Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rashmi requesting her dad to play shehnai. Everyone clap. Her dad plays shehnai. Raju starts leaving. Rashmi stops Raju. Everyone get emotional. Their dad starts coughing and plays shehnai of song Babul ki duaen leti jaa…………Raju asks Rashmi was this needed. Raju’s mum asks Rashmi and Rajni to take their dad to home. Their dad says he will complete tune, he will drink two sips and come. Their dad asks Raju to hold shehnai, he will come. He falls down. Raju turns his face away. Jaggu says model town can’t see anyone’s happiness.

Rashmi takes care of dad. Raju comes home and scolds his dad. His mum asks him not to interfere in their life and stay out. Rashmi requests them not to fight today. His dad says you performed well, I will drink and come.

Raju scolds his dad. The wine bottle falls. Nandu looks on. His dad asks was this last one and gets his hand hurt by glass pieces. Nandu puts curtains so that neighbors don’t see. Raju says what a scene, Nandu move curtains, let world see for entertainment.

His dad says he will go and buy wine, he will then play shehnai. Rajni and Nandu go to get wine. Raju says your wine has started affecting your daughters now. Raju’s mum slaps him. Jaggu sees this and smiles. She asks Raju to leave if he is ashamed, no need to come in Rashmi’s marriage, don’t show your face. Raju gets teary eyed and goes. Raju cries recalling his mum and Rashmi. He packs his bag and keeps the waistcoat. He leaves in his bike. Nandu sees him and stops him. She asks him to think about Rashmi’s marriage. He leaves. She asks him to come back.

She talks to Kaka. She says everything is because of this Raavan, I will not let his bad sight catch Rashmi’s marriage. She says she will keep fast so that things go fine tomorrow. Jaggu informs someone about Raju leaving model town, now there is no problem is spoiling marriage. Nandu asks what is he doing, will he laugh when neighbor is sad. He says sorry and goes.

Raju’s mum stitches clothes. Rajni asks will you wear this in Rashmi’s marriage. Her mum says yes, I will buy in your marriage. Her dad says your mum is sad, she told Raju not to come in marriage in anger. He asks his wife to call Raju. She says let Rashmi’s marriage happen peacefully. Don’t mention Raju’s name.

Its morning, Nandu checks the menu. Bittoo says the dishes names and asks Mishra to make Nandu taste it. Nandu says no, I m fasting. She did not know its difficult. Bittoo asks Mishra to end work soon, Raju went for two days, not forever. Rashmi gets ready. Nandu takes Rashmi’s pic to send Jolly and asks her to smile. Rashmi cries and says she wanted to make Raju her parents’ son, she wanted to bring Raju back home. Nandu gets sad.

Nandu talks to Raju’s dad. He says Rashmi will miss Raju in her marriage. She asks what did Rashmi call Raju in childhood. He says Guddu. She messages Raju from Rashmi’s phone. She does emotional blackmail and writes she will leave home if he does not come. Raju drinks tea and rushes to model town. Nandu signs Gupta not to tell about expenses to Raju’s mum. She asks Raju’s mum not to worry. She turns and sees Raju. She says aunty, its in our budget. Raju asks about Rashmi, and asks his mum to beat and scold him before baraat comes, he will be there in his sister’s marriage, he does not know his dad. His dad Dev and Nandu smile. Raju’s mum is also happy. Nandu teases her and says I heard you should smile when you are happy. His mum goes. Raju meets Rashmi. She smiles happily seeing him and hugs him. He says he came seeing her message. She asks message. Nandu signs her. Nandu gives Raju clothes his mum has sent. Rashmi asks him to get ready. He goes. She takes her phone from Nandu and hugs her, thankfully for bringing Raju back.

Jolly is forced to drink and falls down. The marriage stops. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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