Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju getting dizzy and falling over Nandu. Nandu holds him and moves him back, their lockets join. Everyone look on. Garima sees the lockets getting joined and smiles. She says this ghatbandhan has Ram ji’s blessings. Nandu says its accidental. Rashmi says we will take Raju inside. Nandu says we will call doctor. Raju signs Rashmi. Rashmi smiles and asks Garima to come. Rashmi teases Nandu and asks are you commanding me or just saying. Garima says we will follow bahu’s command, call doctor.

They all ask Nandu to take care of Raju, her love changed Raju. Rashmi says doctor’s number is not connecting. They all make excuses and leave from there. Nandu asks them to stop. They all say Nandu is here to take care of Raju. They leave. Nandu looks at Raju.

She tries to free her locket.

Nani asks Garima will Raju stay at gym. Garima says no, he will stay at my house with my bahu. Nani asks shall I shift Nandu’s belongings there. Garima says marriage happened that day, but we will do rituals out way, I will prepare for Nandu’s grahpravesh.

Nandu gets angry and says why should I sit to take care of him, I will leave as everyone left. Raju stops her hand and stops her. Bairi piya……………plays……….. she looks at him. He says Ram ji was away from Siya, but Siya ji was in Ram’s heart. He pulls her close. He says Nandu I love you a lot, even then you are annoyed with me, you know you go away and my breath stops. I just feel like dead. She says you misbehave when you are semi conscious .

He opens his eyes and says husband has permit to misbehave with lovely wife. She recalls their wedding rounds. They have an eyelock. She asks were you unconscious. He says yes, I m unconscious since I fell in love with you. She goes. He calls out Nandu and goes to her calling friend, I m coming after you as Rambhateri got us married, we are husband and wife in reality, where are you going leaving me, we are married. She asks what marriage, it was Ramleela scene, its all over, Ram ji saved model town, you were blasting it. He asks her to forget. She says animals stay animals. He asks her to see him well. She says let my love go to hell. He says fine, then kick that anger out, what shall I do of my love. She asks is your new acting started, you were planting bombs with Raval. He says I was helpless.

She says on valentines day, you were not helpless, I heard everything. She says you broke my love. He says I accept I did wrong. He asks are you calling this mistake, its big sin as you were going to kill everyone in model town. He says I did not let anyone die, I saved them. She says what about Rambhateri, she is paying price to trust you. He says I don’t know what you believe, I can just say that whatever happened in last few months, Ramleela happening and Rambhateri started living with me, her trust, your love, all that changed me. He cups her face and says I really changed. She pushes him away.

Raju holds Nandu and tells her that he really loves her. She smiles. He says I have turned into human, my Raavan died when I filled sindoor in your maang, why don’t you look in my eyes, can’t you see love. He says this is the prove that Raju changed. She says you know, what happened with you after all this, you became better actor, anyone can believe you, leave me, don’t do this drama infront of me. He stops her and says you also love me.

Garima asks till when will you romance on roads. She smiles and says roads and gardens are for lovers, not for husband and wife. Rashmi says Raju, your days to saty in gym are gone. Garima says Raju will stay at home, and Nandu’s grah pravesh will happen there. Nandu gets shocked. Garima says Rajni come with me to help, Rashmi make Nandu ready as my bahu. Rashmi asks Nandu to come to get ready. Nandu refuses and says I will not get ready. Raju looks on. Nandu holds Raju’s hand and takes him with her. They go to Garima. She says Grahpravesh happens after marriage, my marriage did not happen, that marriage was part of play for me. Nandu says its not truth for me, I can’t accept Raju as husband by my heart. Garima faints. Raju holds Garima. They all get worried. Raju shouts and worries. Everyone pray for Garima. Raju shouts for help and cries. A lady comes there in a car.

Mishra tries calling doctor. The lady asks them to move and says she will introduce herself later. She is a doctor and checks Garima. She pumps her heart and asks her to take a breath. Rashmi, Raju and Rajni cry. Garima takes a breath. Raju holds her face. The lady checks her pulse and says your mum got saved. Raju looks at her.

Raju says we don’t know you. The lady says I m doctor Indu Talwar, I m coming to stay here in model town. She looks at model town.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very nice episode. Nandu and raju scenes were very lovely!

  2. Nandu n raju look cute together

  3. I don’t know but I was thinking that there’ll be a female entry. And see here she a new character- Indu Talwar. God know what’ll happen in upcoming episodes… Yeh Indu Talwar Raju & Nandu ke beech ki talwar na bann jaaye. Increasing my curiosity.
    Nice episode….

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally Raju ko realise ho gya that he love Nandu, family and model town…. but i hope nandu ko bhi jaldi relaise ho jaaye, ki raju badal gya hai…. ??

  5. Really very nice episode.I love this serial.

  6. Omg! New villain! Please give some information about upcoming twist… JKHRR ka spoiler to miltahi nehi

  7. Becoming increasingly interesting

  8. I came across this show few days ago. I must say the leads have very good chemistry. I love the tomboy lead actress she is perfect for Raju. Funny part is she is short and he is so tall yet she can shut him up he hehe

  9. I just love Raju nandu chemistry.The way the fight with each other the way they love each other.Their love story is unique & very much differ from typical saas bahu sagas & other serials.Daily I eagerly wait for 7.30 pm

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    Update 29 feb episode fast

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