Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri saying I have seen many times in Raju’s eyes, he loves you Nandu. Nandu says I have seen his truth with my eyes, promise me you won’t tell anyone. Rambhateri says fine. Nandu tells everything what she heard. Rambhateri is shocked. Nandu asks her to think and decide what she wants to believe, but I will follow truth and not agree if anyone tries to convince me. Raju says I will not leave Nandu, but I don’t need to kill anyone to kill her, keep this bomb for other things. Nandu says one blast will be for Raavan Daahan and other for Raju’s cheat.

Nani tells Rashmi that happiness came after a long time. She asks Garima to have sweets. Garima says yes, fate changed, we saw Raju and Nandu fighting. Nani says I did not dream to see Nandu as bride.

She cries and asks Nandu to have sweets. Nandu refuses. Nani says fine, I will eat it today.

Raju comes to model town and gets Raval’s call. Raju says I will think and tell the plan. Raval says business rules, you are deciding everything, what is guarantee, valuable thing is kept in guarantee, you have just two things, your mother and sister. Raju shouts Raval, don’t cross limits, I think you want to die by my hands. Raval says rules won’t change, you can lighten heart by shouting now. He ends call.

Raju goes to Nandu’s house and sees her and his family. He says Nandu looks better now. Nandu says you look same like before. He asks what do you mean. She says you understand it well. Nani says you both understand each other now. Garima says Raju, I have given bangles to Nandu. Raju sees Nandu wearing the bangles. Rashmi asks did he understand. Nani says I will tell him, your marriage is fixed. Raju gets shocked.

Raju leaves from there and Nandu goes to her room. Nani says they got shy and laughs. Raju goes to gym and gets tensed recalling Raval’s words. He thinks of Nandu’s love and explains himself to calm down. He puts water on his head. He says focus, vacate model town, take money, save family and leave. Nandu comes in the window and says Raju would be happy knowing about marriage, he would think he will have fun by insulting me, you played the game Raju, now see my plan, I will win.

Someone looks inside Raju’s house. Raju asks who is it and runs after him. The men flee away on the bike. Raju runs to catch them, and gets angry on Raval. Rashmi says I have to go to Chanchal. Raju asks them to go home, and be at home only, keep doors shut and don’t open door till I say. Garima asks whats the matter. Raju says I will tell you, go now. He sends them home. He says matter got worse, Maa and Rashmi will agree, but Nandu will not agree, her life is also in risk, but why am I worried for her, get Nandu out of mind, I have to do arrangements for tomorrow. He goes.

Its night, Raju comes to gym. Rambhateri sees him worried and asks are you fine. He says yes. She says if you are not fine, then make yourself fine, if your love for Nandu is fake then… he gets stunned. She says is this is true, then listen to me, wrong will happen with you. He asks did anyone say you anything. She says this time I will not bear if anyone hurts my daughter’s heart. He asks why are you scolding me. Rambhateri says you are not meeting my eyes, I m getting doubt on you. He asks till when to meet eyes. She asks do you love Nandu, tell me. He asks why are you asking me, you trusted that I love Nandu. She says you swear on your mother, do you love Nandu, tell me. He says no, definitely not. She gets shocked. He says I don’t love Nandu, you had to hear this right, are you happy now. He goes. She says yes, Nandu and Raju love each other a lot, its important to unite your souls, Ram ji help me.

Raju goes out and sees his house door open. He runs to see and does not find anyone. Rashmi calls Raju. He asks where are you, I told you not to go. She cries and says I don’t know where they are taking me, Maa and Rajni, they said we are guarantee of your work, and that work should be done. He shouts Rashmi.. and call ends. He calls Raval and scolds him. Raval says thanks Raju, financer’s called and I said we got guarantee, now they know Raju will do our work. Raju says you did wrong. Raval says you felt I m joking, its business, don’t worry about your family, they are like my family, think they are staying with their other son, work should be done, plan is made and it will be implied tomorrow. There will be crowd in Ramleela and model town will blast. He warns Raju and says this will happen tomorrow, continue love drama with Nandu, no one will know about it, some people will die. He ends call and smiles.

Raval threatens Raju about his family, and asks him to do the work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ab na Jane kya hoga Rama re!

  2. oh
    idiot raval now showing his real colors
    now raju will come to know who is good and and who is bad
    no scenes of raju and nandu today
    complete u turn now nandu will take revenge

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    So finally show will have some spark… but ab kya hoga?? Kya wakai raju modal town ne blast krega ???
    I hopee Nandu revenge le as raju ne to mazak banna diya hai nandu ke pyar ka..

  4. Hi… It’s decision time for Raju ! I understand Nandu’s reaction but just wanted to tell her “calm down Dear, you should be preocupied by the situation of model town rather than being preocupied by Revenge revenge revenge … Take a deep breath… Cool”
    Hope they will take a good path 😉

  5. I really like Raju and Rambhateri’s characters. The acting from these two is so good, I feel like it overshadows everyone else sometimes. I hope this drama has a good long run.

  6. this serial is getting daily a new twist ,getting more interesting
    but what will happen after raamleela?promo of new show has been started will it replace this show?very sad ,this show should long run

  7. plz update today’s episode… I’m waiting. Like Raju, I don’t have patience, man…

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