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The Episode starts with everyone rushing to see Komal’s house which exploded. Raju and Pratap look there. Nandu tells Rambhateri that I know this havan is imp, but something serious happened there. Rambhateri does not let her go. Pratap gets shocked seeing Jaggu there and shows Raju. Raju turns Jaggu and says what was he doing in Komal’s house. They take Jaggu and bring him out. Everyone get shocked. Komal takes Jaggu to hospital in her car. Raju leaves on his bike. Raval says I have come to attend havan to say Ram leela will happen, but I was doubtful to know will any auspicious thing happen here, I knew Raavan will stop Ram leela, even if Rambhateri is adamant to do havan, I m with you all. Nothing will happen to Jaggu, I will pay all medical expenses. He leaves.

The man

calls Raval and asks how did he like his work. Raval says great, come and take your prize. He thinks its my game, Jaggu was going against Raval. He leaves. Raju is at hospital with Pratap and Komal. Raju says Jaggu should tell us what was he doing in Komal’s house and then die, there is some story. Pratap says yes, this will occupy few days. Raju goes to Komal and asks her can we know why did Jaggu come here. She says I think he came to apologize, Rambhateri and I were preparing for havan. Jaggu came and talked badly, Jaggu and Rambhateri had argument, I think this will be the reason. Raju says Rambhateri and Jaggu had a fight….

The police comes in model town. Kishore and Nandu say this was not the man who came to deliver gas cylinder. The manager says its not any man from our company. Kishore says yes, how did the man come early. Nandu says it was attempt to murder on Jaggu, the man was a killer. Raju comes there and asks whats happening. Nandu says Raju is the one. Raju flirts with her and jokes. She says Raju does not want Ram leela to happen, so he did all this.

Raju says Nandu is just blaming me. She says I will get proof and get you arrested. Constable says I know Rambhateri and tells Raju that Rambhateri used to do Ram leela many years ago, she was punished for 10 years for murder blame. Raju thinks of Komal’s words and gets some idea.

Raju bribes the constable and asks him not to get involved in this case. Raju goes to Nandu’s house and she stops him. He takes Rambhateri’s bag and says Jaggu dies because of her. He calls someone and says Rambhateri told me to give you prize, just send me address where you can meet. The man agrees. Raju asks Pratap to get model town people together. Pratap asks everyone to come out.

Raju tells Kishore that cylinder was made to blast to kill Jaggu, this was done by Rambhateri. They all get shocked and look at Rambhateri who is still praying.Nandu asks Raju why is he blaming Rambhateri. Raju says I have proof and tells Rambhateri’s history of being a prisoner. Raju tells them that Rambhateri has run away after killing someone and then got caught by police after 20 years, then she started working in central jail.

Rambhateri says Raju is saying right, I killed Raj and was in jail for 10 years. Nandu cries and asks what are you saying. Rambhateri says yes, but I did not do anything in Jaggu’s incident. Raju asks her to leave Ram leela and bear punishment for that she did. I have complaint in police, they will be coming to take you. The police comes.

The goons kidnap Rambhateri and leave. Nandu runs to save her.

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