Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nani packing Nandu’s bag. She says you are going to your inlaws. Nandu tells her that I don’t believe this marriage, I don’t want to be with Raju. Nani explains her that Nandu will make relation with Raju with time. She asks her to stay in her inlaws house, as I have informed Garima. She hugs Nandu. Nandu goes out and recalls Rambhateri and Raju. He sits near Ram idol and says Rambhateri you did wrong with me… she turns and sees someone with hood. She gets shocked and screams. She sees that person disappeared.

She goes there and sees that person again. She screams and runs. Raju comes there and she hugs Raju. She tells Raju that there is someone there. Raju says maybe you are thinking. Nandu says there… behind the tree. Raju says come with me, we will

see. He shows the temple and tree. He says its nothing there, lets go home, come. The man goes from behind them. Raju stops and turns to see. He thinks was Nandu saying truth and goes.

Nandu takes her bag and recalls everyone’s words. She goes to Garima’s house and Rashmi welcomes her. Nandu says Nani told me. Rashmi says we knew you are coming, and calls Garima. Garima does Nandu’s grahpravesh, calling her Laxmi of house. She does Nandu’s aarti and hugs her. Rashmi teases Nandu and closes her eyes. Raju waits for Nandu. Rashmi brings Nandu there. Nandu and Raju see each other. Rashmi asks them to smile, they are husband and wife now. Raju says if I knew Nandu is coming, I would have decorated room. Rajni says I think we should leave now, nek is due, don’t waste time to decorate room now. Rajni and Rashmi laugh and leave.

Raju thanks Nandu for accepting marriage. Nand u says I agreed to become bahu of this house, just for Garima, don’t be mistaken to think I m your wife. Someone looks inside the house.

Raju asks Nandu why is she not saying straight. He says you are in my room, will you stay here as neighbor. She says yes, I will not sleep on same bed. He says fine, I like to sleep alone and occupies the bed. He asks her to sleep in any corner. She says so you mean I should sleep on ground, fine. Nandu sleeps on the ground. He throws blanket and says welcome. Raju throws fake cockroach. Nandu sees it and screams. She jumps on the bed. She sees Raju sleeping and sleeps there itself. Raju smiles. He acts like sleeping and puts his hand over her. She looks at him. music plays……………….

She moves his hand away. He starts snoring loud. She gets disturbed and wakes him up. She asks him to stop snoring. He asks shall I change my sleeping style. She says this is my room too, and plays tv. Raju gets up and asks what happened, you said you will not sleep on bed and you came on bed, sleep here, I will go. She thanks him and says do this daily. She sees the fake cockroach and gets angry on Raju.

Raju goes out and says I have to sleep in gym today. He turns and sees that hood wearing person. He gets shocked and shouts stop there. The person runs. Raju runs to catch that person and comes near Indu’s flat. He thinks maybe that person entered Indu’s house, shall I ask her. He rings the bell. Indu asks Raju what happened, is your Maa fine. Raju says yes, a man is roaming here, did you see. She says no. He says I have seen him, be alert, shut doors and windows, call me if there is anything. She holds him and asks him to take care of his Maa. He goes. Indu smiles.

Indu does shayari and stares Garima holding the knife. Garima gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so sweet episode
    indu will create some problems

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice nok jhok b/w raju and nandu…

  3. I like this episode very much I am fan of raju & nandu’s acting

  4. thats good nandu moved into raju’s family.
    I hope to see many more funny moments between them. the fake cockroach scene was funny.
    Guys, who do you think the person in the hood is?

    1. I think it’s Indu

      1. If its Indu, then she may be a psycho killer ?.

  5. Nice episode.. Nandu and raju scenes were cute..

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