Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Raju telling Rashmi that this money is important. Rashmi asks him to go and convince his mum. Raju cries and says one day I will convince everyone, mum will call me her son, you forgot our childhood, remember my promise. Rashmi says no need. Raju asks her to hear her once. Nandu looks on. Raju tells Rashmi about their childhood and recalls. Rashmi, Nandu and Dev cry. Raju cries reminding Rashmi how she took care of him as her son.

Raju tells Kishore that his form did not come. Kishore says I m waiting for Komal. Nandu announces that no need to be afraid, we will not have any loss, our heart is saying that once this Ram bhakti starts, then Raavan will go. They all agree. Komal comes to model town. She asks Kishore whats the matter. Kishore asks her to sign

on Raval’s proposal form. Everyone look on. Komal smiles and says I think you took right decision to marry me. He says you also wanted this. She says yes, as we did not have any other option, now we have option of Ram leela. She refuses to sign and tears the papers. Raju gets shocked.

Komal asks Kishore to park the car and goes to join Rambhateri. She takes Rambhateri’s blessings and thanks her for saving model town. Jaggu and Nandu look on. Komal says Ram leela will end all problems. Pratap asks Dadi to sign on the papers and shows proposals of new house. His wife and Bittoo look on. He asks his mum to sign. She signs on the papers. He gets glad. His wife and Bittoo ask him. He says his mum signed and goes to give form.

He gives file to Raju. Dheeraj comes drunk. He says Dipika did not sign. Raju fumes. He says we will call everyone tomorrow, they will sign or I will force them. Its morning, Pratap and Dheeraj bring everyone out. Raju says I don’t know why did anyone not come to take advance and sign on forms, I will try to understand. The ambulance comes and they get Mishra.

Raju says this is Mishra, he did not understand my proposal, we will try to know his problem. He beatsMishra. Everyone look on. Raavan ka vaas hai…………plays…………. Raju threatens everyone and asks who has understood his proposal. The people get scared and agree. Mishra runs. Raju throws the stick at him. Rambhateri holds it. Nandu gets angry. Rambhateri stops her. Raju acts to apologize.

Rambhateri says just heart pains, body has just wounds, It does not matter. Raju asks her why does she interfere. Rambhateri argues and says I know the strength, you will understand strength when you test it on right thing. He asks what is your condition. She says I m your challenge. Nandu worries. Pratap laughs. Rambhateri asks Raju to arm wrestle with her. Raju smiles.

Komal says this match will decide whether woman is less than a man. Raju says I don’t show strength to any woman, but if any woman challenges me in open, I won’t bear it, I will keep a condition, the one who wins this match, model town will run according to him. Nandu says you mean you will run model town if you win. Raju says yes, if Rambhateri wins, she can decide. Rambhateri accepts the condition. Nandu says he is acting smart. Rambhateri says if I win, then it will be my wish, else yours. Raju smiles and they both sit to arm wrestle. Everyone look on as the match begins. Rambhateri pushes his hand down, and he tries to show strength. She smiles as his hand reaches the low level. He loses.

Raju says Rambhateri should not know my plan and gets Rambhateri arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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