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The Episode starts with Raju scolding Pratap and Dheeraj for not controlling their puja. Pratap says we should not disturb them from puja. Raju says keeping any idol started this bhajan. Kishore and Dev come there. Kishore says I want to leave from here, house is on Komal’s name she is supporting this proposal. Komal leaves. Dev says I m also supporting Raju’s proposal. Raju says come on time and sign on papers. Raju gets a call. Rambhateri signs bhajan. Raju talks to Raval. Raval asks what is Rambhateri doing. Raju says I won’t change, don’t worry, Rambhateri is doing all this. Komal comes to Raval. Raval asks Raju to control Rambhateri and the situation, model town should not think of doing Ram leela. Raju says I know my work, don’t explain me again and ends call.


gets Mishra. Raju scolds him and asks what about my proposal. Mishra says I m with you. Pratap holds Mishra. Raju says get his sign on the form. He gets angry seeing all the ladies there and takes a stick. Raju saks all the ladies to leave and they all get scared. They all get up. Nandu faces Raju and opposes him. She says this temple won’t move from here. All the ladies hold hands. Rama ho…………plays……….Raju fumes. Pratap stops him and takes him. Jaggu looks on. Nandu smiles and they all sit praying again. Rambhateri happily smiles.

Pratap asks Raju to have patience, they can’t force them. Raju says its because of your family. Pratap says no, family does not matter infront of Raval’s offer. Raju says we have to send them soon, we don’t have time. Pratap says we will catch one by one, give them money and take signs. Raju says do one thing, get signs on your form, what about Mishra. Dheeraj says Mishra locked his house and has run away. Raju smiles and says Raju’s fear has got less. Model town should be serviced and Rambhateri is the junk, get Mishra here. Pratap and Dheeraj leave. Raju calls someone and says Mishra is serious and there is emergency to hospitalize him in ICU.

Komal tells Raval that model town may not be vacated. Raval says I know Raju, he has done impossible things. He will do this work for his dream. She says I will make sure that model town gets vacated, no need to depend on Raju, but Jaggu is telling the truth. He says we can deal with Jaggu, I m worried about Rambhateri. She says I found a solution for her, I m going to join Rambhateri and end her plan. Raval smiles.

Raju goes to Dev and puts the papers. He asks him to sign on it. Dev says I remember I will sign. Raju asks do you remember your name. Dev says yes. Raju says Devdas ji, you were Dev Kaushik, do you remember your sign. Dev says yes, I remember everything. Raju reminds their old home and their happy time, when he did not know what are tears, he just knew smiling, Raju’s mum was proud of her husband, Dev’s children were proud of him. Dev cries. Raju says when you are not drunk, recall all that. Raju cries and says that time, happiness and house will come back. Dev asks how. Raju says you are signing on that fate, and shows the money.

Raju asks him to drink better wine and Dev was about to sign. Nandu comes and snatches the papers. Raju throws things on her. She bends and does not get hurt. Dheeraj drinks and his brother in law joins him. Dheeraj asks him for a favor, to sign on the form. The man says take sign from your sister, the POA is on her name. Dheeraj asks when did you do this. The man says your sister caught me talking to my GF, so I signed on POA for her. Dipika comes and says we will not sign on forms and go Ram leela, then everything will be fine, I decided it.

Raju asks Nandu to return the form. Nandu argues and asks him to take Dev’s sign when aunty is at home. He holds her face and asks her not to interfere. She bites his hand and he raises hand. Rashmi comes and holds his hand. Nandu says this is Rashmi’s house too, and tells Rashmi that Raju was giving money to uncle to take his sign. Raju asks who is Nandu to say. Rashmi taunts Raju and returns the money to him. She says you remind our poverty by giving us money, we wanted to leave from here to get rid of you. Raju cries.

Raju says we will call everyone and get their signs, else…..… Raju beats Mishra and throws a stick. Rambhateri catches the stick and saves Mishra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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