Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu crying seeing Rambhateri. She thinks Rambhateri came in model town on my saying, Raju said right, you entered everyone’s hears. Garima feels unwell. Rashmi asks whats happening. She asks the goons to help, Maa is getting unwell, give some water. The goon throws water bottle. Rashmi feeds water to Garima. She thinks she has to inform Raju about their location, don’t know where is Raju finding us.

Raju beats the goons and ask where did they hide his family. Rashmi acts like vomiting. She says I m pregnant. Garima and Rajni get shocked. Rashmi says I get vomiting. The goon takes Rashmi to bathroom. She locks the door and thinks how to call Raju. She says I have to inform Raju any way, I don’t know where we are. She sees some window and looks outside.

She takes the pictures of outside place and send Raju. She says I wish Raju understand where we are. Raju checks the pics and rushes. Police checks model town blast area. Komal thinks why is Raval not taking the call. Inspector says its planned, do you all doubt on anyone. Chanchal says Raval did this. Dipika agrees. Komal worries. Nani says Rambhateri and Raju saved them. Raju has cut the bomb wires, he is our Ram, that’s why we got saved. Inspector says whoever did this will be punished. Komal thinks its tough for Raval to get saved now. Raju goes to some place.

He ties the spiritual chunni. Rashmi wishes Raju comes soon. Raju looks around. The goons catch him and say your sister thinks we are fool, she acted of vomit and sent you pics, we decided to kill you all together, we got emotional seeing you siblings love. Raju beats them and calls out Maa, Rashmi… Goons attack him. Raju beats them, and hears Garima coughing. He reaches his family. They all cough because of some gas. Raju coughs and falls down. Nandu prays and says why am I getting Raju;s thought again and again. She calls Raju. Raju hears the ringing and tries getting up. He breaks open the door and gets inside. Rashmi and everyone see him. Raju frees them by untying ropes and lifts Garima. He sends all of them outside. He hugs them and asks Garima is she fine. He sends them in the car and checks Nandu’s missed calls. He says so this was Nandu, which made me conscious. He calls Nandu.

Nandu answers the call and asks about Rashmi, Raji and Garima, are they fine. Raju says they are fine, how about there. She says its all fine. She ends call. He says I wish she asked about me.

Komal tries calling Raval. She says pick up my call, please, before police reaches you. She sees Raval’s phone ringing there. She picks his phone and says Raval’s phone is here, if police gets this phone, they will arrest Raval. She says I can just pray that Raju never comes back and Rambhateri dies.

At the hospital, Nandu asks doctor is Rambhateri fine, can I meet her. The doctor tells Nandu that Rambhateri is slipped in coma, I can’t say when you can meet her, I m sorry. Nandu stays with Rambhateri. She cries seeing Rambhateri critical. She asks Rambhateri what did you do, you are infront of me and still so far.

Everyone talk about Rambhateri and Raju, who saved model town. Nani says Raju is our Ram. Nandu comes there crying. Everyone see her and get worried. Nani asks what happened. Nandu cries and says Rambhateri slipped in coma. Raju reaches there, along with his family. They all hug Raju’s family. Raju and Nandu see each other. She recalls Rambhateri saying she made Raju and Nandu really married. Raju comes to Nandu and reminds the sindoor. Everyone clap. Bairi piya…………..plays……….. They all smile. Raju gets dizzy and falls on Nandu.

Raju and Nandu’s lockets join. Garima says Ram ji’s blessed them, that’s why this is happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Soooo sweet… but i hope now raju and nandu realise their love for each other soon….

  2. Rambhareri is in coma, then who will tell the past of Raju? Who will tell that Rawal had killed Raju’s father? May be fakir kaka will enter the model town soon.. May be Rawal is still alive… May be komal will take revenge… Only God knows what will happen next….

  3. Very nice episode..raju and nandu pair s very cute

  4. Nice episode. The best part was that when Raju wishing if Nandu would ask about him. So sweet…

  5. finally raju nandu love story started,Rambhateri in coma,Rawal lapta ,I m so excited to see their love story,Jatin & vinti make good pair,their chemistry is awasome

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