Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju asking Sunny about the chain. Sunny realizes its his chain. Raju gives him the chain. He asks how was the hotel dinner…. Sunny acts shocked. Raju goes and Sunny smiles. Raju sees the stick fallen there, with some id card. Raju gets that and checks. He sees fake name on the card and recalls Nandu’s words. Raju throws the stick at Sunny’s home. Indu asks what happened. Sunny says look there mom, Raju is going the way we want to send him, today Raju and Nandu are going to get separated. Indu says good, we shall make his return tougher. They smile.

Indu and Sunny go to Garima’s house. Garima greets them. Indu acts sweet and jokes. Sunny says relax, I understood that I also do kiddish things like Raju. Indu says yes, we can’t break relation when one

member objects. Sunny says yes, this relation will not break now. Rashmi smiles. Nandu says I m not defending Raju, but if you called Raju once, this would have not happened, Raju’s reaction is not wrong. Sunny says I m so sorry, I was concerned for you. Nandu says you did not think to call, that’s why Raju thought all that. Raju comes and says whatever I thought is truth. He says there was no lady named Prabha from NGO who came to create issue at Nandu’s house. He throws the card, and says someone has sent them. He asks them to think who has sent those women.

Nandu says Raju listen, its nothing like that. Raju says no need to say anything, I can see whats happening here. He hugs her and says some people are trying to separate us, just be with me, I won’t let this happen. Sunny gets angry seeing them hugging. He says they felt Raju will get angry and they will come between us. Nandu asks who will do this. Raju says Sunny… They all get shocked. Raju asks Sunny to get out from his house. Rashmi asks how are you talking to Shekhar. Raju says Sunny understands it well. Garima stops Raju. Raju asks Sunny to leave and asks Indu to explain manners to Sunny. Indu shouts shut up. Sunny says I won’t bear this, come mom. Raju says you both will never come inside my house from today, I can’t even tell my family what your son did. Rashmi says enough Raju and slaps him. She says Shekhar is my to be husband. Raju says I will never let your marriage happen with Sunny. He goes. Indu says we don’t want to keep any relation with you all now. Indu fumes and leaves with Sunny.

Garima goes to apologize to them. Indu tells Garima that Raju does not care for Rashmi’s relation and your health. Garima asks her not to break relation, they can’t bear it. Indu says yes, Raju is not having pity on you, we ignored his words from day 1, he always insults us, remember Raju has become enemy of Rashmi.

Nandu goes to Raju. He asks does she think he is wrong. He asks him to explain himself if he thinks he is right and prove it to Rashmi and Garima, better than annoying them.

Raju tells Garima and Rashmi what happened when he is away for one day. He says so many things happened yesterday, Indu is doctor and Shekhar took Nandu somewhere else, she was unconscious all night and he got her back in morning. Garima asks what do you mean. Raju says nothing, my eyes are more open than you all. He says I went to meet those women in office and got to know that women were fake, and that doctor story was fake too.

Raju says when clinic gets shut at 8.30, then what treatment will do on at 1 am. Rashmi says you mean Sunny is lying. Raju says yes, that id card was thrown so fool us, Shekhar did this as he wants to come between us, he does not want me and Nandu to come together, Shekhar has problem that Nandu did not stay his friend, he is cheap man. Rashmi shouts I love him, can you hear this, how can you blame him. Raju says I heard it, you hear it, I won’t you let you marry Sunny.

Rashmi cries. Garima asks is there any proof. Raju says I told everything. Nandu says its just words, not proof. Rashmi says Shekhar fell in your eyes, you will think the same for him always, last time you broke my marriage, this time I won’t let you break my marriage. She removes her bangles and says I will break my marriage myself this time. They get shocked.

Sunny gets angry and says how can Nandini get in Raju’s arms, I will punish him. Indu stops him and he raises hand on Indu. Indu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is getting more interesting… But I miss Rambhareri,writer should unfold Rambhateri and Rawal story soon…

  2. Are ye show ko din Mein v repeat karona.din Mein sirf ek baar he repeat hota.this is not fair.

  3. Omg i love this show . Also a big thanx to Ameena. Nd yeah even i think Rambhateri should come back 🙂

  4. At least raju understands the truth. I.live the pace if this show.
    Thanks, Amena for the update.

  5. I think Indu and Sunny have Rambhateri trapped in that room. Someone else was suggesting that Sunny might be a twin, I’m just adding another theory until they let us know who is trapped in that house. I love that Raju is paying attention and not letting other people guide his emotions. Nandu really did change him. This makes for a much more interesting story because every other serial would make the hero paranoid and jealous and we would all be able to predict what would happen without watching for a few weeks. This show is exciting, I’m just sorry Vinti is leaving.

  6. This show is becoming more interesting. I will miss VintI, but I will watch for Jatin he is such a good actor I hope he really gets into big screen. He has this way of making the audience sympathize with him. I used to dislike raju in the beginning because he was so evil but now I feEl so bad as he is trying to change his self for love and people are coming in between them. Today I was so happy that he realized the truth that Sunny and his mom is behind all the problem and didn’t blame Nandu.
    I like how the writers made Raju intelligent unlike the big Pragya team that can’t even catch the father of tanu’s kid after seeing Nikil on very occasion in MM lolz

    After, watching yesterday’s epi I thought Raju will become a crazy possessive desi hubby who will taunt Nandu till she will leave him, but he connected the dots and fouND the culprit s Hehe ?

  7. Raju and nandu rocks

  8. Good episode.

    One thing is weird that just sitting for a puja with a guy makes you fall in love with him…. Seriously….

    I am really hoping they get a good replacement of Vinti…. though I want her to stay in the show. She looks nice with Raju.. they make a good pair….

    1. Hehe I was surprised Reshmi said that. I feel bad for her, as her wedding always gets called off.

      1. I think because of this the truth will come out that he is not Garima’s son. And then Rambhateri will make her entry…..

        This Serial is pretty unpredictable unlike Sas Bahu drama where they stretch the plot like a chewing gum….

      2. that would be interesting. I am eagerly waiting for Rambhateri to tell him the truth 🙂

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