Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pratap arresting Nandu for attempting to kill Raju. He says I m witness myself. Raju stops him and says no arrest. Nandu looks at him. Pratap says if this arrow has hit your chest instead hand then that. Nandu says I regret that. Raju asks Pratap to stop. Pratap says we will stop Ram leela by putting Nandu in jail. Raju says law will not punish Nandu. He gets the same arrow and cleans it saying I have never followed laws, Nandu will get such punishment by me that Pratap’s law will be proud of. Nandu asks Raju to be ready too.

She says I will get you punished Raju, you have your lie with you, and I have my truth with me. She challenges him. Raju says so you thought of it. Rashmi looks on. Pratap leaves. Raju warns Nandu. Nandu also warns him back and says

you are much dangerous than you looked, I could not prove it, but I know your truth. Raju says now be ready to pay for what you did, no one dared to do such thing. Nandu says I dared to kill you. Raju says I have to break this courage publicly, you will be ashamed of it. Nandu asks him to show what he wants. He says what I do now, entire model town will see now. Everyone look on.

He goes to the gym and rests. His hand aches and Rambhateri looks on. Raju says I can’t even sleep peacefully. She gives him some medicines. He says its fine, pain is less. She insists. He asks her not to ache his head. She says have it, else I will stand here only, I have a mum’s heart. I m doing this with mum’s love, take this. Raju takes the medicine and she laughs. She asks him to get friendly with Nandu. He asks her to stop it, now Nandu has to keep rivalry with Raju, she insulted me publicly, I will insult her and see her courage. She gives him medicine again. He says I just had it.

She says you did not eat it, I have seen you. He gets angry and asks her why is she becoming his mom, did she not have any son that she got after him. She recalls her son Raghu. He asks her to adopt a son and leave him. she asks him to leave him, as its birthday today, 13th January. She gets stunned and asks 13th January. He says yes, its my mistake that I was born. He leaves. She says how did I forget this day, I did not miss my son today. She recalls how Raghu was kidnapped while they were playing. Raval and Jaggu kidnapped Raghu. She ran after the van and fell down. She sees Raghu’s pic and cries.

She recalls him and keeps the pic. Nandu cries and recalls Rambhateri supporting Raju. Rambhateri comes to her and asks did your anger get less. Nandu says it was not anger, I wish, sit. Rambhateri asks her to talk, you did wrong. Nandu says no, just Raju is wrong, he is bringing problems between us, he can stop Ram leela, problem is just I can see this, you can’t see. Rambhateri says I can see. Nandu says Raju will always be wrong for me, I could not prove his truth, but I have seen and heard his truth.

Rambhateri says he will change. Nandu says no, he can’t change, you choose between him and me, as we both can’t be together in your heart. She says I understood your silence. Rambhateri says you stopped understanding me. She leaves. Nandu cries.

Rambhateri says Raju if Nandu is true and if Ram leela stops because of you, then… He says Nandu has sent you. She says Ram ji has sent me. He takes headphones and she stops him. He raises his hand and she holds his hand. She says I made you Ram, and he argues. She pulls hhim and his shirt gets torn. He gets angry and rests. She gets the same pic and says how did this pic come here. She checks her box and sees the same pic.

She asks Raju about the pic. Raju says its my pic, how did you get this. Rambhateri asks is this your pic, this woman… he keeps the pic and says she is my mum. She gets shocked and cries. He says I was 4-5 years old a nd got lost, since then she is missing. He says its 20 years now, she could not find me, people say she is my mum, and I say Garima is my mum. He burns the pic and says she died 20 years ago. Rambhateri cries seeing Raju. Rama ho…………..plays……….

Nandu asks whats happening, where did Nani and Anjali go. Nandu screams seeing red water and faints. Raju says I will make Nandu leave from model town.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god!!! Now Rambhateri will definitely try to change Raju. & I’m 100% sure that red water would be Raju’s prank.

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Rambhateri is acting like an idiot, jb se usko lgne laga hai ki raju unka beta hai tb se vo nandu (jo hmesha rambhateri) ki side pr rehti hai, aaj vo galt nazar aa rehi hai …
    Feeling bad for Nandu

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