Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rambhateri near her win in arm wrestling with Raju. Raju tries hard to win and brings Rambhateri’s hand towards the diya. Rambhateri too tries hard and its just 10 sec towards end. They both do not lose. Rambhateri’s hand wound bleed a little. Nandu says I hope Raju understood someone solid is against him. Raju sees the blood on his hand by Rambhateri’s wound and accepts his defeat. He says I have lost in this match and leaves. Nandu asks Rambhateri to announce that Ram leela will happen. Rambhateri says this arm wrestling did not happen to decide future of model town, its just to show Raju that even we have power.

Nandu says but it was the bet that winner will decide. Rambhateri says everyone has to be part of Ram leela by heart, not by force. She

asks them to keep elections and decide whether they want to stay in model town or leave it. They all smile. Rambhateri says model town residents will choose the future themselves. Nandu hugs her. Everyone clap. Komal fools Jaggu and talks to Raval. She says Jaggu helped us a lot and you value him. Jaggu hears her and gets fooled. She smiles and leaves.

Its night, Raju asks Dheeraj to set everything. Pratap clicks pics of the ballot box. Raju says we have to win before results, we will put votes from model town. Raval comes to meet Raju. Raval asks him is he in love with model town. What is this arm wrestling competition and now these elections? Raju asks him to sit, and asks him will he stand by his cook, stop interfering. Raval says don’t explain me, you don’t get model town vacated now. Raju says you are doubtful today and starts leaving.

Raval stops him and says I did not mean it. Raju says learn to have patience if you want to work with me. Raval says fine, lets see elections. Raju shows attitude and says he will do work in his style. He leaves. Raval looks on.

Its morning, Raju stands head down. He sees his mother wearing a damaged slipper. He gets angry and kicks a chair. His mother prays to Ram ji and he looks on. She calls him. he gets glad and runs to her. She says you left the form at home, take this back, Dev has signed on it. She burns the papers and gives him. He cries. She leaves.

Nandu stops her and asks her to give her vote. Raju’s mum says I will come, Raju has to lose. She leaves. Nandu sees Raju and says aunty announced result already. She takes papers ash and does tilak to Raju, saying Jai model town. Raju says Rambhateri has hit on her own foot by keeping elections. Nandu asks him to let elections be fair, aunty will come to vote even when its tough for her, she thinks it will be justice, whatever you do with your world, you are not bad to your mum, think of it.

Pratap and Dheeraj show the ballot box pics to Jaggu, and asks him to make similar pics. Raju comes to them and hears their plan to change the votes. Raju says we won’t cheat, its cancel, elections will be fair this time. They laugh and ask what is Raju saying. Raju says we have to test our proposal and fear in them, there won’t be any cheat from our side.

Raval tells Komal that Raju wants to have fair elections. Komal pacifies him and says elections will be like we win. She brings the similar ballot boxes. Raval says great. Komal says I will need Jaggu for this, I can’t trust Raju now. She says we need Jaggu and its better to keep him with us.

Raju and Nandu announce the elections, and Raju flirts with her. Nandu says Raju knows he will lose, and see even then he is doing this. Raju says Nandu wants to count by what number she loses, vote for Raval. Nandu asks for one chance to do Ram leela. Rambhateri looks on. The compaign for Raval vs Ram leela starts. The people give their votes. Nandu tells Rambhateri that she is going on duty and will come in some times. She asks her to wait for Raju’s mum.

Everyone give their votes. Komal and Jaggu look on. Jaggu brings the fake ballot box with all votes to Raval. He swaps the boxes. Komal stops Nandu and talks to her. She says I think we should start counting. Nandu says I will get Garima aunty, and goes. Raju’s mum Garima is on the way and takes leave. She says I m coming Nandu, you don’t come. She could not board the bus and falls down on the road. Nandu comes there and gets shocked seeing her.

Rashmi and Rajni get informed and run. Raju sees them and runs after them. He gets shocked seeing his mum in hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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