Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with police coming in model town. Raju smiles and looks at Rambhateri. Inspector says arrest her. Nandu stops them. Rambhateri says they have to do their work. Nandu says I know you did not do anything. Raju jokes on Nandu. Kishore says I can’t believe this, Rambhateri can’t do this. Raju says this woman has done murder. Rambhateri says she killed Diganbar Raj, who was the head who made kids beg, he has taken my little child, yes I killed him. Nandu smiles and says did you hear it Raju. Raju says Jaggu was also bad so she killed him. Everyone support Rambhateri and say they can’t arrest her for fake blames, will she get punished to keep Ram leela.

Nandu asks police to move back. The people push the police staff back. Rambhateri stops Nandu and others. She

says I m glad seeing you all support me, but if Jaggu was getting killed, someone has done this crime, police’s work is to do investigation. You let me go if you feel I m innocent, I know laws, if I m innocent, law can’t do anything. She asks them do they feel she is innocent. Nandu says ofcourse. Rambhateri asks them to stay here and let her go. Rambhateri is taken by police. Nandu runs to her and cries. Raju and Pratap smile. Raju says love you Raavan.

Inspector tells Nandu and other women that they got Rambhateri for interrogation. Chanchal says my husband is senior inspector Pratap. Pratap comes and says we have evidence against her. Nandu asks what evidence. Raju says she is hardcore criminal, she fought with Jaggu and threatened to kill him, the fake cylinder delivery guy, her call list had his number. Nandu smiles seeing the mobile and takes it, so Rambhateri is gone. Nandu taunts Raju to see himself, he did many crimes and is still free. Rambhateri and Jaggu just had argument, but you have beaten him publicly and threatened to kill him. Dipika says yes.

Nandu says third thing, Rambhateri has that gas cylinder delivery guy number, and even police inspector has his number. She show them. Inspector asks how did this number come in my phone. Nandu says same way, like it came in Rambhateri’s phone. Raju scolds them and says now that guy will come and give his statement. Nandu says we will see.

Raval gets Komal’s call. She tells him that Jaggu is getting fine now, and she heard that gas supply man was fake, but what was Jaggu doing in my home. Raval throws the glass and recalls how he planned this. Constable Bhandari runs and Raval asks where is he. The other servant says he has run away, maybe he knows Jaggu has got conscious. Raval calls Bhandari. Bhandari says Raju will beat me if he gets me, I lied to Raju. Raval suggests him not to come back form village.

Raju calls Bhandari and gets his phone off. He gets to know Bhandari has gone. Inspector asks Raju where is that man, Nandu is getting angry, we have no proof to make Rambhateri sit here, she knows laws more than us. The constable says Bhandari is going to his village with family. Raju says I got fooled, its some other game.

Nandu gets tea and makes fun of him. She says Bhandari is gone, why are they waiting, she is taking Rambhateri. She passes taunts to Raju. Komal talks to doctor. Raval asks how is Jaggu. She says his condition is stable now. Don’t worry, he will be fine soon. Raval says get him killed. She gets shocked and asks what…. She looks at Jaggu.

She asks what did you say. He says kill him before he gets conscious. Rambahteri comes back to model town. Everyone play dhol and dance to welcome her. Few goons come and kidnap Rambhateri. Nandu tries to stop them. They leave. Nandu cries.

Raval says I know Raju won’t lose, he has kidnapped Rambhateri and now there won’t be any Ram leela. Raju goes to Rambhateri while she is tied in some godown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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