Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Raju celebrating Diwali. Everyone is happy and burn crackers. He decorates the home and hears a sound. He goes and sees his mum picking aarti plate. His sad says he does not wish to do aarti. His mum argues. Raju looks at them and gets sad. He lights a matchstick and says happy diwali. His mum does aarti. Raju gets sad and stays outside.

Nandu and Rambhateri come in model town. Rambhateri smiles seeing the place. She sees the old tree and thinks she has come back to her roots, she was helpless and this tree became her support. FB shows when she was running with her child and was helpless, this tree saved her. A man sees her. She thinks she did not know Devlok was seeing her. She gets emotional.

She recalls how the man placed a foundation here and

prayes. She smiles seeing the place. Jaggu calls someone and describes Rambhateri. He says don’t know from where Nandu got this women, she is checking the society now. Rambhateri recalls how she has built this society with her Guru ji and Kaka. Jaggu asks what, to ignite fire here, it will be much when everyone is ready to sell house. Raju comes to him. Jaggu ends call. Raju warns him not to sell his house else he will not leave him.

Rambhateri sees him and says she is new here. Raju asks Rambhateri to park her car somewhere else. She throws the news and asks him to park. He throws key back and Nandu holds it. Raju wishes her happy diwali and says he missed her and thought she is gone. Raju asks her from which jungle did she get this woman. Nandu says this woman was needed to deal with you. Raju gives a flying kiss to Nandu and Nanu shoots at it.

Rambhateri sees the Raavan model moving, and says it can’t move by air. Jaggu moves the model by remote. He ignites fire there. Nandu sees it and says fire. Nandu asks them to get water. Rambhateri tries to blow off fire. Everyone bring water and throw on fire. Raju asks Nandu to take Rambhateri inside. Nandu asks Rambhateri to come inside. She locks her inside. Rambhateri asks her to open door. She sees Nandu by balcony. Nandu coughs by smoke. Nani tells Rambhateri that Nandu has problem with smoke. Jaggu says I told everyone staying here is not right, many dangers are coming. He spreads fear in everyone. Rambhateri asks Nandu to open the door.

Billu takes water and throws on fire. He gets caught there. Kishore asks Komal about Billu and goes home to check. Nandu sees Billu and gets in fire to save him. Raju sees Nandu falling down. She gets unconscious. Billu tries to wake her up. Raju lifts Nandu and Billu and bring them out. Kishore takes Billu from him. Raju takes Nandu to home and makes her lie. Bairi piya………. Plays……… Everyone blow off the fire.

Its morning, Nandu wakes up and coughs. She sees Raju. Raju jokes that he gave her artificial respiration to give her breath. She gets shocked. He asks her to ask the witness. Nandu hugs Nani. Nandu scolds Raju. Rambhateri asks Raju to come with them. Nandu goes out. Rambhateri sees a man coming in model town and kissing his GF’s hand. His wife asks him who was that girl. He lies that she was his work colleague. They both argue. Nandu says see this model town diwali, this place is cursed. Rambhateri says you told wrong, this place is not cursed. Nandu looks at her.

Jaggu says he did not let Raavan go, he has ignited fire in diwali. Raju hears everything, and throws pipe to take the phone. He asks the man who is he.

Update Credit to: Amena

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