Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Bittoo and her mum seeing Raavan’s heads idol and showing neighbors. The men see girls’ pics in mobile and man hides the pic seeing his wife. His wife does the puja. The man fools his wife and his friend laughs on him. Nandu gives sweets to the beggar and says this Raavan will be gone, I have done arrangements for second Raavan dahan. A car comes there and a little boy sees Raavan model. He goes to Nandu and holds her hand. Nandu asks is he afraid, don’t worry, the uncles will out that Raavan. A lady asks why did they not burn this Raavan. Nandu says it did not get burnt. The lady says strange. Nandu says it will be out today, and you… The lady says I m Komal and this is my son Billu, I m shifting here with my husband. The boy asks for a ride. Komal asks

him to go. Nandu asks how can she send Billu with a stranger. Komal says I know everyone here, you are Nandini. Nandu takes the boy for ride.

Bittoo sees police coming in model town. The inspector saks Raju for Raju Kaushik. Raju asks did he do anything. The inspector tells about blame on Raju, about misbehaving with a girl. Raju fools the inspector that Raju and Kaushik are two men. Nandu comes back and gives a balloon to Billu. The inspector asks other men. Raju and his friends joke on him, and ask inspector to go back with bribe. Bittoo comes to take selfie with inspector. She shows video of him getting bribed. He asks whats this, whose child is this. Bittoo asks for commission.

Raju likes the jeep and takes Bittoo to get her icecream. Raju asks Nandu when did she become mum, she gave healthy baby. She taunts him on his parents. Raju says I heard your father has run away and got remarried. She says men like to marry many times, and could not become good husband and wife. They start arguing, and she will tell her adopted child to become anything, but not like Raju. He says his name locket will sell soon, which her children will wear, they will idolize me. Bittoo says like you are my idol. Raju gets a call and asks Raval did the Raavan idol not fall, did he send men or patients.

Everyone try to get Raavan model outside and they fail. Raju comes there and holds Nandu as she falls. He flirts and she says she will tackle him, once she sends the Raavan. She pulls the rope. Raju looks on and tries to get the Raavan idol. Nandu’s Nani blames Raju and Nandu agrees. Nandu asks Raju to apologize to principal. Nani asks Nandu to apologize to Anjali’s mum in law. The van tries pulling Raavan by ropes and still fail. Raju says people are doing sins and earning, people made money their father, if I do same, I m seen bad, everyone is same.

A lady says I did not see anywhere where a father is teaching a daughter to be unfair and take commission from others, and a son who has ruined his father’s respect, I don’t wish to call Raju my son. She says Kalyug is back in model town, no one else. She says Raavan got his lanka here.

Raju says Maa did not understand her son, then what will she understand his words. Raju gets angry and takes the can in high speed. He breaks the house and others stop him. A man asks why is Raju breaking my house. Mishra says its dangerous to break this pole. Raju says I don’t care. He says he does not believe in Lord, then why will he believe Rakshaks. Nandu tries breaking the pole. Anjali asks Nandu to get down. Nandu says she won’t let this be here. Nani asks her to come. Nandu gets down and cries. Anjali and Nani hug Nandu.

Nandu sees her father coming and runs to stop the van. She argues with him. His father says he is shifting in this colony. She says she is not his daughter, he can’t shift here, go from here. Billu comes and calls him Papa. Nandu gets shocked and says Billu, this is your father, this man does not deserve to become anyone’s father. Her dad says he won’t bear this behavior, he has respect. She asks her dad Kishore, why did he come here. He says I felt you have grown up and understood life. she says you felt I will understand how you mistreated mum and your extra marital affair. She says you are still immature and senseless. She says same hatred too and breaks the mirror. He raises slap to slap her. Anjali comes there. Komal asks Kishore to go inside, she will talk to Nandu. He goes. Komal asks Nandini to break things if she wants. Nandu breaks the vases and cries. Raju breaks another one and winks to her.

He says your bad days have come, your missing father has come with your stepmum. Nandu says I won’t let this man stay here and Anjali takes her. Raju looks on and smiles.

Raju gets to know that his marriage is on Sunday. Anjali asks Nandu to go anything, she is stuck in her inlaws home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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