Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju saying Nandu will know how respect is ruined. He whistles and calls some goons in model town. They come with hockey sticks. He signs them to beat him. He throws a stone at Nandu’s room. The men cover Raju and beat him up. Nandu comes out and sees men beating someone. Rambhateri hears the sound and thinks what happened to power switch. She goes out to see, and a man uses chloroform to faint her.

Nandu rushes down and the goons run away. Pratap looks on. Nandu gets shocked seeing Raju wounded. She asks what happened, who did this. Raju says no one, be quiet, did anyone see, I m fine, you go. She asks him to come to hospital. He says model town got peace now, if anyone sees this, they will be scared, don’t tell anyone. Pratap gets worried. Raju says

I will go away from model town for few days and gets dizzy. Nandu holds him. Pratap goes and calls Raval. Nandu asks Raju to come with her to her home and promises no one will know anything.

Raju signs someone. Nandu sees the men’s shadows and takes Raju fast. Pratap calls Raval and asks him did he do this, why did you attack Raju. Raval asks what. Pratap says no one else can do this, I can;lt support you in this. Raval asks are you drunk, I don’t backstab. Pratap says you are right, but…. Raval ends call. Chanchal hears everything. Pratap geats shocked seeing her. He lies to her. She says I heard you, you joined hands with enemy. He raises hand and says you did not hear anything, understood. She worries.

Nandu makes Raju rest. He says so these days have come to get cared by you. She says you have forgiven me, that’s why I m caring. She applies ointment. He screams. She asks him to be silent. He says it hurts. She says I did not know Raju gets hurt too. He says if anyone applies medicine with love, then it will hurt. He flirts with her and sleeps. He looks out of the window and sees those men. She gets scared. She goes to Raju and looks at him. she tells Raju to sleep on bed, he can’t sleep on sofa. He says I can’t get up. She says I will help. Bairi piya…………plays……….She lies to Nani and something falls. She asks Nani to sleep, and makes Raju lie on the bed. Nandu asks who were those men. Raju says you blamed me that I want to vacate model town, it was true, but now I m with you and model town, so they got angry. She holds his hand and says who will let you face them alone now. Bairi piya……….plays………. they look at each other.

Raval tries calling Raju, and says why is he not answering. He asks his men to reach model town, did they find Raju. The man says there is no one here. Raval says check the gym. The man sees Rambhateri there and says there is no one, a woman is lying unconscious here. Raval says Rambhateri, what is happening in model town. Nandu sits by Raju’s side.

Its morning, Nandu wakes up as Nani knocks the door. Raju asks why did Nani come. Nandu says as she is Nani and comes daily. Raju asks Nandu not to open door, we both are unmarried, door is shut. Nandu says you are more scared than me. Raju says I will lose name and there will be problem in my marriage, don’t go. Nandu goes and opens the door. Nani asks why did you take so much time, its late, what is inside. Nandu says nothing. Nani says move, and gets shocked. Nandu gets tensed. Nandi asks did you sleep wrong way again, and sees her pillow kept at bed’s foot. Nandu says I was tired. Nani says fine, come Pratap has come. Raju waves bye to Nandu, as he has hidden behind the sofa. She asks him to go, and shuts door.

Pratap asks Nandu do you know about Raju. Nandu says how would I know, I don’t know. Pratap says Raju is missing, Rambhateri is unconscious there. Nandu asks what, she is unconscious. They all run to see Rambhateri. Pratap looks on. Raval talks to Raju and says I heard someone attacked on you last night. Raju says yes, you know everything. Raval asks how are you. Raju says I m fine, I did attack on myself. Raval gets shocked. Raju says I made this plan to enter Nandu’s house, I slept on her bad and have to enter her heart, she does not know Raju does not change, and just takes revenge.

Rambhateri says someone is between us who is doing this, if anything happens to Raju, I will not leave them. Pratap worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raju is playing dirty tricks and mind games…I hope Nandu doesn’t fall for it.

  2. Oooooooooo….. What a episode. Raju part was funny. HAHAHA…

  3. nice epidode

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