Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaggu telling everyone that Raavan is the reason for all bad happenings. Komal tells Kishore to leave this place, this is not good house. Kishore agrees and says no none can progress here. Nandu calls him selfish to sacrifice anything for progress. Jaggu says he is state agent, he has seen such cases, where places are unlucky and this is happening with our model town. He says I feel we should leave this place and go. Nandu says I m also seeing what is happening, is there no way that the problem gets solved and we don’t leave this place, I can’t leave my home, this is my mum’s last sign. Kishore says your mum would have died seeing this. Nandu scolds him.

Nandu says we should keep a havan here, before leaving this place, havan cleans all the dosh of

the place. Raju washes his face and says you all drag Lord when you can’t think anything, keep crying and ring temple bells. Everyone agree with Nandu to give a try. Anjali says we will keep big havan. Bittoo asks Nandu shall I contact any pandit. Nandu says no, commission pandits can’t do this. Jaggu likes the idea and says we should call good pandit to do havan, I will do all arrangements, I know one pandit.

Its morning, the pandit does havan. They all sit in the havan. Everyone is busy in talks. Jaggu looks on and gets some thing. Pandit signs him. Jaggu starts the pipe. The lady gets shocked seeing the havan fire getting blown off. Everyone think why did water leakage happened at havan time. They all look on. Jaggu smiles. Pandit says its very bad omen. This place is cursed. Jaggu asks can’t we stay here. Komal says this place is very bad. They all get scared.

Nandu asks pandit to say any solution. Pandit leaves. Raju asks Nandu why is she worried, if havan is not completed, organize mahayagya or else go for chaar dhaam yatra, get after Lord, till Lord says I m not here. He asks them to come in Rashmi’s marriage, not in model town, but same baraat. Nandu asks him to stop dreaming. He asks shall I dream about you. They argue.

Kaka asks a guy to post his letter. He says she will come and everything will be fine, else model town will be ruined. The guy asks what did you write. Kaka says just post it, don’t tell anyone, its urgent. The guy asks do you say English also. Kaka says I just said. The guy says fine, I will post and not say anything. Rashmi is sad. Jolly calls her. She asks him to forget what happened. He asks her to disown Raju, then he will convince his family to marry her, Raju will be out of their lives.

He says he got his answer by her silence. She cries. Nandu goes to Rashmi and sees her crying. She pacifies her and asks Rashmi to say yes to Jolly, she will be in Canada, away from here, why to ruin her life for one relation. Rashmi says I wish I had easy life like Rajni, but I m elder sister of Raju, I have seen his birth and took care of him, its such memories which will always be there. I can’t lie to Jolly. I will not be able to forget Raju ever. I can forget Jolly, not Raju. She cries. Nandu hugs her and cries.

Komal asks Jaggu to find another house. The ladies say they will sell the house and buy another. Komal says she will sell her house soon, before any another tragedy. She asks him to talk to clients. She tells Rohit that her stress will go. Rohit says Kaka said he knows someone, she can save model town. Komal saks what can a mad man save. Jaggu says I will try. Jaggu asks Rohit about Kaka. Kaka looks at him.

Raju comes there and asks Jaggu why is he smiling. Kaka says Vibhishan… seeing Jaggu.Raju looks on and says you will fall in problem, get silent. Kaka shouts again. Raju looks at Jaggu.

Nandu tells Kaka that everyone will go. Kaka says no, Rambhateri will come. Jaggu hears them. Rambhateri is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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