Raju says he will catch him.

Nandu calls Jolly and tells him to think about Rashmi, Raju is possessive about Rashmi. She gets someone’s call. Kaka says Rambhateri has come, Ram ji has sent him, come and see. Nandu asks really and goes out to see some sadhu. Raju acts like sadhu and fools Nandu. Nandu greets him and asks will he take anything. She tells Bittoo that he will save model town. Nandu and Bittoo help him and take him. Nandu says its cursed place. Raju says he will solve everything. Nandu sees Kaka tied to tree and is shocked. She sees Raju’s face in the selfie and beats him.

He pulls her and they fall. He flirts with her. She smiles. He asks what is she doing. She ties him with that cloth. She goes. Raju asks Bittoo to free him. Nandu frees Kaka. Raju says he did this to make game interesting. He says he took Nandu’s phone, he wanted Jolly’s number.

Nani goes to meet Kishore. Komal says Kishore has taken Billu to swimming class. She says Kishore loves his son a lot. She says she dislikes men who hate daughters, even Kishore, I feel bad. Nani says no, Kishore wants to prove he is good father, I came to seek his help in selling house, I want to take my girls away. Komal says Jaggu is giving bad price, I will talk about selling home along my home, I will pray everything gets fine, and we stay in one home. Nani says she does not about Nandu.

Nandu feels something bad is going to happen. Kaka takes a bath. A car comes there. Kaka says you will not be saved, Rambhateri will come. The car knocks him down. Nandu comes there and sees Kaka wounded. She asks how did this happen. He tells Rambhatheri, and how he was knocked by the car. She asks what car. She asks anyone to help and calls for ambulance. The car follows the ambulance. Nandu goes to get stretcher. She sees him missing. The car takes Kaka and leaves. Nandu cries.

Nandu asks inspector about Rambhateri. The inspector says she is one of jail staff. Rambhateri sings. A criminal holds knife at Nandu’s neck. Rambhateri sees this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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