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The Episode starts with Rashmi saying I will break my marriage. She goes out. Nandu stops her and asks her not to decide impulsively. Rashmi says I can’t disown Raju, he is my younger brother, world can change, but Raj can’t change. Nandu says he changed. Rashmi says he is still same for us. Nandu says Sunny is nice guy, once relation breaks, it joins by difficulties. Rashmi says I m Raju’s sister, my marriage will not happen as Raju has written this. She goes to Indu’s house, while Nandu asks her not to do this.

Raju holds Garima’s hand and says Rashmi is doing right by breaking marriage, trust me, one day you will say I did right. Garima says I pray that you get fine, Rashmi’s marriage broke for second time, you are saying this is happening right. Nandu hears them. Garima

says I did not understand this, but you explained me well the meaning of stepbrother, I always regarded you mine but you are not my son, Rashmi did not understand this, she treats you as her own brother. She cries. Raju says I think my life will get spent in proving I m your family, I will get proof against Sunny for you.

Sunny comes home and asks Indu why did he call him. Indu says ask Rashmi. Sunny says I know Rashmi came to break marriage, I understand, she is doing right. Indu asks what are you saying. Sunny says Rashmi will be stuck between her would be husband and brother, that does not make sense, I respect your decision. Rashmi gives the bangles and necklace box. Indu stops Sunny and asks him what is he doing, you are spoiling the game. He says you know I m not interested in Rashmi, its enough, I want to get my motive, you don’t know how I felt when I saw Nandu in Raju’s arms, let me play this game as I want. He says sorry Rashmi, mom understood, you took the decision, we will break our relation. Rashmi gives jewelry. Sunny checks the empty box and stops Rashmi. He shows her the empty box and says it had a necklace which I made you wear, where is it. Rashmi gets shocked. Indu says maybe its at home, find it. Rashmi says yes, check it. Sunny says check it, it was very costly, it can be a serious case, we can blame you for this, you have one hour. He gets angry. Indu asks him to calm down. He says when relation broke, we should take back necklace. Rashmi says it would be at home, I will find it. she leaves.

Sunny calls inspector and asks him to arrest Raju. Indu ends call and asks why are you involving police, we took necklace to make that family helpless, not get Raju arrested. He says let that family go to hell, I just want Nandu. Indu says we are doing the same, what did you decide, we will get Nandu married to you, you are mad about her, Nandu rejected you during college days, but she will leave Raju and come to you, don’t get enmity with them.

Sunny says I got mad seeing Nandu in Raju’s arms, if I wait, I will get old, I will punish Raju, I don’t have patience, let me play this game my way. He takes the phone. She tries to stop him and he raises hand on her. She gets shocked.

Sunny says I don’t know its right or wrong, but I want Nandini anyway. He cries and shouts. Indu looks on. Raju goes to Mahila Sanghatan and asks her to call that man. She says just I sit here, tell me whats the matter. He says some women made issue at my house, then I got to know they do not work here, just write this on letterhead and give me. The lady Prabha Devi says I have come there with women at your house. Raju asks are you Prabha. Prabha says you are staying with Nandu without marriage. He says we are adults, who are you to ask this. The lady says model town families are asking me, they are scared of you, you don’t come in good people list.

Raju says my wife was hit at night, your card was found there. Prabha says maybe some woman has hit here, I will find out. She goes. Raju says I did not get proof. A doctor calls Raju and says I m Dr. Srivastav, I treated Nandu, I called to know about her health. Raju says you were not here yesterday. The doctor says I stay upstairs on the hospital, I attended Nandu as Indu is my old colleague, now you are going to know about me, it means your wife is here. He ends call. Raju says proof is getting erased, it means it’s a big plan. Sunny signs doctor and says Raju won’t get any proof. He laughs.

Nandu looks for diamond necklace. Garima tells Nandu that Rashmi locked herself in room, she is crying. Nandu says I m not getting necklace, Rashmi did not wear it. Garima says none touched the box. Nandu says how is that possible, we will find it. Sunny looks via window and smiles. Sunny says trust me Nandu, very soon distance between us will end, you will become mine and I will be yours, I promise. He leaves.

Indu goes to Garima’s house and hides. Garima says don’t know did I keep necklace somewhere nad forgot it. Nandu says Rashmi was scared as necklace was costly, if she had it, she would have told you. Indu tries to keep the necklace and stops as Sunny calls her. He asks what is she going to do, you know I love Nandu, if you do this, I will have to beat you, this is last warning. Indu leaves from there. Sunny stares at Nandu’s pic.

Inspector gets money and gun at Raju’s gym and arrests Raju. Nandu cries and says I have to save Raju. Sunny gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The promo was interesting. Finally his motive was revealed..

    1. What was the promo?

  2. Don’t tell me it will be like a condition from Sunny that IF NANDU LEAVES RAJU, then he will be released from the crime….. hehehe….

  3. Precap is sad, but once Raju comes out psycho mother and son duo will be I’m trouble because Raju understands that they r behind it.

  4. mom son
    both r d phsycos

  5. I really love the acting in this show. I loved Sunny in muh Boli Shaadi, now he’s a good villain here. I absolutely love Raju and Nandu, this is the only show I watch now. I’ll be miserable when Vinti leaves.

  6. I am missing Bari piya a moments between our Nandu-Raju ?

  7. Just saw the precap… Rashmi in bridal….

  8. I really think they are ruining Rashmi and Raju’s bonding…

    Wasn’t it enough that Vinti is leaving the show, now they are spoiling siblings bonding too….

  9. Hey guys, Aishwarya Khare aka Rashmi is going to be in Zee TV’s upcoming show ‘Vishkanya’ as a lead.

    1. Is she leaving too???? Oh God!!!

  10. No idea…

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