Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nani and Anjali coming home. Anjali says it was prank call, I felt so embarrassed, why did we go there. Nandu will be angry. Nani says but you did the call, no need to tell Nandu. They hear Nandu screaming and rush to her. Raju says party started. Rambhateri hears Nandu and rushes. Nandu is normal with no color on her. Anjali asks what happened, there is nothing. Nandu sees everything fine at home and recalls what all she has seen. Everyone come home. Rambhateri moves Nandu and asks what happened. Nandu tells her that when she came home…. She tells everything to them. Rambhateri hugs her and calms her. She asks everyone to make Nandu happy. Chanchal says we will celebrate lohri tomorrow.

Raval says it will be last festival tomorrow in model town. Pratap

says if Rambhateri is there, they will celebrate holi too after 2 months. Raju says no, Raval’s Krishna leela will be going on there. Pratap says it would be possible if you allowed me to arrest Nandu. Raju says I know laws, the one who can’t get justice need laws, I don’t have this problem, about Nandu, she will be punished in Raju’s style, party just started. He goes. Raval throws money to Pratap and says Raju is our friend, and its our duty, we should get Nandu punished on this good time. Pratap asks how. Raval shows recording. He says I will also come tomorrow to ignite another fire in lohri fire, like Raju said.

Its morning, Pratap plays dhol and sings for lohri. Nandu is sleeping and Raju scares her. Nandu screams and Nani says there is no one here. Pratap says model town is colorful. Chanchal says we came here to keep lohri items. Pratap asks them to keep. Nani says take Nandu along. Nandu says I m fine. Chanchal asks Anjali and Nandu to come.

Raju flies kites and cuts Rambhateri’s kites. He asks Rambhateri will she fly more. She says I did much favor on you, now your kite is gone. Raju says you lose to do favors and jokes on her. Mishra says I m seeing woman flying kite for the first time. Dipika says Nandu would have failed your team. Raju says then call her. Rambhateri says Nandu is unwell. He asks how, she makes others unwell, weather is bad. The kite competition continues. Raju bends to get threads, and Rambhateri blesses him.

She flies the kite and loses again to Raju. She smiles. Raju asks her to leave now. She says I won by losing. Rama ho…………plays…………. She smiles and goes. He says this is good to satisfy your heart. Anjali brings Nandu there. Chanchal and Dipika ask Nandu to show her jalwa. Raju asks is she ready to lose. Nandu says ask yourself. Raju says I wish I could know to lose. Nandu flies kite. Raju pushes her and she scolds him. Bittoo comes to take money and brings the mask. Nandu sees the mask and gets shocked. Raju smiles. Nandu loses. Raju taunts her asking her to do household work.

Nani screams. They all rush to see. They scream seeing a snake. Pratap beats the snake. Nandu goes to beat it and sees the fake snake. Raju has the fake snakes and tells Mishra that its fake. Nandu comes and shows the recording of snake sounds. Nadnu says you are scaring me, I understand it now. She says you are trying to scare me with these toys. He asks her to leave model town, else she will get heart attack, as this fear will get more, party just started.

Pratap says we will keep dance competition in lohri as every year. Raju and Nandu dance. Nandu tells everyone that Raju is vacating model town on Raval’s saying. Jaggu makes Rambhateri hear about Raval, that he has come in model town. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pratap ko bada khujli ho rahi hai Nandu ko arrest karne. Jab Raju bol raha hai ki usse apne tarah se Nandu ko punish kare toh let him do na. And eagerly waiting for their dance…

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    What’s going on???
    Yeh ram-leela se track kahan se kahan chala gya, i m confused…..

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