Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu rushing to Garima. She takes her to hospital. The vote counting starts. Pratap says we will know what everyone wants. Komal checks and counts the votes. Raval wins by the votes. Pratap plays the dhol. Raavan ka vaas hai………..plays……… Rashmi gets a call and gets shocked. She calls out Rajni and takes her. They run out. Raju looks on and calls Rashmi. He asks them to stop the dhols. He breaks the dhol and runs after his sisters. Komal and Rambhateri look on.

Nandu is at hospital and talks to Rashmi and Rajni. The girls stay with their mum. Nandu goes to doctor. Rashmi tells Garima that she had an accident and Nandu got her. Garima asks what was the need to get me to costly hospital, who will pay the bill. Raju comes to the hospital and see

Garima. Nandu stops Garima and says doctor will come to check. Garima says take me Rashmi, I don’t want any treatment. Raju cries seeing this. They take Garima with them. Raju hides. Garima turns to see and asks them not to tell anything to Raju, as she will get more unwell seeing him. They leave.

The nurse tells Raju that lady forgot her purse. Raju takes it and gets a call on the phone. He answers. The lady scolds Garima for not coming on time, you said you will give vote and come on time, you think I will not fire you as you took advance for daughter’s marriage, just come. Raju says I m her helper, she told me to come at your house, send me your address. She says fine, I will send address, come soon.
Komal tells everyone that Raval project won by one vote. Pratap and others dance. Komal acts like she is very sad. She calls Raval and congratulates him. he says great Komal, its just because of you, now I have to fulfill the promise. She ends call. Rambhateri sits sad. Nandu brings Garima there. Garima faints. Rashmi and Rajni hold her and take her home. Everyone get shocked. Raju comes to that lady and throws money on her face. He says this is your 10000rs advance, you will cook food yourself, this is punishment for talking badly with Garima. The man asks who is he to talk like this. Raju slaps the man and makes him do exercise. He punishes the couple and scolds them. He breaks the phone and mobile. He takes cylinder and asks the lady to cook on oil stove. He says I will sit outside, if the lady does not cook in 15mins, I won’t leave. The couple gets scared.

Raju comes to model town and sees the family worried. He sees from the window. The doctor checks Garima and says she can have internal injuries too, you should have not got her home. Rashmi asks is there anything serious. He says if she does not get conscious till morning, then its serious. Raju cries and sits beside his mum, while the sisters go out. He holds Garima’s hand and says Maa. He recalls his childhood and talks to her. She gets conscious. He moves and some glasses fall. He jumps down the window. Pratap asks Raju how is his mum. Raju asks him to call ambulance and get his mother to hospital. Pratap says fine, Raval called and said he will give money to everyone and vacate model town. Raju says I will talk to him. He calls Raval. Raval asks where was he since morning. Raju says you may know my mum met with an accident. Raval says yes, I heard it. Raju asks him not to call him till his mum gets fine and scolds him. Raval throws the wine glass angrily.

Raju calls out Nandu. She asks why did he call her. He talks about his mother. He says I will take Maa to hospital. She says fine, but don’t interfere in all this. Aunty won’t bear this. He says fine, let her scold or slap me, she will be alive, that’s important. She cries seeing him in pain. She says aunty lights diye here before going for work every morning. Ambulance comes there. Nandu prays there and lights diya. Rashmi comes to Nandu and says Maa got conscious. Nandu thanks Lord and runs, asking Raju to stop ambulance siren, aunty should not hear it. Raju asks them to stop siren and throws stone to break the siren. He says sorry, my Maa does not like this sound, get new one. Raju goes to the idol and says my Maa wanted to vote you. Jaggu looks on. Raju says model town will have Ram leela now just for my mum. Jagu gets shocked.

Nandu tells Garima that Ram leela is happening in model town. Raval throws things and says if Ram leela starts, my hotel dream will be incomplete.

Update Credit to: Amena

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