Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri dreaming how Raghu got kidnapped. She wakes up and says Raghu. She sees Raju sleeping and recalls his words. She sits by his side and cries. She ties cloth to his wound. He wakes up and asks why is he removing the cloth. He says wound should be there till the score is settled, it was my birthday, and today I will bring storm in Nandu’s life. She worries.

Raju goes and makes Nandu’s phone fall. She gets angry and asks him to collide with any truck. She says I have to make him out of model town. She takes her phone. Raju comes back and taunts him. Bittoo spoils her uniform. Nandu asks can’t she see. Bittoo says I was seeing my icecream. Nandu says everyone is acting blind today. The ladies talk about Raju and Nandu’s fights, and is good lohri

is not happening today, and says she can’t make her bahu Chanchal lose in dance competition. Chanchal says we will celebrate lohri. Dipika asks how. They all wonder.

Nandu cleans her uniform and comes out. Dipika and Chanchal talk to Nandu about lohri. Nandu says I will not celebrate till Raju is here. Dipika asks whats this, does this mean Raju is so imp. Nandu says yes, done we will celebrate Lohri, why should I give importance to Raju. They say they will do all arrangements. Nandu leaves for her duty.

Nani gets a call and gets shocked. She asks when did this happen and shouts Anjali. She says we are coming and tells Anjali about Sandeep’s accident, he is admitted in hospital, he is serious. Anjali says God bless him, relax, don’t worry about him, he is giving me divorce. Nani scolds her and says he is still your husband, no need to talk to Nandu, Sandeep wants to meet you, and takes her. Raju looks on and says party just started Nandu.

Its night, Nandu comes home and finds her house locked. She says how can this happen and rings bell. She gets electric shock and screams. Raju opens the door, being inside the house. Nandu goes inside and sees lights fluctuating. She shouts Nani and gets scared. She says its weird, where did they go, my phone broke that’s why they did not inform me. She finds landline not working. It suddenly starts ringing. She receives the call and answers. Nandu goes and changes clothes. She hears some sound and checks everywhere. She asks who is there and sees a joker. She screams and shouts Nani and Anjali. She asks who is there, and screams seeing red color on her face. She goes to wash face and screams seeing red color water. She faints by the shock. Raju rests by her side and says party just started. He asks will you not make me leave from model town now, get up, I will kick you out of model town first, I will vacate model town.

Everyone rush to see Nandu seeing her screaming. Nandu checks her face. Raju made her face cleaned and she appears normal. Nandu is in shock. Raju says party just started and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just thinking that how extreme can Raju go to get revenge from Nandu. Poor Nandu. I wish Raju realize his mistake soon… Till then we have to wait…

    Thank you for giving us updates..

  2. nice episode
    poor nandu
    why can’t rambhateri tell the truth to raju ?

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