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The Episode starts with everyone celebrating lohri and dancing around. Pratap asks Raju to come. Raju gives sweets to Nandu. Nandu does not take it. Rambhateri looks on. Raju thinks Nandu will be out of model town and will find life. Raval comes there. Jaggu sees him and greets him. He says you here, you should have not come here. Raval says I don’t follow others. Raju says this is common with me and Raval, my law and my justice.

Bittoo takes video and asks them to smile. Nandu sees Raju with Raval. She recalls having heard their conversation. Dipika and Chanchal go to Nandu and ask what happened. Nandu says Raju is Raval’s puppet. Komal looks on shocked. Nandu says Raju is vacating model town for Raval. He is our real enemy. Komal thinks how did Nandu know about Raval. Nandu

says I will not celebrate lohri if Raval is here. Dipika stops her. Nandu says yes, I won’t go, he will go. She goes and Rambhateri stops her. Nandu says I m going to do right. Rambhateri says yes, but time can be wrong. Chanchal says Nandu has seen Raval so she got angry. Dipika says Nandu is saying Raju works for Raval. Rambhateri says Nandu’s anger is justified, but don’t burn model town happiness, everyone has come here to celebrate lohri, not to see fights. Nandu goes. Rambhateri does not see Raval, as there are people in between. She then sees him and thinks I m seen him somewhere. She finds him familiar.

Nandu talks to Anjali and says Raval is root of all this. Anjali asks her not to spoil mood. Jaggu tells Komal that Raval is in news. Komal says Nandu knows about Raval, its good Rambhateri stopped her. Jaggu says if Rambhateri identifies Raval, she will catch him. Komal says you are right, I think Raval should leave soon. She goes. Jaggu laughs and goes to do something. Everyone take rounds around lohri. Pratap and Mishra tell about sugar cane break ritual, and asks everyone to get friendly, get anger out on sugarcane. They break the sugarcane and everyone clap. A lady asks Nandu and Rambhateri to do this ritual.

Rambhateri asks Nandu to come. She asks her not to be annoyed and break this sugarcane. They end their fight and break the sugarcane. Everyone clap. Nandu hugs Rambhateri. Raval looks on. Rambhateri says the bitter fight is between Raju and Nandu, which is necessary to end. Raju says no ritual can end this fight. Nandu and Raju argue. Chanchal gives them sugarcanes. Rambhateri and everyone ask them to do this ritual. Nandu breaks the sugarcane by her leg and says I have to break your pride like this and then turn it in ashes.

Raju eats the sugarcane and says its bitter, I think you passed by this field. They argue. Nandu says I will ruin you and goes. Raju looks on, and says I find sweetness in bitterness too. He goes. Raval looks at Pratap.

Raju wears the mask and goes to Nandu. He shows his face as she screams. He asks did you get scared. She says I will beat you. He flirts with her. She pushes him. He falls over Komal and goes. Pratap says this time on lohri will be dance competition, the winning team will be one who dances till last. They all start dancing. Raju dances with Komal. Nandu falls on Raju. They dance on Afghan jalebi…. Rambhateri looks at Raval. Everyone get tired and stop. Raju and Nandu continue dancing. Bittoo records everything. Nandu coughs. Raju pushes her and she stops dancing. Raju continues dancing and wins. Everyone clap for him.

Nandu sits coughing. Raju asks did you get tired of dancing infront of me, I m also tired of making you lose, take this water, have this. She taunts him and throws water on his face. Rambhateri looks on.

Someone drags Nandu and misbehaves with her. Raju’s voice party just started plays. Nandu screams asking Raju to leave her. Everyone get shocked seeing Nandu’s state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OH NO. I’m curious about the precap. Want to kick Raval & Pratap. Seriously….

  2. raju always cheats
    looking forward for new promo when nandu slaps raju

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