Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rambhateri refusing to keep Ram leela if Raju does not become Ram. Nandu thinks of Raju and Rambhateri’s words. She says I did big mistake, I don’t think so. Rambhateri brings her bag and says maybe Nandu you can prove me wrong, I m leaving model town. I could not do anything, I thought Raju will be big barrier for Ram leela, but its you, I came here to do Ram leela, but now it won’t happen. Nandu says when did I say I won’t become Sita. Rambhateri says I felt you are different when I made you ready as Sita, but you and Raju are not much different. Nandu asks am I so bad that you are equating me with Raju.

Rambhateri says its easy to count other’s mistake and its tough to see our own mistakes, I will leave now. Nandu gets sad and stops Rambhateri.

Raju tells Raval that he will go home and have dinner. Raval says Rambhateri cooks food for you, how did you let her get in your gym. Raju asks him not to become coach, as he will lessen their morale, Rambhateri did not come there, I made her control me, but I will control her, main thing is I have to break her and Nandu’s unity. He gets a call and says what, Rambhateri refused to dine with Nandu, why will she sleep alone, send tiffin for her, I will dine with her. He tells Raval that Raju will serve Rambhateri now, Nandu is out. He leaves. Raval smiles and drinks wine.

Raval says if Rambhateri and Raju know they are mother and son, my plans will fail. A man takes tiffin for Rambhateri and says Raju has sent dinner. She says fine, keep it here. She checks the food and sees pickle, onion and chilly. She says these three things and recalls her son eating those things together. Rama ho…………..plays…………… she says whats this coincidence, how does Raju know this when I did not tell him. Raju comes and takes the tiffin, saying this one is mine, tell me how are you. He sits eating the food. She looks at him and sees her son in it, as Raju eats with same mannerisms. She looks at him. Raju asks what happened, why are you seeing like this, that tiffin also have food, this one is my special food, why are you shocked, did Nandu say anything, tell me. She asks what is he eating. He says this is my food, I don’t give this to anyone, I can’t digest food without onion, chilly and pickle. She looks on and thinks is Raju my son, no, this can’t be, am I neglecting the truth. Raju asks her to have food and sleeps. She looks at him and cries.

Its morning, Rambhateri talks to Ram ji and asks whats happening to me, why am I getting doubt that Raju is my son, clear my doubt, show me some solution. The diya blows and Garima holds it. she asks Rambhateri to see Ram ji and decide again. Nandu sees Raju. Ishwar says we will do rehearsals, my parents liked it, I will say the lines. He says the lines. Nandu tells something. Mishra hears them. Ishwar asks what, how is this possible. They all go to Raju and ask him to wake up. Raju asks them not to wake up. Mishra says its big news, wake up. Nandu comes there and wakes up Raju by throwing water on him. Raju sees her and taunts her.

She says you are selected as Ram for Ram leela, you wish has come true. Raju gets shocked and recalls Raval’s words.

Rambhateri and Nandu look for Ram leela’s script. Rambhateri sees her son’s pic, and similar pic is there in Raju’s belongings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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