Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri thinking whom is Raju seeing and getting tensed. Raval thinks model town will blast in some time. Pandit tells about the wedding rounds and promises. Raju and Nandu, as Ram and Sita take the wedding rounds, while pandit tells the vows. Raval looks at Raju. Nandu steps forward for remaining rounds. Raju looks at the goons there. Ram siya ram….plays………….. Everyone cheer for Siya ram.

Raju recalls where the bombs were planted. He looks at Nandu. Rambhateri asks Raju to fill sindoor, and stare at Sita ji later. Raju fills sindoor in her maang. Pandit says this way Ram and Siya’s marriage got completed. Raval says their time over and our time starts. He signs the goons. Raju and Nandu see each other. Nandu recalls his words and thinks Raju

is preparing to insult me. Raju thinks how can I let you die Nandu, hear the promise of my love, there won’t be any problem on Nandu and model town. Nandu thinks to teach him a lesson before he insults her. She sees the diyas there and stops seeing everyone. Raju goes away and the ghatbandhan dupatta falls. Everyone laugh at the end of Ram leela Swayamvar scene. They all are happy.

Chanchal says Raju and Nandu gave new meaning to this marriage, Rambhateri did great. Rambhateri thinks I feel restless as if something is going to happen. Chanchal and Dipika say Raju’s family is not here. Rambhateri thinks is this the reason that Raju is worried. Raju goes to that place and the goon stops him. Raju gets angry and asks the goon not to talk about Nandu. The goon says its called love and laughs.

Raju says I m not getting remote. The goon asks where is remote, Raval will not leave you. Raju says ask Raval to find it, I forgot where I kept it, you also find it. Raju hits the goons and checks for the bombs. Nandu thinks why did Raju miss this good chance to insult me. She hears Raju has gone. She thinks where did Raju go, something else is going on in his mind, I have to find it. Everyone compliment Nandu and Raju’s pairing. Nandu thinks I have also seen Ram in Raju for sometime.

Nandu thinks whats happening, I see Raavan in Raju by some reason, everyone will see the same in some time. Raju says Raval fixed five bombs, all have different connections, if I cut the wrong bombs, it will explode. Raju gets tensed and tries to cut the right wire. Raju says this circuit is different, which wire to cut, this is the last one now. He panics and holds the locket given by Nandu. He holds Ram ji’s pendant and holds the wire to cut. A goon comes and kicks Raju. Raju and the goons have a fight. Raju beats them up, as they try to get the bomb from him. Someone hits Raju’s head. Raju turns and sees Raval. Raval starts beating Raju with the rod. The goons beat Raju and catch him, asking for the remote. Raval asks till when shall I bear you, you did not vacate model town, I trusted you, but you fell in love that you became useless, I will finish you. Raju kicks Raval and beats the goons with the rod. Raval hits on Raju’s face and knocks him down. Raju falls holding the bomb. He thinks Raju, model town will blast along with you.

Nandu tells Mishra that she will find Raju. Rambhateri aims gun at Raval and asks for remote. Nandu finds the bomb.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.. Waiting 4 the next one.

  2. brilliant episode
    loved it
    raju becomes positive

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Now show is getting very very interesting… finally raju ke mann me ram ji bass hi gye hai.. but i hope nandu also believes in him.. and their love bloosams..

  4. let’s see what happens

  5. Raju became Ram now…

  6. Hope nandini will not misunderstand raju

  7. Hi, rajuuu wah! He loves her that much! hope this show will last!! it’s amazing

  8. Nikita Sharma

    the show is going to be more intresting or going to end i doubt but i m still waiting for the new twist anyways the show is mind blowing

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