Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rashmi saying Raju’s real mother is still alive, who says Raju’s crime is proved. Nandu looks at Raju and Rashmi. She cries. Raval and Pratap drink. Pratap says Nandu has blamed Raju, but there is one problem, its not easy to kick out Raju from model town. Raval says there is Raju’s truth that can throw him out of model town. Pratap asks what truth. Raval says Raju is not real son od Dev Kaushik. Pratap gets shocked. Raval says Dev got him from road, if Raju is not Dev’s son, why is he staying in model town, throw him out, increase the hatred in everyone’s heart for Raju.

Pratap goes home and tells this secret to Chanchal. She gets shocked. He asks her not to tell this to anyone. Chanchal tells this to Dipika and asks her not to say anyone. Nani

says Raju is Raavan, we want to get free of him. Mishra says if Raju could do this with Nandu, then no one is safe. Pratap smiles hearing them.

Chanchal and Dipika talk to ladies and they all decide to kick out Raju from model town. Nandu and everyone go to Raju. Rambhateri looks on. Preeti scolds Raju for all the wrong doings. Chanchal says we don’t know you know or not, but you are not real son of Kaushik family. Raju says these days own people are also not own. Nandu and everyone oppose him. Raju gets angry and scolds them.

He goes to his gym and packs his bag. Rambhateri looks on. Raju says I m not going on anyone’s saying. Preeti says see his attitude, he has no shame. Chanchal asks why is he here without any real family or house. Raju gets on his bike. Nandu says that’s why Garima does not care, she would not know who is his real parents and siblings. Rashmi comes and says I m Raju’s sister. Raju sees Rashmi.

Everyone look on. Nandu says Raju is not Garima’s own son. Rashmi says mummy would have told that in anger, Raju is my younger brother, I raised him like a mother, he is my own brother. Nandu asks about what he did with me. Rashmi says that’s all a lie, Raju can be very bad, but he can’t do such cheap thing. She asks Raju not to leave model town and gives him her swear. She says I stay in this house, and this house is yours too. Rambhateri gets glad. Rashmi says all my relations are your own too, you won’t go anywhere, and whatever happened with Nandu, Raju did not do it. Nandu gets shocked.

Rashmi runs to Raju and hugs him crying. He gets emotional. Nandu says your judgment is wrong Rashmi, he is not your real brother. Rashmi asks how shall I believe, my love for him is true, I m his elder sister, I have tied Rakhi to him all these years, that Rakhi and feelings were true. She says Raju can’t do such cheap thing. Rashmi asks Raju to come home, and takes him along.

Raju and Nandu give each other an angry stare. Rashmi says come home, and takes him. Rambhateri gets glad. Jaggu, Pratap and Komal look on. Rajni stops Rashmi and gets angry. She asks what happened to you, why are you supporting his sin. Rashmi says Raju did not do any sin, what happened to you. Nandu says I can talk to you about your real or fake brother’s cheap things. Raju says I did not know you will fall so low to ruin your own respect, have some shame, enough of your drama. Nandu says you will be punished for your sin. Raju asks her to go to police station and file report.

Nandu says you say that those who can’t get justice for own go to police, I will get my justice and punish you. Raju says I will punish you. Rashmi says Raju come and takes him. Nandu says all my blames are true, I will prove Raju’s crime today, till I prove it, I will not eat or drink anything, this is my promise.

Nandu goes to the gym and checks for things. She gets his locker and gets something. She smiles. Chanchal says Raju was going. Rashmi stopped him Komal says we will not bear this, we will kick out Raju. Rashmi does aid to Raju’s hand. Rajni says you are forgiven Raju, Garima went to temple being ashamed. Rashmi says she is helpless and went, if she doubted Raju. She would have kicked out Raju herself. Nandu comes and says I got the proof, better call your mum, its time to kick out Raju. Raju gets angry. Nandu shows the red color which he has thrown on her face, this mask by which he scared her and these fake snakes. She says you were mad to take revenge, I got these from your gym, now say these are not yours, you became devil. Raju asks is this the proof that I tried to rape you, these silly things. Nandu says Rajni come with me, I will find proof against Raju till evening and then Raju won’t be seen in model town. Raju asks them to go. He gets hurt.

Komal says Rashmi is spoiling Raju. Chanchal says we should give Raju to police. Dipika says don’t know will Nandu get anything or not. Nandu goes to that place and looks around. Rajni asks what will you get proof here. Nandu says there was struggle and fight, there will be something. Komal and everyone say Rashmi is wrong. Rashmi gets sad. Raju looks on and thinks Rashmi’s head will not bow down, she will look up with pride, Nandu can’t prove anything. Rajni says there is nothing here. Nandu says I will not go till I get something here. Anjali asks Rashmi what if Nandu gets proof for Raju’s sin, what will you do. Rajni says there is nothing. Nandu cries. Rajni kicks in the soil. Nandu gets a cloth with blood stains.

Rashmi says if Raju’s crime is proved, then I will make him leave from model town. Nandu gives the cloth sample and Raju’s blood sample for test, to see if it matches. Pratap pays the nurse and tells Raval that work is done. Raval says Raju out and now model town has to be vacated.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hats off to Rashmi for believing Raju in the end and for taking everyone’s criticism.

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