Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sunny igniting lighter. Nandu throws cushion and lighter falls. She tries to stop him. He runs outside and says I will give up my life, don’t come close. Everyone ask him to stop. Sunny says entire model town will become witness of my death. Nandu brings bucket of water and throws on him. He says don’t stop me. She says love takes towards life, not death. He says I can’t live without Rashmi. She says I promise you will marry Rashmi.

Raju comes to model town. Sunny holds Nandu and they both fall down in mud. Raju looks on and gets angry. Nandu assures Sunny. She gets shocked seeing Raju. Sunny sees Raju and picks her mangalsutra. He fixes a bug/mic in it. Raju goes home. Sunny tells Nandu that her mangalsutra fell, shall I make you wear it. she

says no, I will wear it.

Nandu comes home and wears her mangalsutra. Raju asks what was going in there in garden. She says Sunny was trying to commit suicide. He asks why are you worried, when I m trying to break relations with him. he looks at her mangalsutra and asks what happened to this. She says it fell by Sunny’s touch, I wore it again, its nothing like you are thinking. She says you came back with mud stains on clothes, you remember what you are for me. She says I m your wife. Raju nods and gives her a tight slap.

Nandu gets shocked. Sunny laughs hearing it and says its sixer, Raju is out of Nandu’s life. Raju sees the bug/mic in the mangalsutra. Sunny says I have fixed a bug in the mangalsutra, I can hear everything here in this speaker. He laughs and dances happily. He says this slap will get Nandu close to me. He drinks wine. Nandu cries and says ask me same question again. She shouts. Raju asks what are you to me. She says I was your wife, you are my nothing now, we are not related now. She cries. Sunny laughs.

Raju stops Nandu and shuts her mouth. He asks her not to speak a word. He says fine, if you say you are not my wife, shall I take your class now. He asks her not to argue with him, why do you go to Sunny, are you speechless now, answer me…. Sunny says Nandu cares for me. Raju says you are ashamed and silent. Sunny says baby tell your would be ex husband that Nandu loves Sunny. Raju shuts Nandu’s mouth and takes Nandu with him. He goes out with her. He says you crossed all limit, you don’t keep wife’s duty and keeping friendship, whats in sunny that you get attracted to Sunny. He brings Nandu to Sunny’s house and shows sunny hearing their fight on speaker. Sunny says Raju this is called love, she is love with me, your wife will become mine. Nandu gets shocked seeing Sunny’s true face. Raju leaves Nandu free and shows the bug in her mangalsutra. She gets stunned seeing the bug.

Raju asks Nandu to say something. Sunny does shayari and says Nandu is in love with me, she will speak a lot if she wants. Nandu says yes, I like Sunny more, he is more civilized, class, humanity, successful, there is no comparison of yours with him, he proposed me, I really regret why I rejected him, I don’t wish to wear your mangalsutra, I m throwing it. Sunny says no, if you do this, how will I listen your live record. Raju says you threw this mangalsutra, this show how much you respect our relation.

Raju and Nandu acting after seeing Sunny’s truth. Raju acts and says I will show you Nandu what I can do. Sunny is glad and says now Raju and Nandu got distance that they will break off, then she will come in my arms herself. He laughs and says for that, I have to do something tonight.

Raju, Nandu, Garima and Nani sit at home. Raju asks Garima did she get proof now, you called me useless. Garima says I was angry and scolded you, you know me. Garima apologizes to Raju and asks him not to be annoyed. He apologizes to her and says you can beat me, but don’t call me stepson, don’t make me feel orphan. Garima hugs him and cries. She says I will live my rest of the life by giving you motherly love. Raju asks her not to cry. Nandu tells Raju that she is proud of him, and salutes him. She says you have seen Sunny’s true face, none of us could see it. Nani says he is mad, he married Rashmi and is after Nandu, he would have done something. Nandu says everyone called him psycho in college, he proposed me and I rejected him, I did not know he will be still after me. Raju says he just wants to get you.

Garima says it means Sunny wanted to marry Rashmi, just to reach Nandu. Nani says he used Rashmi. Nandu says we made Sunny hear that our relation is breaking, which he wanted to hear. Raju says he will do something tonight, I wish to kill him. They ask Raju not to do this. Raju says we can’t go to police, we don’t have proof, we have to be ready and provoke his madness more.

Sunny sits with the speaker. Raju asks Nandu to wear mangalsutra. Nandu says I won’t, don’t twist my hand, you slapped me. Sunny shouts don’t touch Nandu. Nandu and Raju clap hands and fight to make Sunny hear. Nani and Garima join them. Garima asks Raju to leave Nandu. Raju says don’t come in between Maa. Nandu asks Nani to save her. Nani says don’t cry, I m with you. They all act and smile. Sunny hears them and says Nandu needs me, I have to do something so that Raju and Nandu get separated forever, I will not leave Nandini with Raju even for a day. He drinks more and says I will play a master stroke.

Sunny asks Rashmi to give up her life and then give him a missed call, so that he can give up his life too. Rashmi agrees. She gives him a missed call. Sunny laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think there are 2 possibilitiesof here….

    1. Either Rashmi will slit her wrist something and die… her character will one to an end….

    2. Maybe Raju sent Rashmi so that he can know his plan….

    Anyway today’s episode was good…. o enjoyed it… Raju N Nandu ROCKS!!!!!!

    Today’s scenes were like they acted so natural as if they didn’t go through the script at all…

    Please let this actress only be Nandu… I like their pair alot…. wish she stays back in the show… I m really really really praying…

    1. I started watching this show because I flet both raju and Nandu improvises during the shoot. it looks like they just add their lines or does something with their hands so naturally.
      This show is very underrated for the story concept and the quality of acting the leads performs. Even sunny acted so well as the psycho lover hehe

    2. awesome episode
      i think rashmi going to leave soon
      when raju slaps nandu , i was so angry but later everything got right …
      nobody knows what will happen
      loving this show much much more

  2. Love this show very much. Kiss from France ???

  3. Thanks, Amena for the update.
    I loved today’s episode after a long time we got to see same raju-nandu fun moments. At first when he slapped her I was like what a jerk! Lolz then he kissed her ? cuz he was playing but the slap was very hard ?

    I think we r getting Reshmi’s exit soon.

    1. May be it’ll be Raju’s plan… Anything can happen in this show. We already saw the example. We were anticipating so many situations after Raju slapped Nandu. But see, what happen. Just opposite of that. All we have to do is – to wait…

      1. You r right. ? It is unpredictable.

      2. I think Nandu N Rashmi ki exit ki wajhe se they must have shorten this Sunny Indu track….

        So wildest guess can be Sunny kidnaps Nandu, Rashmi is replaced and Raju goes and get New Nandu…. Heehee

    2. He had slapped her in anger but the moment he saw a bug in her mangalsutra. He realized that he was trapped… and he regretted slapping her too…

      I just love this show… it’s very unpredictable…. that’s the beauty of it…

      In log characters KO aise gayab karte hai jaise Mr. India…. heehee….. pehle model town k log gayab Aur Ab Indu Talwar…. lagta hai bete ki dhamki se bhaag Gaye…. Hahaha

      1. hehehe… ? That’s was funny.

      2. I know it was so cute… I don’t think those stuff we’re on the script cuz other shows things that r on scrip they focus it w the camera but their stuffs r so random n beautiful. Love the couple.
        I have two fav raju nandu scene
        One when he first saw her as Sita
        Second was when they get married n she tries to leave from the gym n he follows her n while she was saying her lines front of her door he removes a dust from her face even she got surprised. .. that part looked like it was not in the script and made the scene so natural as if he was trying to be a caring husband.

      3. I was watching few initial episodes of this serial and I must say Nandu’s acting has been improved alot. If you see her in first episode and yesterday’s, you will understand what I m trying to say…..

        Jatin Sharma was confident from the beginning. I think he has experience of stage shows. So that made alot of difference….

      4. We all know that Vinti is leaving but I really wish that somebody made a rumor that she is leaving the show …. but actually she continues the show….

      5. I am actually hoping that, nandu leaving the show is just a internet rumour:)
        I don’t want her to leave either.
        You are right,i heard that too, Jatin was a stage actor before coming into telly.

  4. Wow, today’s episode made my night. It was too good, man. Seriously, when Raju slapped Nandu, I was shocked n thought that she’ll definitely leave him as usual. But, it didn’t happen. I liked that moment when Raju pulled Nandu towards him, shut her mouth, kissed her chick n said sorry to her in low voice. That time I was so jealous yaar. After that I loved the all scenes of Raju n Nandu. Love them ???

    1. yes that scene was too good ..but he slapped really hard
      really wish to see some more sweet scenes of them ,…
      hope vinti stays back

      1. Yeah, Rimi. Gonna miss her…

  5. i think will end this track before new nandu entry

    1. Nikita Sharma

      yaar ap new nandu k piche kyu padi ho kya sach new nandu ki entry hone wali h

      1. That’s what we have read on internet.

        They mentioned that her last working day was on 16th March. Since they bank few episodes in advance… that’s the reason we have been seeing this Nandu….

  6. Superb episode..loved it!!

  7. I was bowled over in few scenes….

    Where Nandu says that she doesn’t want to wear the mangalsutra and Raju gets annoyed… (Sunny’s house)

    One where she salutes him and he says hawaldar hi rahegi…. it looked liked he said that line on his own and not from the script…

    Last scene, where they clap and speak…. that was awesome… loved that scene….

    Please Nandu…. don’t leave the show…

    Only you both compliment eachother…

    1. What does “hawaldar hi rahegi” mean please?

      1. She is a traffic police….

    2. Thank you for the translation. I m not indian but I like this show. Thank you again ????

  8. Am I the only one that wants to see Nandu give Raju a good tight slap. Just one, for all he’s done. Anyone agree?

    1. I honestly wanted tNandu to kick him for slapping her ,but then knowing how hot headed possessive husband he is, he was quick to understand what was really going on.
      I think raju’s nature is such as Rambhateri earlier said raju want to do the right thing by taking the wrong path.
      Nandu realized it that he wanted to save her and the family from the start when no believed his intuition, so maybe she forgave him and we should too lolz…..
      Funny thing abt this show is that Raju is the hero but gets treated as the villian and the villain gets to treated as the hero hehehehe.

      1. You are right.

        His character has changed alot. Only one thing has not changed in him is his possessive nature…. be it with his sister, mother and now wife…. he loves them ALOT….

  9. Nikita Sharma

    after this episode once again i fell in love with jatin and really what a unexpected episode

  10. I am wondering how will they manage with the next track????

    With just Raju N Garima in model town….. Heehee…

    First Rambhateri went in coma
    Then Nandu left
    Rashmi left
    Rajni, Anjali & Nani are invisible
    Model town k log bhi gayab hai….
    Indu to Sunny ke darr se bhag Gaye…
    Now Sunny will be gone soon….

    To bacha KAUN?????


    1. Plus Garima is a heart patient…. Heehee…

      Lagta hai Raju has to shift to another place…. haha

      1. Jane Kya Hoga Rama Re????

      2. Model town citizens has found a portal and through it they have disappeared into alternate dimensions lolzzz 😛

  11. Btw, what happened to the person locked in the room in sunny’s house?

    1. I mean first they tried to hint us Nandu-Sunny track then they have us hint on Raju~Sunny and they shifted back to the previous….. so it’s pretty unpredictable as of now….

      Maybe they will keep the door closed only… Heehee…

      There was no clarification on these incidents
      1) Someone attempted to kill Jaggu
      2)Garima took 1lakh from someone just to take care of the household expenses.
      3) Nandu’s molestation.
      4) Rawal and Rambhateri’s connection.

      And now…. Darwaze k pichhe KAUN???? Heehee

  12. Ok fine, Nandu knows the truth now. But she better get the chance to hit him back hard enough to knock out a tooth or two. I hate that scene. The writers better get him back for it. SOON!!

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