Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone dancing in lohri. Rambhateri thinks if they all stay as family, any problem will be scared to come to them. Raju holds Nandu and dances with her. He asks her not to flirt with him, he will party with her in private, not publicly, party just started. Rashmi comes and makes Raju away from Nandu. She takes Nandu. Raval messages Raju that he is feeling unwell, and asks him will he come along. Raju goes to Raval. Nandu coughs and goes to drink water.

Someone goes to her wearing the same mask. He drags her and takes her. Nandu gets shocked seeing Raju/similar person. She gets shocked. Pratap plays the dhol and everyone dance. Nandu gets scared by the mask, and hears Raju’s voice saying party just started. She asks Raju to move back, you became an animal,

what are you doing, leave me. Rambhateri asks Rashmi where is Nandu. Rashmi says don’t know she was here. Nandu says leave me and tries to go. The man beats her and holds her. Rashmi goes to find Nandu and calls her out. Nandu tries to sign Rashmi. She beats the man and tries to run. Bittoo records everyone dancing. Nandu beats the man for trying to rape her, and gets angry. He pushes Nandu and runs. Nandu screams and throws stones at him. She comes back to everyone and cries. Bittoo sees her and says Nandu Didi. Everyone stop dancing seeing Nandu and get shocked.

Nani and Anjali cover up Nandu, and they all cry. Nandi cries and says I m punished for standing for you all and fighting alone, can you all see you. She asks them to see their state. Rashmi asks her who did this. Nandu says there is one devil in this model town, whom you call your brother, that Raju Kaushik. They all get shocked. Nandu says Raju has done this with me, its my mistake that I was exposing his plan, he threatened me that he will do this, and see he did this.

Rajni says I m ashamed to call him brother, an animal can’t be anyone’s brother. Rashmi, and everyone cry. Nandu says Rambhateri has to see my state, maybe her blindness will go. She calls out Mayya Mori. Rambhateri comes and gets shocked seeing Nandu’s state. Nandu signs her to stop and takes her blessings. She says you are great more than Ram ji, he did not try to make Raavan human, and you did the try, see the result, what he did with me. Rambhateri cries and asks are sure Raju did this. Nandu claps and says wow Mayya Mori, even after seeing my state, you are not believing me, I heard his voice, you are not believing me. She cries. Nani consoles Nandu.Nandu and all the ladies cry. Anjali covers Nandu and takes her.

Its morning, Raju comes to model town. He kicks his bike and rushes to Nandu’s home. He drags her out and throws her. He goes to beat her. Nani and Anjali stop him. Everyone come out. Raju asks everyone are they mad to hear stories, Nandu is using this, and scolds her. Nandu says your intentions are wrong. He asks her to shut up, why is she doing cheap makeup, torn clothes and coming here to blame him of molesting him. Raju says he did not do anything. Rashmi asks why will any girl lie. Raju says she wants me to leave from model town, the girl who can hurt my hand with an arrow, she can do anything. Anjali says you also said you will punish Nandu. Nandu says you punished her. Rajni says I have seen how you were insulting Nandu, you did wrong with her. Raju says I m your brother, have some faith in me. He asks Rashmi to see Rajni feels I did this, do you think I did this.

Rashmi stays quiet and cries. Raju cries seeing his sisters losing faith in him. Raju accepts that he tried to rape Nandu. They all get shocked. Raju says I accept my crime, anyone can do anything, I m standing here. Rambhateri comes there and looks on angrily. She takes a stick and beats him. jaane kya hoga rama re……………plays………..

Raju does not move and stands still. Rambhateri asks how can he do this, and be shameless to stand here. She says I believed you going against anyone, what will that mother go through, who gave birth to you, she will curse her womb. She throws the stick and cries. Raju brings another stick and gives her, asking her to beat him more. Rambhateri goes to beat him, and Rashmi stops Rambhateri.

She asks Rambhateri to stop it and takes the stick. Rambhateri says his punishment did not end. Rashmi asks who are you to punish him. Rambhateri recalls her son Raghu, and says if I was his mum… Rashmi says you are not his mum, his real mum is alive, don’t snatch her right.

Pratap tells Raval that its not easy to kick out Raju from model town. Raval says Raju is not real son of Kaushik family, then why is he staying in model town, throw him out. Pratap gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very very emotional episode. I got emotional seeing both (NANDU & RAJU state). God knows, kab dono k beech ye problem khatam hogi. Cold war toh thik tha but this is out of control, man.
    And finally, Pratap apne aukaat par aa hi gaya. For money, he’s helping Raval to kick Raju out from model town. Huh, what a friendship….

  2. Raju is a bad guy but he’s not that disgusting. Pratap and Rawal are disgusting. And the plot thickens…curious to say which direction Nandu and Raju’s rivalry will take now.

    1. *curious to see

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I think nandu ke sath jo bhi hua hai vo raval ya pratap ka kiya hua hai..
    Kyu ki raju kitna hi bura ho, sab se kitni hi ladai krta hai, sbko pereshan krta hai, but vo itna nhi gir skta hai..
    Kyu ki maine notice kiya ki chahe bol kr vo kisi bhi lady ko disrespect kr de, but dil se respect krta hai…
    I hope mera andaza sahi ho, baki writers can do any thing…

    1. 100% sure that’s raval n pratap’s plan coz they want to kick Raju out from model town.

  4. True….. It’s all raval’s plan..don’t know now what will happen…I really like dis show…Bcz it’s completely different from others

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