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The Episode starts with Nani crying and requesting Kishore to see Anjali. Kishore says Nandu and Anjali ruined my respect, you feel this relation can be saved now, are you blind or dead. Nandu comes and scolds Kishore for talking badly with Nani. Anjali asks Nandu not to say so to dad. Nandu says our dad is dead and asks Kishore to leave, he is not related to them. Kishore leaves angrily. Nani cries and says Nandu you are my real disease, you will kill me. Nandu says she is her medicine too and hugs Nani. She asks Nani does she want to make Anjali stay in bad marriage, like mum. She convinces Nani.

Its morning, Raju sees a danger board near Raavan model and asks why did municipality not take this, its my sister’s marriage. He asks Gupta to cover this Raavan and make tents. Gupta

says fone. Raju asks is his hand aching. Gupta says no. Raju announces about Rashmi’s marriage. Bittoo scares a man. A man tells Raju about 5 lakhs deal to solve the fake case on his client, he has to withdraw the case. The man shows Nandu’s pic. Raju looks at the pic and smiles.

Raavan is not moving. Nandu sees Billu sitting on her bike and asks him to go. She goes to Billu and he gets down the bike. The bike falls on Billu and he gets hurt. Nandu rushes to Billu and says sorry, call doctor. Raju asks Kishore is Nandu really his daughter, she is out of your control and you are needing my help. Nandu calls out help and sees Komal’s house shut. She takes Billu to her home and does his aid. She asks Anjali to call doctor.

Kishore says I m proud of my son. He gets a call and says what, when did this happen. Nani tells him about Billu. Nandu takes care of Billu and feeds him. Kishore comes and hugs Billu. He kisses Billu and loves him. Nandu and Anjali look on. Nandu asks did he not learn to raise kids. Kishore says if I get time, I will take training from you, I love my son, don’t give him training to make him like you, and leaves with his son. Nandu gets angry and punches the bad recalling how Kishore left her mum and them.

Raju sees Nandu angry and calls her. He calls her and flirts with her. She beats the punching bad more. He whistles and gives her a flying kiss. She signs to shoot. She leaves for her duty. Raju calls police in model town. The inspector goes to Nani and Anjali. He says he has come to ask about her FIR against inlaws. Raju and Mishra ask Nani and Anjali not to worry, they are here. The inspector asks Anjali did her inlaws torture her. Raju says just say if there is any proof, medical reports of bone breaking. Anjali and Nani worry. Nani says they were not bad people. Anjali says I was mentally tortured, they made me cook and work as maid. Raju says every woman cooks at home, inspector wants to arrest Anjali for fake suicide. Nani says who will save Anjali now. Raju says Nandu will leave job also. Anjali asks Raju to save her, she does not want to go jail. Raju says I will manage, write statement that you are withdrawing your case against inlaws. Nani asks Anjali to do as he says. Anjali writes the statement and takes her case back. Raju says she will not fo to jail now. Raju gives the statement to Kishore. Kishore is glad and says he heard less about him, he respects him more. He gives him money. Raju says you are in bad father category and scolds him.

Kishore asks what does he mean. Raju slaps Kishore and asks him to leave. Kishore leaves. Raju talks to his friends and smiles saying how he fooled Anjali. Raju comes to Rashmi and helps her. He sees her mehendi and gets emotional. He says he got money and she refuses to take, as she does not need, money is not everything in life. He says mum works in other’s house for money. They cry. He gives her money. Nandu comes and takes the money. She says you got money by making Anjali withdraw case. Raju argues. Nandu scolds him.

Gupta calls Raju. Raju’s mum says Raju’s parents are alive, we will decide, not Raju. She scolds Gupta and says she booked the tent, she will do arrangements by hardearned money. Raju feels sad. Nandu asks Raju to understand what is right and wrong, your mum does not want your help, as this is bad money, your mum and Rashmi will not need it. She taunts Raju and asks him to use this money for his habits. She says Raavanb made gold lanka, and finally his lanka burnt. He raises hand and she stops him. She leaves. Raju gets angry.

Laxmi tells Nandu that dad will not come in sangeet, if Raju does not come. Nandu goes to call Raju in sangeet, and threatens him about informing his mum about Gupta arrangements.

Update Credit to: Amena

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