Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with police coming in model town. Indu looks on and says Sunny did all this, how he won’t come in anyone’s control. Sunny laughs at home. Indu says I can’t see anyone dying by his hands and not himself too. Garima and Nandu run to gym seeing police there. Nandu asks what are you doing. The inspector says Raju has blame to steal 25 lakhs worth diamond necklace. Raju comes and asks whats happening. Nandu says let them go their work. Inspector says I have search warrant, its matter of 25 lakhs.

Raju asks did you finish search, leave from here. The constable shows cash with a gun. They get shocked. Sunny comes and tries to explain inspector. Raju gets angry and asks inspector is he Sunny’s pet. Nandu says Raju, calm down, Sunny is talking in your favor. Raju

asks inspector to arrest him. Inspector gets angry and Sunny stops him. Inspector arrests Raju.

Nandu sits there and cries. Sunny stares at her and tries holding her. He thinks its just me and Nandu now. Nandu says Raju is trapped, I have to save him. She leaves.

Inspector asks Raju to admit that he has stolen necklace. Raju argues and gets beaten up. Inspector slaps and beats him. Constable says Raju got bail. Raju goes out and sees Nandu. Raju thanks her. Nandu asks him to thank Sunny, who always supports them in tough time. Sunny walks in there. Raju gets angry and says he did my bail. He tears the bail papers and says I reject this bail. He throws papers on Sunny’s face. Nandu says Sunny worked hard, listen… Raju says I can’t hear Sunny’s name by you. Raju asks Nandu to go home.

Sunny makes Raju angry by talking cheap. Raju comes home and Nandu argues with him over Sunny. Garima scolds Raju and says you are infront of us because of Sunny, he is doing favors on us, you have become our enemy. Raju cries and says Sunny is a cheater snake, trust me. Nandu says If you feel he is coming in between us, why would he do your bail. Garima scolds Raju.

Rashmi cries. Sunny calls her and says we love each other, then why are we crying, one day it will be proved that Raju is wrong and our love is true, please stop crying if you believe our love. She says I believe our love like I believe Lord. He says then its fine, come to me, we will celebrate our love tonight.

Garima tells Nandu that Rashmi is not in the room. Nandu gets shocked. Rashmi goes to Sunny and they marry at home, taking rounds around fire. Sunny smiles fooling her. He takes sindoor to fill in her maang. Sunny thinks now Raju will fall in my feet. Raju looks for Rashmi. Rashmi comes married to Sunny.

Rashmi says I have come for bidaai rasam. Raju says you married a devil, I will break your marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Interesting…. Let’s see what happens now.

    I think maybe next Monday/ Tuesday we will see new Nandu…

  2. Waiting for the next episode

  3. Rashmi is an idiot!!!how can someone be so foolish to come in the strangers words and get married.she trusted sunny more than raju.I hatu u rashmi!!

    1. Exactly. When Nandu blame Raju to be her molester then Rashmi trusted Raju. That time she believed that Raju was innocent n he was. But now, Rashmi trust that stranger Sunny. Yaar, Rashmi toh Nandu ko bahut saalon se jaanti hai tabhbhi uss time Rashmi ne Nandu ka believe nhi ki. Then aaj kya aisa hua ki wo Sunny, jisko jaane hue kuch hi din hue honge uske baaton pe believe kr rhi hai. Ye kaisa logic hai yaar…..

  4. Yes. She is an idiot.

    I think only Rambhateri can calm Raju now… Waiting for her comeback..

  5. Reshmi is just desperate to get married rt now 😛 I mean who falls in love so fast? hehe

  6. Rawal ki khwaish finally puri hui…. Pura Model Town khali ho gaya uss blast k baad… hehehe…..

    We can only see 2 families there…

  7. Rawal should have hired Sunny instead of Raju… model town bhi khali ho jata Aur Nandu bhi chali jaati…. hehehe…

    1. hehe you r correct 🙂
      I miss bitto kid too she was funny

      1. i think this show will end soon because they r letting go their actors and actresses

      2. They need to keep other characters also. Otherwise a time will come when we will miss MISHRA too…. heehee….

        In one of the episode that social worker said, they got complaints from Model Town residents….. Seriously….. where are they??? And who are they????

      3. I saw a news that Reshmi will be in a new show on Ztv. Maybe sunny will kill Reshmi after their wedding??

      4. this rashmi will going to be replaced by some another rashmi , some other character , i also saw it in some news

  8. You never know…. Maybe he will kill her or maybe she will be replaced by another actress…. or maybe Sunny will change….

    I only this daily Soap. Cos of Jatin Sharma. He is awesome….

  9. Missing those old jkhrr scenes. Seriously, rawal topic was more interesting then sunny one. N my inner gut is saying the this is going to be off air. But still I’ll watch this show.?

  10. Just saw the precap. Raju slapped Nandu.

    Very bad yaar

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