Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju running to Nandu. He gets shocked seeing the blood and recalls the lines he told in Ram leela. He holds her in arms and asks her to get up. A boy informs in model town that someone shot Nandu. Rambhateri is shocked and they all run to Nandu. Raju asks will anything happen to her and shouts Nandu. Rambhateri sees the bullet has hit the locket and fell down, Nandu just fainted, her head would have hit the rock. Raju lifts Nandu and takes her home.

Doctor treats Nandu. Garima comes there. Raju holds the locket. Doctor says now Nandu is out of danger. Raju and everyone get relieved. Raju asks will she get fine. Doctor says its good wound was not deep, I will leave now. Rambhateri says Ram ji had to struggle a lot, so that’s why in our Ramleela, there

are so many hurdles. She goes to Raju and says Nandu is hurt and your life is sinking, hold yourself, be strong. Garima says Nandu always falls in problem, its my mistake, she wanted to come with me, I refused and she fell in this problem. Garima gets dizzy and Rajni rushes to her. Seha sks whats happening to you, why are you not telling us about your health. Garima says nothing. Rajni says I will call Raju. Garima stops her and says no need to tell Raju. She gives the kada for Nandu and asks her not to say anyone about her.

Raju says whoever has done this with Nandu…. Rambhateri says leave that, think who saved her, if that locket was not there, bullet would have hit her. He says yes, I know you are saying right, she got saved because of locket. She says no, its because of Ram ji who is in you. He says then tell Ram ji. She asks what. He recalls Raval…. She asks what were you saying. He says now I have to do something. He sees Nandu and leaves from model town.

Garima prays and Rambhateri says see the flickering diya has calmed down now. Garima says yes, calmed diya gives more light. Rambhateri says yes, Nandu did the same with Raju, she has calmed Raju. Raju goes to meet Raval and takes a rod. Raval says hear me with cool mind. Raju says I would have heard you on phone, see what I do. He beats Raval. Raval gets a gun and aims at him, saying its enough of your tandav. Raju asks him to shoot. Raval says I m keeping gun to open your eyes, I don’t want to shoot you, you shoot me, remember you are doing this for Nandu whom you wanted to ruin and told me, why are you having different things in mind and heart, I trusted you and fell in problem, if anything happens to me, its because of you, you are taking Nandu’s name instead of saving me.

Rambhateri says Raju and Nandu will marry now. Nandu wakes up and says Raju.. Nani and Rambhateri ask are you fine. Nandu says Raju… Rambhateri says he is not here, he will come. Nandu recalls Raju’s words and cries. Raju calms down and says my anger was that any innocent person should not be dragged in this, model town will be vacated on time, no need to shoot anyone. Raval says its needed, I will protect your family, you will get revenge from Nandu, model town will have a blast along with Raavan Dahan.

Rambhateri asks why did the men shoot Nandu. Nandu says Raju. Nani asks why did they shoot you if they were Raju’s enemies. Rambhateri says Raju and Nandu are same now, they will bear everything together. Garima says you have seen Ram in Raju first, I will make Nandu my bahu and gets the bangles. She makes Nandu wear the bangles. Nandu cries and thinks don’t know what are they dreaming. Garima and Nani get happy. Nandu thinks how to tell them the truth. Rambhateri sees Nandu tensed and says I will take her to her room, she will rest.

Raju says you mean you will blast model town, are you mad. Raval says I have no other option, I have to save myself by ruining model town. Raju says it will be too much. Raval says you gave me your word that model town will be vacated. Rambhateri brings Nandu to room and asks what is the matter hurting you, tel me.

Raju gets in dilemma and thinks Nandu loves him, will he go to that extent for his revenge to kill her, she got hurt and you got pain, you saw Sita ji in her, but he wants his old home, it this not true that he has Ram ji in his heart. He gets confused. Raval asks what are you thinking Raju, how to do this? Nandu says I hate Raju, he cheated us, he was Raavan and even today he is Raavan. Rambhateri gets shocked. Raju thinks what is stopping him to decide, can he blast model town and hurt Nandu.

Raju comes to model town and sees his house vacant. He gets worried and talks to Rashmi. Rashmi says goons are taking us somewhere. Raju panics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god. Nandu is safe. Raju’s reaction was so good. I love it. Like that moment when Raju went to meet Raval taking rod. How caring, man. But Raval brain washed Raju… Want to kill that Raval. ? First, want to blast his house.

  2. oh so no hospital drama
    i was expecting that
    want to see raju real emotions
    raval wants to kill nandu
    how mean
    i hope raju doesn’t fall in his trap
    100 % raval kidnapped his family

  3. new kidnapping drama
    but it will be interesting
    good to see strong nandu

  4. This is a good show

  5. Hi… All this episode was full of emotions … Don’t worry Somalina i think Raval will die some day or the other 😉 because He is the one who creates confusion between Raju aur Nandu … After that they will bring another villain 🙁

  6. loved the acting of Raju,waiting for next episode,love u RajNandini ( raju+nandini)

  7. Hi guys. ..where’s today ‘s episode. ……waiting. ………………..

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