Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri praying. She sees Raju and Nandu’s reflection in Ram and Sita’s pic and smiles. Siya Ram….plays……… she says another Ayodhya ends here in Ram leela, we will take a small break before starting new Aydhya. She goes to Raju and Nandu, and says you both look Ram and Sita, you will know how Ram and Sita get in you. Raju thinks I have to save my family by blasting model town. Nandu thinks Rambhateri will be proved wrong, I have to prove Raju is Raavan, its his last day today in model town.

Raju talks to Raval. Raval shows Raju his family and asks him to talk to them. Garima and Raju’s sisters cry. Raju worries for them, and asks are they kept well. Rashmi lies and says they kept us in bungalow. She tries telling him that metro passes from

here, so Maa gets headache. Raval asks him not to cry, as he has to save his family, insult Nandu and blast model town. He ends call. Raju sees Raval’s men keeping an eye on him. Rambhateri finds Raju worried and says I pray that you don’t do anything wrong today. Raju says there are some chance in life that heart fear is such high that Dharm and Adharm are not thought of, you did not have such moment in life. Rambhateri recalls how Raghu was kidnapped and says I try to live life forgetting some experiences. He says maybe I can’t forget. She says Ram ji did not live life with his wish, he kept Dharm at top always and lived life, you are Ram ji, I know you won’t do anything wrong today. She blesses him and goes.

Nandu gets ready and says I can’t do this. Rambhateri comes to her and asks her not to blame little things, where her heart is restless. She makes her wear the earrings. She asks her to calm her heart, Sita did not have anger in heart. Nandu says I m Nandu, not Sita. Rambhateri says you are Sita today. Nandu goes. Rambhateri wishes Raju and Nandu to unite. Raju collides and says sorry. Nandu says you won’t be forgiven today and taunts him for his acting.

She says I was fooled by your acting. He says that was my love. She says what love, which I did not see and hear. Chanchal comes and takes Nandu with her. Raju looks at Raavan’s idol. Raju sees the goons in Ramleela. The next Adhyay starts. Sita’s Swayamvar is shown. Nandu says the lines, that she wishes Ram fulfills the condition and marries her. The princes try to lift bow and fail. Raavan comes laughing and fails to lift the bow. Rambhateri thinks where is Raju, why is he not coming. Everyone wait for him. Raju walks on the stage.

Raju dressed as Ram goes to pick the Shiv Dhanush in the Swayamvar scene. He prays there. Nandu looks on. Rama ho……………..plays…………. everyone look on. Raju lifts the Dhanush. Everyone cheer for Ram ji. Raju strings the Dhanush. Nandu smiles. Raju breaks the bow. Raval comes there. Nandu gets up and comes to Raju. Raju keeps the bow down. Raju stands praying. Sita says Raghunandan has fulfilled my dad’s condition by breaking Shiv Dhanush. Raju says Sita comes taking the garlands in her hands and says the lines. Nandu and Raju say their lines in Ram leela. Raju thinks of Raval’s words and recalls his family and Nandu. Raju and Nandu exchange garlands. Raval comes there and shows the clock to Raju. Raju looks at him. Nandu turns to see and Raju stops her. Rambhateri looks on and thinks whom is Raju seeing and getting worried.

Raju and Nandu as Ram and Sita get married in Ram leela. Raju tells his promise that Nandu and model town will not fall in any problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. nice episode. But I’m just thinking that what will happen after ramleela. How will this show stretch the plot?

  3. emotional episode
    thanks for the update
    precap is exciting

  4. Even I have the doubt.how they will stretch the plot

  5. they will strech or they will end???? promos of 2 new shows are showing on lifeok,1 is replacing dreamgirl but dont now about other

  6. Ofcourse not. They’ll not end now. No news of off air has come. So just wait. Waise bhi I’m enjoying this show a lot. Specially, liking the dialogue delivery. Sounds realistic, not like that typical boring saas bahu shows. Sometimes I think all that shows should be banned.???

  7. Where is today’s update? ????????? Just waiting for it. ………. I just missed it today

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