Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu walking to Raju sadly. She recalls his words saying he is acting of loving Nandu. She says I came here on time and hugs him. She wishes him happy valentines day. He thinks he got saved and sees the gift. Bairi piya………….plays……….. He checks the locket of Ram. He says its beautiful gift, but you know I m Nastik. She says love has Lord, if you really love me, then you are not Nastik/nonbeliever. He says love and all did not exist for me, so I did not bring any gift. She says I got the biggest gift from you. She cries and says you taught me love and showed what us love in reality. He says fine, but I should have got something for you.

Rambhateri comes there and shows a locket. Raju says you made right entry in life for the first time. She

gives him the locket and asks him to go to Nandu. Raju says even gift is right today, since when are you keeping this. She says since you were born… go now, make Nandu wear this. Raju makes Nandu wear the locket. Ishq bhi rab ke…………..plays………..

Raju thinks what are these feelings happening to me, its strange. He asks Nandu why is she silent. Nandu says maybe its night to not say anything, I have heard what I had to. Raju smiles and says sure, I don’t know. Rambhateri smiles seeing their love and says they don’t realize I m here. She goes. Raju takes selfie with Nandu. She cries. Raju gets a call from Raval. She asks him to attend call, it maybe imp. He wishes her happy valentines day and goes to answer call.

Raval tells Raju that investors are after him. Raju asks Raval not to worry. Raval asks him not to fall in Nandu’s love. Raju looks at the locket. Raval throws the phone. Nandu comes to her room and cries recalling Raju. Raju thinks what is happening with me, why is my heart out of my control. Nandu says I lost in my love. She gets heartbroken and says I will end cheat by cheat. I m waiting for Raavan dahan now.

The rehearsals starts. Nandu says the lines. Raju says your acting is so natural, I felt you are blaming me. Nandu says I curse my fate today and looks at Raju. She gets sad and conveys her message. Raju asks are these lines there in script. Rambhateri says great, you are doing it very real with genuine tears. She asks Raju to try to get into Ram ji’s role. Everyone ask him to say the lines. Raju says the lines and gets stuck. Rambhateri asks him to say the lines. Nandu leaves from there.

Raval calls Komal and says we can talk till I m alive. She asks why is he saying so. He says I m saving my life from financers, they are after me, is Raju doing anything or not. Komal says Raju is in love. Raval sees the men after him and runs.

Nandu sees Garima and goes to her. Raval runs on the road, and goons follow him. Nandu holds Garima and says you are unwell, come with me, we will go to doctor. Garima says no, go for rehearsals, I don’t want anyone to know I m unwell and they worry for me, I will go to doctor. Nandu says fine, call me if there is any problem and sends Garima in auto.

Raju says the lines and gets emotional. Rambhateri gets glad and smiles. She says how did you get such pain in you in first rehearsals. He says we will take half an hour break now. Everyone smile. Raju goes aside. Raju thinks Rambhateri is clever, I would have gone out of my control.

Nandu holds the locket and recalls Raju. Raval runs to save his life and goons start shooting at him. Raju walks somewhere. Raval hides behind Nandu and the bullet hits Nandu. She faints. Raju looks on shocked. Nandu falls down on the road.

Raju shouts Nandu and asks her to get up. Rambhateri says she looks serious. Raju asks will anything happen to her and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG! What an episode!! This show is getting more interesting….

  2. so emotional episode
    bad raval
    now it will interesting to know what will raju do

  3. Hi, this one was sooo emotional!! We are going in depth along with the development … Awesome 🙂 Nandu cannot die, So i hope she will accept Raju in spite of what he was going to do to her…

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