Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu shouting Raju and running to stop him. She slaps him and asks what do you want. He holds her close and says I want to get you free from this state, I don’t see any other way. She says you got mad. He says I got mad, what do you want, tell me. She says give me some time. He counts down. She says fine, stop, I will say, we were friends before and now we ….. She aims gun at herself and says kill me first, then do what you want, and calls him her friend. She asks him to kill her, its better than regretting to lose a friend, if you feel that Nandu is in love with Raju, then you are mistaken, if you want to give up your life, then go ahead. She says there is no chance now and thinks she won’t let Raju know about her feelings. Raju gets shocked.


thinks all slots of gun are empty, I have hidden loaded gun, and recalls how he swapped the gun. He thinks I don’t know, but Nandu does not love me, but I will make her helpless to make her fall in love with me. Raju goes to gym and Rambhateri laughs talking to Nandu. She says come over, we will watch movie, I m free, we will watch some action movie, not any romantic movie. Raju smiles and calls Nandu… He asks Nandu is she going on duty, I felt you were planning to go somewhere else, maybe Rambhateri knows some other Nandu. Rambhateri drops her phone and says maybe my call ended and your got connected. Raju says no, I was timepassing like you. He works out. Nandu dances with everyone. Raju comes there and joins the party.

Raju and Komal walk in. Raju says you all are ending party without me, I will play song now. Raju asks them to dance and sees Nandu. He thinks Nandu looks happy, and dances with Komal. They dance on main bhi sarphira….. He thinks Nandu does not look jealous. He dances with Nandu. Nandu says stop the music, and shows everyone the pic of Raju’s GF. She says she is going to become Raju’s wife. Raju asks her to return that pic now. Nandu says love is not hidden, it should be told to everyone, like we told everyone about our friendship. She gives him the pic and he leaves. Dipika asks the girl’s name. Nandu says even Raju does not know this.

Mishra asks Raju why is he worried. Raju says nothing and scolds him. He gets a call. Dipika calls him and says you told model town about me, you are asking my name by showing my photo, I m your GF. Raju looks around. He says I m in bad mood. She says you are roaming with Komal, made Nandu your friend, and me your GF. He says I will find you out. She asks what is friend, don’t think my friendship is love. Dipika and Chanchal laugh and ends call. Raju says Nandu is doing this.

He goes to Nandu. She says I m sorry, I could not control to tell others that Raju is in love, I can see your anger, I did wrong. Nandu says I m sorry to get angry, you told your secret to me, I got this gift for your GF. He kicks the box and asks her to say. She cries and says whatever I do, I can’t act infront of you. He smiles. She says my jealousy is seen on my face. He says now you came on point. Everyone look on and turn when Raju sees them. Raju says you told it now. Nandu starts laughing and says what do you want to hear, that your GF made me jealous. This is not true, why should I say this, take your gift. She goes. Raju gets angry and goes to Nandu.

Raju stops Nandu and asks her to say she loves her. Nandu asks him to do rehearsals alone and leave her. She starts leaving. He stops the bike holding the rope, which he tied the bike. Nandu turns and sees him. She races the bike and he holds it. Everyone look on. She asks what are you doing. He says you are in love with me, tell me you love me. She says you manage your heart, I will manage mine, its not possible in this birth. She races the mine and asks him not to be adamant. He says now you see how impossible gets possible, and pulls back the rope. Bairi piya…………….plays……………. Everyone look on. Nandu could not go ahead, as Raju pulls the bike, and his hands start bleeding. Nandu and Raju cry.

Nandu runs to Raju seeing him hurt. Rambhateri stops Nandu and says I have heard you and seen Raju, come with me. Rashmi asks Nandu do you love Raju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode .pls update the prepack soon.

  2. Raju is getting mad obsessed. Good to see the old strong Nandu back.

  3. raju is doing too much now
    so desperate
    hope he really falls for her
    nandu is not going to propose soon
    waiting for nxt epi

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