Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Garima telling Nani about Nandu’s accident. She asks her not to tell Raju anything. Nani tells Raju that Nandu is sleeping, I will make her talk in morning. Raju thinks there is something fishy, job can be left, I have to go back. Indu laughs. Garima and Nandi come to Indu’s house. Indu sees Nandu unconscious. Sunny says Garima and Nandu’s Nani are ringing the bell. Indu says let them ring, night will pass. They both laugh.

Its morning, Garima is worried and says don’t know where is Nandu. Raju comes back. He sees them at the door and asks what happened, why did they get shocked seeing him. Rajni says Nandu fell unconscious at night. He gets worried. Rajni says she was taken to hospital. Garima says we don’t know about it. Rajni says Shekhar took

her.. Rashmi says Shekhar took her and we don’t know about hospital. He asks did you all die. He sees Sunny coming in his car. Sunny lifts Nandu in his arms and they all look on. He says Nandu is fine now. Raju says I got unwell now and takes Nandu in his arms. He says you will get unwell now and asks him to talk about Nandu with respect. He takes Nandu home. Indu comes there and asks Sunny what happened. Sunny says don’t know what happened, I sat awake all night to take care of Nandu, and he is showing me attitude. He goes. Indu asks Garima whats this, this is limit, Shekhar’s phone did not have battery charge, he did not ask help from you all, I will talk to Raju. Garima says I will talk to him. Indu angrily goes.

Raju takes care of Nandu. Garima says you spoke badly with Shekhar, you should have thanked him, come, say sorry to Indu and Shekhar. Raju says my wife is unconscious infront of me, I don’t care of others, I will not say sorry and thanks, matter got long. Garima says you are spoiling the matter, Shekhar’s phone was not charged and he could not contact anyone. Raju says tell this to Rashmi, I was outside the home for one day and you all could not manage, you keep relations with strangers, I won’t. She asks him to say sorry. He asks did you see where Nandu fainted, how Shekhar took her, she is still unconscious, did you see by your own eyes, how can you believe Shekhar. He says I will tlak after Nandu gets conscious and tells me everything.

Sunny acts like apologizing to Raju and talks to Indu. Raju holds Nandu’s hand and asks her to wake up. He says you said I love you to me on phone, then you disappeared, I called everywhere, I was restless and came running by leaving the job, I felt I m running on thorns, tell me once what happened with you at night. Indu says Nandu cheated me, I will kill her… Sunny says this is what we are waiting for. Sunny and Indu laugh. Raju sees the paper in Nandu’s pocket and checks it. Sunny says I have made Raju doubt that I have spent night with Nandu, now Raju will feel the thorns when he close to Nandu. Indu says yes, we will make thorns away like we are making Nandu away from his life. Raju gets a chain from Raju. Sunny says Raju is such possessive husband, he will make Nandu away from him by his jealousy. Indu says yes. Nandu wakes up and hugs Raju crying. Raju asks what happened last night. Nandu says I was talking to you and saw some hooded person, I think it was some woman, she has hit me on the head, few women came in your absence and created issue that I m staying with you without marriage. He asks did the woman attack on you. She says yes, I fainted there, I woke up here, I don’t remember more. He says strange, all the things happened yesterday as if it was waiting for my absence. He shows the chain. He leaves. She asks what are you saying Raju…. Raju goes to Sunny and confronts about the chain. Sunny acts like he lost his chain and its his chain which Raju has.

Raju asks how was dinner at hotel. Sunny says today Raju and Nandu will get separated. Raju sees some card and goes. Indu says lets make Raju’s return tough.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. To be honest, today’s episode was so confusing… But waiting for next episode to sort out the all confusions.

  2. What an episode!!!!

    I just love this guy Jatin Sharma (Raju). He is awesome.

    I think they will make Nandu’s Character die.

    But anyway they really know how to keep their viewers entertained.

    Let’s see who makes a new entry or who will replace Nandu’s Character.

  3. Gud episode!!

  4. Jatin sharma rocks!!!

  5. Nice episode..but vinti don’t leave this show please

  6. i will watch this show for Jatin sharma, he is avery good actor. Even though i will miss Vinti a lot but I will cont watching the show.

    I find this show very unpredictable, it keeps you guessing and its not dragging like other shows, such a under-rated show.

  7. Nikita Sharma

    yar iss serial ka repeat bhi de diya kro din me

  8. Nikita Sharma

    any ways nice episode dekho ab dusra waar kya hota h nandu pr

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