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The Episode starts with Nandu showing the blood marks on the cloth. Rajni asks how will we prove this is Raju’s blood. Rashmi says if Raju is proved guilty, I will make him leave from model town. Nandu asks Raju for his blood sample. He asks why does she want. She scolds him. He says if you fail, you will fall very badly and gives her his blood stained bandage. She tells Rajni that Raju will leave from model town today itself if this blood samples matches. Pratap follows them.

Nandu asks the nurse to check both blood samples and match if its of same person. The nurse says it will take half an hour. Pratap hides and looks on. the nurse asks Nandu to wait outside. He goes to the nurse and bribes with money, saying both samples should match. He calls Raval and says work is done.

Raval says Raju will be out of model town, he is innocent and will be like wounded tiger, when I put salt on his wounds, then he will vacate model town, model town is making Raju their enemy and now it has to get vacated. He thinks divide and rule is best, Komal is also doing this, I will rule there soon.

Rashmi prays. Komal says day is passing now, what to do. Nandu comes there with the reports. Raju looks on. Nandu says I have the proof. She shows the bandage which Rashmi has tied to Raju’s wound today afternoon. Rashmi nods. Nandu says this bandage is that which Rajni and I at that place, where Raju tried to molest me. She says this is the lab report, which proves the blood samples on both the bandages are of same person, Raju Kaushik. Komal smiles. Everyone get shocked.

Nandu asks Rashmi to check the report. Rashmi checks report. Nandu tells Rambhateri this is the proof of my truth, don’t you see Raavan in Raju now. Raju looks on. Komal says we now believe that Raju is a devil, and even Rashmi should believe this. Rashmi gets in shock. Raju comes running there.he holds Rashmi and says I m not devil, but I will become devil if anything happens to my sister. He tells Rashmi that they are lying. He asks someone to get water. Nandu and Rajni get water. Raju gets angry on Nandu and says I will kill you. Everyone try to stop Raju and call him a devil. Komal asks Raju to stop this, when his crime is proved, he has become worse, kick him out. Everyone say make him leave.

Raju tells Rashmi that Nandu is lying, she got fake proof, I swear by you. Rajni says move your hand. I was with Nandu, don’t false swear, Nandu is not lying. She takes Rashmi with her. Rashmi cries. Raju says like you all behaved with my sister, I will not leave anyone. Komal says you are the reason for this. Chanchal says leave it Komal, its useless to argue with him. Dipika says we should boycott him from model town. Raju shouts thanks, and signs Nandu that he will see her. He goes. Pratap, Jaggu and Komal smile

Nandu tells Rambhateri that you have the proof here, Raju is here because of you. Rambhateri says you are great to prove this crime in one day, wherein court takes years to prove crime, I have been in jail for 10 years, I have seen proofs going wrong, this proof does not make Raju wrong in my eyes, have food once they all end applauding you. She goes. Raju packs his bag and goes to his bike. Rashmi comes to him and says you were never to run away. Raju says the way they are behaving with you, I feel I will do something. Rashmi says if you go like this, all blames on you will be proved, you think they will respect me then. He asks what shall I do, I can’t see your tears. She says then prove yourself innocent, this is the only way to save our family respect. She goes.

Its morning, everyone prepare to celebrate republic day. Rashmi is sad and tells Rajni that she won’t go to meet everyone. Rajni asks her not to get in personal problems. Rashmi says Raju is my brother, I don’t feel he did any sin. Raju comes there. Rajni says come with me. Rashmi says I was afraid Raju will leave. Raju says your all fears will be proved wrong.

Everyone distant away from Rashmi. Raju looks on. Komal insults Rashmi and asks her not to help anyone. Rambhateri looks on. Rashmi says I just wanted to help. Komal says that’s possible when you don’t support Raju, just those people are allowed here who are with model town, not Raju. This year flag hosting will be done by Nandu, not Raju. Raju gets angry. Komal says see he has come to ruin this celebration too. Rashmi holds Raju’s hand and stops him. Raju sees Rashmi crying. Raju scolds Nandu for doing this, which got her sister insulted infront of his eyes, I will prove myself innocent and not leave you.

Raval meets that man and pays him money, asking him to disappear before Raju finds him. Pratap asks nurse not to tell about him to anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just waiting, kab Raju ko Pratap & Raval k baare me pata chale. Specially, who tried to molest Nandu. Then we’ll see his reactions…

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