Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Garima, Nandu and Rajni cooking and having a talk. Raju says none will let Nandu go from here. Rashmi takes Raju to Sunny and says I want to reintroduce you to Sunny. Indu laughs and introduces themselves. Everyone smile. Indu says we came to attend puja and now we are deciding Shekhar and Rashmi’s life, isn’t that great. Sunny says I wanted to meet Raju and ask about any complain and problems. Raju says I won’t lie, I had complain and problem before, but not with you, with myself, it is all cleared now, Rashmi likes you, so I like you. They hug. Nandu and Raju see each other and smile. Bairi piya……….plays………..

Raju comes to room and sees Nandu. He says Indu and Sunny left. She asks what, Sunny did not meet me, get him back. He asks her not

to take his class. She smiles and says I m taking your class to pass you with good marks, you made Raju lose. He says do you know how I did that, as you are in my team, blunt thing takes time to get finishing. I will explain, sit here. He says if way is rough, there is hardwork to make it a smooth road, I did not need anyone, you knew it, that time you used to be around me, now I need you, you are threatening me every day, I used to be in my own world, this is different, I need time to get used to. He gives more examples. She starts laughing and says sorry. He asks was it very funny. She says yes. He asks her not to say about leaving him. She says fine, I won’t go anywhere. They hug.

Sunny is angry and says I was afraid of this whats going on in Raju’s room, they both came more close. Indu says world does not know whats going in someone’s room. He fumes. Someone tries opening a locked room’s door, and they get shocked. Sunny thinks this sound is getting more, it means the patience is breaking. Indu thinks to go some cure of it, as others can hear this sound. She throws the glass and runs.

Nani goes to receive the call. Indu threatens her and scolds her a lot, blaming her for wrong reasons. Nani asks her to talk with manners and does not identify Indu. Nani says you look drunk and saying nonsense, and scolds her. She ends the call. Anjali asks who was it. Nani gets call again and Indu scolds her. Nani worries and tells Anjali that lady is saying nonsense, but she knows us. Sunnu comes to Indu and she slaps him angrily. She says oh sorry, my poor child. He asks her not to drink more. Indu tells her pain and that’s why she is drinking. He says fine, drink, I m going to do packing, the truth is we lost to this pain. She says this pain can’t break our courage, I will not lose, I will ruin Raju and his world.

Its morning, Indu and Sunny meet Rashmi and everyone. They get a diamond necklace for Rashmi. Rashmi gets shocked. Indu says if you don’t like this, we can change it. Rashmi says its good. Rajni says Rashmi does not wear it. Sunny says but mom’s bahu will wear it. Indu says Sunny loves diamonds, its his choice.

Nandu says nice choice. Sunny says even Rashmi is my choice. Raju says choice is okay, but I m giving you my sister, you are making a diamond wear a diamond, she is very good. Indu says we came to decide when is this good luck coming to our home, shall we fix marriage date. Garima says anytime you say. Indu says I want one month time to do arrangements, lets be frank, what is your budget for marriage.

Indu asks are you thinking of marriage in five star hotel, I mean we should go arrangements together. Garima gets tensed. Rashmi says no, I want to marry from my home and removes the diamond necklace. Indu says I mean wedding planners would do well, but they are bit costly. Nandu says I will take loan, I m govt servant. Indu says so sweet, but will Garima do Rashmi’s marriage by bahu’s earnings, Garima has a son too. She asks Raju about his marriage budget, so that she can get a hint. Raju says our marriage happened different way, but we will do Rashmi’s marriage by heart, don’t take tension. He gets a call. Indu asks any tension. Raju says no, I m getting call. He asks Garima to discuss budget with them and goes out. Security trainer calls Raju and says I have big job for you, company and salary are good. Raju asks can company give advance. The man says yes, but you have to go Chandigarh and meet the company owner met me first, all the best. The man then calls Sunny and tells him your work is over, Raju is leaving for Chandigarh, inform Indu. Sunny signs Indu.

Nandu and Raju talk on phone. Nandu tells I love you Raju. She sees a hooded man and goes out to see. The man hits on her head and she faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is the time i guess now the new replacement will take vinti’s place please don’t change her guys she’s awesome no one can replace her 🙁

  2. Raju and nandu ‘s scenes are very nice.waiting for tomorrow

  3. Wow… finally Nandu said it. Yippeee….
    But what will happen after Vinti’s exit? Seriously, can’t see Nandu without Vinti. But we don’t have choice & we do respect Vinti’s quitting decision. Family comes first.

  4. Nice episode

  5. Mujhe samajh nehi aa raha if Rashmi is elder than Raju, then Nandu Is also younger than Rashmi.. If Shekhar is Nandu’s college friend then he must be the same age of Nandu and younger than Rashmi.. So they are fixing Rashmi’s marriage with a younger person?

    1. I was thinking the exact samething since this reshmi sunny marriage started hehe.

      1. Writer of the show is very open minded.. ?

      2. you are right Anni, its good the writers are going beyond the usual social concept hehe.
        I really love Reshmi’s character she is such a lovely sister with so much grace.

  6. I think Sunny and Shekhar, they are twin brothers. Sunny became Mad and aggressive.. So they always locked him inside a room..May be sunny was a phyco lover of Nandini..

  7. finally Nandu-Raju on the same team hehe. I enjoyed today’s episode with less fighting more loving hehe

  8. I was thinking Sunny and Indu came for Nandu but today i think they came to take revenge on Raju.

    I am guessing when Raju was doing his usual criminal activities, he did something to Indu’s family for which her family suffered a lot of pain and so she came back to take revenge. And nandu coincidently is college friend of her son, so that even made it easier for her to come close to Raju and his family.

    Also, who could be in the locked room? So much mysteries…

  9. Vinti is leaving??!!!! Does anyone have spoilers?

  10. whatever will be suspence of locked room ,I will not wach this show after vinti’s last scene.her last day of shooting is 16 march that mean till next friday I can see her in show after that no jkhrr for me,today I really cried when Raju & nandu huged each other,cant imagine jatin with another girl,no one can replace Vinti,She has defined Nandu

  11. plz update today’s episode…

  12. No update today?

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