Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju and Nandu falling. Rambhateri asks Nandu did she get hurt. Raju says I don’t understand you completely. You told me to drive being blindfolded. Rambhateri says she is worrying as a Maa, you won my trust Raju, don’t know Raju knows or not, his love has truth, he worried for you, not himself, this is love. Nandu asks really, is this love. Rambhateri says yes, you blindly trust each other, when any problem comes, we save our love first, he did not care about himself. Raju says its good you trust my life, our life will set now. Rambhateri hugs Nandu and asks them to start rehearses for Ram leela, no break now, we will start Sita’s Swayamvar. Raju thinks Ram ji will break Shiv Dhanush and Raju will break Nandu’s heart and end this love story.


says Sita’s lines and Rambhateri says she spoke the line by heart, Sita Maiyya came in her, lets see Raju’s state in love. Raju says Ram’s lines, and smiles. Rambhateri says Ram ji has come, Raju is gone. Raju says his own lines and Rambhateri says not again. Raju flirts with Nandu. Rambhateri asks Raju not to get Raju in rehearsals. Dipika says this line is not in script. Nandu stops Raju and they have an eyelock.

Rambhateri says they are romancing themselves. Dipika says its nice scene. Rambhateri says no love story fails. Nandu says where are you leaving. Rambhateri says you both are already gone, call me when there is Ram leela rehearsals. She goes. Raju thinks whats happening to me, I can become a hurdle for myself.

Garima comes to model town and is unwell. Raju looks on. Rashmi hugs Garima. Garima says Raju has seen me coming, he would come. Rajni hugs Garima. Garima says I m fine. Nandu greets Garima and says we missed you. Raju comes and Garima says I m not like I was before, I think you and Raju got friendly. Rashmi says not friendship, they are in love. Garima smiles happily. Nandu gets shy. Garima says you love Raju. Nandu says Raju changed.

Garima says yes, this is not that Raju whom I left here, he really changed. She kisses Raju’s forehead and asks Nandu to start rehearsals. Nandu asks what rehearsals. Garima says to call me Maa, and hugs Nandu. Raju worries that Garima would have come after Ram leela, she is dreaming which I can’t complete.

Nandu comes to Raju to give him a surprise. She wakes him up and he asks her not to ruin his respect. She hides under his blanket seeing Rambhateri. Nandu says this is our first valentines and shows the gift. He smiles. She shows the card, flowers and gift. She asks him to give her a gift. He gives her a gun, as she will need safety to stay with him.

She says you are the biggest safety for me, I know you will give me whatever I ask, you keep this. Music plays……….. she asks him to come, she has to show something. Nandu decorates the house with candles and flowers. Raju gets touched seeing this. Bairi piya……………plays……………. She wears a bridal chunri and brings an aarti plate. She wishes him happy valentines day, and says its one day dedicated to love. She applies tilak to him. She makes him wear a gold chain and pendant, saying I want to give you this gift to make you devotional. Jiya dhadke………..plays……… Raju says you did with your love, now Raju is not Raju. He applied tilak to Nandu and smiles. Raju wakes up by this dream and is shocked.

Rambhateri asks him did he see any bad dream. He says don’t know it was bad or good, my sleep broke. She says when heart gets settled, something happens, mind outs tax on heart to be in love, you are going right, you are going through everything when person is in love. Raju thinks why is this happening when I did not wish to be in love. Raval comes to model town to meet Raju.

Rambhateri goes to sleep. Raju goes out to meet Raval. Raval is worried as he has less time to make that business hotel. Raju asks for 3 days time, Ramleela is starting, work will be over. Raval says I heard you are in love with Nandu. Raju says no, I did good acting that everyone believe I love Nandu, see the Swayamvar, I will push Nandu from top of love, she will cry and world will laugh on her, don’t worry, trust me. Raval leaves. Raju turns and sees Nandu standing with the gift basket.

Raju says the Ram’s lines. A guy comes and says someone shot Nandu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. niceeeeeeee episode

  2. So finally, Raju is also falling in love… Hmmmm….
    But today’s episode was good. Specially that Nandu – Raju valentine scene. Actually, I was little bit shocked by seeing Nandu wearing bridal chunri & taking a puja thaal. First, I thought in Valentine’s Day, she’s doing karwachot. When she applied tilak on Raju’s head, then I thought she’s celebrating Mahavir Jayanti. And when she gave Raju a pendent, then I thought she’s transforming Raju- naastik into aastik.??? But finally, that was raju’s dream… Hoooooo, thank god!!!
    But waiting for next episode….

    1. Nice comment…

  3. raju really starts falling in love with her
    superb dream
    someone shot nandu
    excited for precap
    jatin acting is awesome as raju

  4. Raju’s dream was superb…. I think someone shot nandu is just a fake news.. Eagerly waiting to watch Raju’s reaction after hearing the news…

  5. Hi, woooow superb episode, finally Raju is falling in love with Nandu!! But … she heard his discussion … 🙁
    wonder what will be his reaction (???) looking forward today’s epi 🙂

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