Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Raju seeing his mum from far. Garima asks who has come here. Rajni says its just us. Garima says don’t lie, Raju has come here. He was sitting near me and held my hand. They all cry. Garima then gets angry and asks why did they let him come here. Nandu says we did not see him come here, if he has come, we could not stop him and he himself would have not stopped himself. Garima sees the time and says I had to go on work. Rashmi asks her not to go. Garima says it gets tough for us, check the calls. Rashmi says no one called. Garima says check missed calls. Rashmi says phone did not ring, are we so helpless that you go for work in this state. They cry. Raju looks on and cries.

Nandu says I have a good news, Ram leela is happening in model town. Garima smiles.

Nandu says you did not give vote and made Ram leela win. Garima says finally something good in Ram leela. Raju says I can lose my life to make my mum win. He leaves.

Nandu congratulates model town and tells everyone that Garima is fine and Ram leela is happening by her vote. She says Ram leela will kick out Raavan, we will keep big havan and you all are invited. Nandu asks Raju to move from his way. Raju says my bike jammed, its not moving. Nandu asks him to let her see. He says check. She checks the bike and sees the stick in the tyres. He says oh, did you do this, she is very naughty. He says my bike is not starting. Nandu says I will check. She sits on the bike. He says maybe it will start now and sits behind her. He takes her. She asks him to stop bike. He says he would have stopped Ram leela, he lost for his mum and she is doing rally as if she won. She says you look lost. He takes rounds in the model town. He says I lost for my mum. She looks at him.

He says you tell Rambhateri to finish this in few weeks, else it will be tough for you all. She says you manage yourself. They all beat plates. Raju leaves. They laugh. Raval hits the mirror and says everything was going on fine, Raju made me lose. Komal asks him to win on his own. He says I chose Raju in this work. She asks him to calm down, they can decide next step, they can’t make Raju out of this game. He scolds her.

He says I told Raju to stop Ram leela, and he started it. Jaggu comes there and looks on, he knocks and says Raju has come to meet. Raval gets his gun. Komal gets shocked. Raval loads bullets. Komal stops him and says you should take gun when opposite person is more powerful. Raval goes to Raju. Raju says I know why you called me here, I did not stop Ram leela. Raval says no, let Ram leela happen there. Raju gets shocked.

Raval says I m Ram bhakt, its good shagun for me. It will run for one month, once Ram leela ends, then we will make hotel. Raju says I feel you are thinking something, saying and showing something else. Raval says we work different ways, I will support this Ram leela and also that havan, I will be present in havan. They shake hands and laugh. Raju leaves.

Komal tells Jaggu that this is best time to fail Raju and become Raval’s fav. She says we have to stop this Ram leela. Raval hears them. Komal gets Kishore’s call and asks him to order any other gas cylinder, why is he calling her. Raval smiles.

Rambhateri makes rangoli and talks to Komal. Jaggu drives over the rangoli. Komal and Jaggu act and argue. Jaggu says Rambhateri has fooled everyone. Komal says you should be happy that puja is happening near your house. Rambhateri asks why are you shouting. Jaggu says yes, you can’t fool me. He starts the water pipe and spoils rangoli. Komal asks him to stop it. Rambhateri says leave him, we will go somewhere else and do havan. She taunts Jaggu.

Everyone do havan with Rambhateri. A man brings gas cylinders. He delivers it to Jaggu. Nandu looks at him and turns. Raval comes there. Jaggu greets him. Raval says I m very happy with you, you go and sit with Komal, there is gift for you. Jaggu gets glad. Raju welcomes Raval. Jaggu goes to Komal’s house and says what will be gift from Raval’s side, any wine bottle. He smells gas and sees the door locked. Raval and Komal smile. Raju hears some sound. The house exploded and everyone get shocked. Rambhateri stops Nandu holding her hand, while everyone run and leave the havan. Komal asks Kishore about the fire. Rambhateri prays. Raval thinks he gifts death to his ministers, and hopes Jaggu liked the gift.

Raju rescues Jaggu. Raval says Rambhateri will be arrested. Raju tells Nandu that Rambhateri is responsible for Jaggu’s state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Try to update the epi asap!It is a very nice serial with a different concept.
    The special thing is that supriya pathak,shahid kapoor’s mom is there in it!
    Best serial!! Keep it up

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