Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju getting angry and recalling Raval’s words. He thinks of his family and worries. Raval’s men come there and give the box to Raju. Raju asks whats this and checks the bombs. Raval calls Raju and says I m doing this for you, Garima is unwell, she is okay for now, I won’t let anything happen to her for 24 hours, then Maa will go to Ram ji. Raju asks Raval to leave them. Raval says I requested financers, they asked me to if we can trust Raju for so many months, can’t Raju trust us for one day. Raval asks him to sleep well and workout plan tomorrow, to save his family, insult Nandu and blast model town.

Its morning, Raju thinks of Raval’s words. Nandu comes to him and asks why is he standing here. Raju turns and says you are looking very beautiful.

She says she got ready for him. He says he is not suitable for her. She thinks this time he is acting very well like me. She asks him to come for rehearsals. He asks her to go. She thinks she will remove his mask from his face.

Ram and Nandu say the lines. Mishra checks the lines. Raju looks at Nandu. Music plays…………… They both have an eyelock. A boy shouts bomb. Raju gets shocked and turns to see. Bittoo and kids burst crackers bomb. Raju gets tensed. Nandu looks at him. Dipika says we have Ram ji’s blessings, flowers will shower here, bomb won’t explode. Raju asks Nandu to continue rehearsals and leaves. Nandu thinks there is something going on in Raju’s mind, what can it be.

Raju goes and checks the bombs. He recalls Raval’s words. He hears some footsteps. Someone wearing animals costume comes there. Raju gets the man’s call. The man says we have come here, where are you. Raju turns and sees those masked men. Its Mishra, who says maybe Raju is giving some surprise, whats in this box, is this for Nandu or everyone. Raju says right, its surprise, you will see it when I fix it. Mishra says I m sure, you will do something for entire model town, you became Ram for model town. Raju gets thinking. He gets sad. He gets the man’s call again. The man asks where are you, we have to start fixing bombs. Raju gets sad and looks at the box.

Nandu hears about surprise and thinks I m sure it will be bad surprise for me, but what will it be. Raju goes and that man asks about more boxes. The man warns Raju and asks him to think of his mother and sisters, whose lives are in danger right now. Raju worries and nods.

Raju goes to Nandu. She asks shall we do rehearsals. Raju turns away. She thinks get ready, everyone will see the Raavan inside you very soon, model town will kick you out. Raju thinks everything will be over tomorrow. Nandu thinks why am I sad doing this, I can’t fall weak. He thinks I won’t have pity on anyone, my family is the most important for me. She thinks be prepared to leave from model town and get separated from me and everyone. He thinks I m ready. She thinks I m seeing you for the last time. He dresses as Ram ji and looks at her. He promises they will meet on heaven, he has feelings for her now. He recalls her love confession and gets teary eyed. Bairi Piya………………plays…………. They have an eyelock.

Voiceover: Will Raju choose between his family, Nandu or model town?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg..

    now wht will happen!!!

  2. Very emotional

  3. Last scene made my eyes in tears. ? Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode.

  4. Please post upcoming spoiler

  5. Do any of you know where I can watch the episode because it’s not anywhere online and where I live hotstar doesn’t work so I can’t watch it there.
    Pleaseeeeee help if you have any idea where I can watch I dying to see the episode

    1. If online not working, then go to tvmaza.in . You can download the episode but sometimes they don’t upload the episode so I watch on hotstar. And now you can also download on hotstar using offline feature.

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