Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with everyone waiting for baraat in model town. Bittoo shouts baraat has come. A man makes excuse to his wife and goes to spend time with a girl. Everyone dance in the baraat. Raju’s mum corrects his Padgi. Raju gets happy. Jaggu forcibly makes Jolly drink wine. Jolly gets dizzy. Raju goes to stop him, and Jolly’s friend asks him to let Jolly enjoy. Jolly falls down. Jaggu says poor Rashmi, Jolly is drunk. Raju holds Jolly and asks his friends not to feed him wine, Jolly has to take pheras. His friend says it happens, we will hold him and make him do pheras. Raju angrily pushes the man.

Raju says its my sister’s marriage, if anything goes wrong, he will not leave them. He asks his mum did she choose Jolly, the man who is unable to stand. Jaggu says Raju

is right. The man saks who are you to stop us. Raju slaps him. Jolly’s dad asks what is happening Dev, make this guy leave from here, else this marriage won’t happen. Dev says Raju is Rashmi’s brother, try to understand. Raju’s mum apologizes. Mishra asks Raju to control. Jaggu pushes the man’s pagdi and goes. The man asks who has hit him and shoots bullet in the air.

Raju beats the man. A fight starts there. Raju’s mum asks him to stop it. Dev says Raju leave him. Nandu comes running and stops Raju. Nandu and Anjali stop them. Dev apologizes. Jolly’s mum says he will not do marriage in this house. Jolly’s dad pushes Dev. Raju shouts and asks them to have manners. Jolly asks Raju not to misbehave. Raju says I m listening, and puts Jolly in the car. He asks them to get lost. Nandu asks Raju what is he doing. Raju says its all finished. Rashmi cries and breaks down. Kaka says I know Raavan is doing this, its happening because of Raavan. Rambhateri will end all the bad omen, we have to call her now, only she can help us.

Raju says drunkard groom, and crushes flowers in anger. Everyone cry. Raju asks them to go to their homes, what bad happened? Rashmi is not handicapped to marry any drunkard, she will marry a better man and more grand. Rajni says this is grand one, as baraat has gone back. Raju wipes her tears and asks her to get quiet. Rajni thanks him for making mum and dad’s life more tough. Raju asks did you see mum, she has cried all her life, would you see Rashmi crying all life. Nandu says you did wrong with Rashmi, Rashmi and I know Jolly does not touch wine, he was best for Rashmi. Sunil goes to warn his brother in law, and sees the girl leaving. He says we got saved, Didi would have come there and caught you, come.

Nandu says Raju should have not come here, Rashmi’s bidaai would have been done. Mishra says yes, she is right Raju, this did not happen right. Jaggu smiles. Dev drinks wine. Raju goes to see his mum. Rashmi clarifies to Jolly, and Jolly ends call. Rashmi calls again and apologizes to Jolly, saying it was Raju’s mistake. Raju asks for the phone. She ends call and scolds Raju. She says I love Jolly, he does not drink, you go from here now. Raju cries seeing her tears.

Raju’s mum tells him that he did not come in this house by his wish, and today she requests him not to come in this house. Dev says we don’t know Jolly, maybe he has habit to drink wine, he was drunk in his marriage. She says I will be ashamed if I let my daughter bear my pain. Jolly does not drink. Dev says even he started drinking after marriage. She says when you get senses in morning, you will know what your son has done and ruined Rashmi’s marriage, I did a crime to give birth to him, I should be punished, not my daughters. Raju cries and leaves.

Kaka shouts on Raavan. Raju asks him to just shut up, he is losing his mind. He goes to beat Kaka. Nandu stops Raju from beating Kaka. She scolds him and says Rashmi will not be related to you now. They both argue. Anjali also argues with Raju. Nandu scolds Raju and says you are nothing for Rashmi now. He gets shocked.

Nandu suggests a havan to get rid of bad omen. They do the havan and get shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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