Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu saying I love you Raju and hugging him. Ishq bhi rab ke jaisa……….plays………… He gets glad that she got trapped in his plan. She says you made me admit it. He says you were not saying. She says I decided I would never love anyone. I was afraid of love, I fought with myself when I fell in love with you but I lost, love failed me. He smiles. She says don’t know how you entered my heart, enough of story now, let me apply medicine now. He says its applied, your love medicine. She applies the ointment and he thinks atleast she got trapped. He holds her. He says real ache is here near my heart. She applies ointment with love. Bairi piya………….plays……….

She recalls his hand got hurt. He says my heart is here. She smiles. He gets close

and she pushes him away saying life is not of one day to fulfill all wishes together. He says you don’t love me, you said this to keep my heart. She takes a gun to shoot at herself. He stops her and bullet gets shot in air. She asks what do you think, just you know to love. He says you are more mad than me. She hugs him. He thinks Nandu will be paying big price for this.

Rambhateri sits praying outside. Rama ho………plays……….she recalls Nandu and Raju. Dipika gives her tea. Chanchal says Raju and Nandu fooled us, they are in love. Rambhateri says someone is making someone fool, Nandu did not understand this, it was important. Dipika asks are you not happy for them, Raju loves Nandu a lot. Rambhateri says I wish this turns true. She asks them to call everyone for rehearsals.

Nandu hugs Nani and smiles, saying she is feeling love for love. Nani sees her blushing and asks are you in love. Nandu gets shy. Anjali looks on shocked. Nandu says love does not leave anyone, I tried to run a lot, but finally I m in love. Nani hugs her. Anjali asks what you told me, life proved us that love and marriage are useless. Nandu says life now proved something us, love is beautiful. Chanchal says yes, there is no doubt. Anjali goes. Chanchal asks Nandu to come, Rambhateri is calling for rehearsals. Nandu tells Sita’s lines, and goes.

Raju does shayari on love. He says love makes a person human, love has power to lift you to some energy, and flirts seeing Nandu. Mishti says even I had been in love, all this does not happen. Dipika says this is too much Raju. Nandu says they all did love and know love. Raju says there will be difference in our love, I want your help to express love. He makes Nandu stand and says we are away, see now, I will kiss her without going close and touching her. Nandu asks what is this joke. Raju says this is magic, close eyes. Raju asks them to bet.

Raju roams around Nandu and asks did she feel anything. She says no. He kisses on her cheek and they all laugh. He says I lost the bet. She runs and beats him. They smile. Rambhateri comes and says you won this bet by losing, but I have a bet, if you lose, I win, but I want to lose too, tell me power of love. Nandu says trust. Rambhateri says I m asking Raju, not you. Raju says trust is strongest. Rambhateri says fine, lets test your love to show is it real. Raju asks what is the bet. Rambhateri says you have to get blindfolded and drive three rounds of model town, Nandu will become his eyes and say directions sitting infront of him. Raju agrees and asks Nandu. She also agrees. Everyone clap.

Nandu guides Raju and they drive the bike. Rambhateri looks on. A boy comes running and then goes aside. Raju and Nandu fall down and roll on the ground. Raju protects Nandu. Everyone run to them. Nandu and Raju have an eyelock. Rambhateri smiles and thinks thank Lord I lost the bet, don’t know Raju knows or not, but his love has truth.

Raju says I don’t understand Rambhateri. Rambhateri says Raju won my trust, his love is true, we have to do Ramleela, start rehearsals.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If raju’s love is true then defiantly he will not be able to take his revenge from fatfatiya… Waiting for the next episode

  2. Please post upcoming spoiler news

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I am totally confused…. raju ne nandu ke liye trap set up kiya hu hai taki vo badla le sake aur maine kuch tym phele spoilers me padha tha ki sabko sach pta chal gya hai ki it was raju’s plan… ab mera confusion yeh hai ki trap wali baat sach hai ya spoiler wali??? Ya fir raju wakai nandu se pyar krne lga hai (bhale hi har serial ki tarha der se samjgega)…. but fir bhi yeh show kbhi koi or kbhi or story mixx up kr dete hai, or mujge to confusion hone lgta hai..

  4. lovely episode
    raju doesn’t know that he really falls in.love with her

  5. Good episode but nw its becoming predictable

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