Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Raju getting a good job offer and agreeing to leave for Chandigarh. The man informs Sunny that Raju is leaving. Raju starts leaving and sees a car entering model town. He leaves. Some ladies come to the society and get inside Nani’s house. Nani recalls the phone call. Anjali asks them who are they, she will call police. The lady says we are from women welfare institute. The ladies say bad and scold Anjali. Nani cries.

Indu smiles and sees Garima on phone. Sunny tells Indu that Raju and Nandu’s marriage did not print cards. Indu says yes, these days they invite by emails. Garima tells Indu that Raju called and said budget can go upto 10-15 lakhs. Indu asks what, is Rashmi not his real sister, temple marriages are done like that. Sunny says the budget is less

than this diamond necklace. Rashmi goes.

The ladies ask how is Nandu staying with Raju without marriage, for how much did you deal with him. Anjali runs and informs Nandu that few women are fighting with Nandu. Nandu gets shocked and runs to Nani. Garima and everyone leave. Indu hides the necklace and keeps in her purse. She thinks there will be many storm in life. Nandu scolds the women. Indu and Sunny come there and smile.

The lady scolds Nandu for staying with stranger without marriage. Indu scolds the ladies and asks whats all this to trouble the old lady and her grand daughters. Nandu says I m adult and I can do anything, whats your problem. Garima says Nandu is my bahu, get lost. Nandu says get out of my house, Raju is my husband. Indu asks them to go and signs. The ladies leave. Indu calms down Nandu and asks Garima what is the matter, Raju and Nandu got married. Garima says Raju and Nandu were doing Ram and Sita’s role in Ramleela and they got married really in the scene. Sunny says don’t mind, how can you believe that scene reality. Nandu gets Raju’s call and asks where, Chandigarh, I was going there and now you are going.

Raju meets the man and gets the job. The man says you will get appointment letter tomorrow and meet the boss, there will be no problem of advance. Raju says fine, I will leave. The man says where will you go at night. He gets Indu’s call. He asks Raju to sit, and he will do his stay arrangements.

Raju calls Nandu. She asks did job get final. He says yes. She says congrats, I m so happy, when are you coming. He says tomorrow, don’t worry, they did arrangements, you would have got relieved. She says no, I got habitual to you, this without baraat and pheras bride is missing her husband a lot. He says really, when I m not around, you don’t say this. She says when you go far, I understand my truth.

Nandu says life does not balance without you, I love you Raju…. Raju gets surprised. She smiles and sees that hooded person. She gets shocked. Raju asks what did you say. Nandu runs downstairs to catch that man. Raju asks what did you say and went, just say again, hello…. Nandu takes stick to beat that man and runs after him. Indu leaves. Raju calls Nandu and her phone is left at home. Nandu looks around. She sees that person again and runs. He again disappears. Raju calls again and says why is she not answering the call. Indu hits Nandu on her head. Nandu faints. Raju says where did you do after saying I love you, answer my call. Nandu falls on the ground.

Raju calls Garima. Garima answers the call and asks what happened. He asks her to make him talk to Nandu, she is not taking call, I m feeling restless. She says Nandu is at her Nani’s house, you got married that’s why you are feeling so, I will inform Nandu. Sunny smiles seeing Nandu. Indu and Sunny take Nandu saying Raju’s life is in Nandu. He thinks he has come to hurt Raju by giving pain to Nandu. Sunny throws something at Nandu and gets close to her, while she is unconscious.

Indu calls Garima and ask her to wake up Rashmi, she has to talk. Garima says Rashmi is sleeping, what is the matter, tell me. Indu says I went out, Shekhar called me and said he was Nandu unconscious on road, don’t worry, he took her to hospital. Garima worries. Sunny lifts Nandu and takes her to his home. Indu says I m unable to talk to talk to Shekhar, don’t worry. Garima panocs and eats tablets. she asks what happened to Nandu, to which hospital did Shekhar take her, Raju is not here. Indu says yes, Nandu told Shekhar not to tell Raju, he went on job, I will find out by meeting Nandu, I m worried for you, are you fine. Garima says yes. Indu says take care and ends call. Indu asks Sunny how is Nandu. Sunny makes Nandu rest on chair and says she is just the way you wanted. They smile.

Garima tells Nani that Nandu is in hospital. Raju thinks something is wrong, is Nandu is in any problem. Indu and Sunny smile seeing Nandu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why they want to take revenge from them? No clue.. If Anyone know any spoiler news about it then please tell me…

  2. AW Nandu ?

  3. Is this is the end of Raju- Nandu scenes? ???

  4. Nice epi

  5. R they gonna do something with Nandu? Plz tell me the spoilers…

  6. As u all know that nandu nd sunny are college friends and in college nandu refused sunny ‘s proposal and he turned psycho lover of nandu. …..so he is taking revenge

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    I think Sunny is behind Nandu and the girl (may be) (locked in room) is behind Raju… and Indu is helping both.. i think full family is psycho…..

  8. I think there must be a twin brother story.. One is phycho and the other one is taking revenge behalf of his twin brother…

  9. I think Raju did something during the time when he was involved in criminal activities. He must have cause a lot of pain that’s y they want to take revenge Raju by hurting Nandu as Nandu is Raju’s life.
    And I think sunny just happen to know Nandu from his college days.

  10. I think rambhateri is behind the door.

    1. Interesting.

  11. I think they just changed the track now, since Vinti is leaving. First they started with a love triangle and now it has shifted to revenge drama.

    Anyway, the lead pair is amazing. I just love them. They look perfect.

    I love one thing about the Nandu Character, even after getting married they have not changed her clothes and accessories etc… she is still the same. Which makes the show more watchable.

    We’ll really miss the pair alot. Hope she comes back to the show. I really like their pair.

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