Jaane Kya Hoga Aage (My love story) Chapter 7

As usual Thanks for supporting me! First of all guys I’ll try to not hurt A single Person In this ff but As U heard from Sanchi’s Voiceover that life gets more complicated. So everyone will be hurt at some point. Anyways most of the time They won’t be hurt! Let’s continue.

Recap: Sanchi and Veer became friends. Sanchi and Kabir became more closer.

Sanchi wakes up From the Sunshine! She’s so happy that she has no more beef with anyone! She Gets Up And Hugs Her Best friends! Sanchi: Happy Friendship Day! I luv u guys! For the first time her bffs get up quickly and hug her! They Say Happy Friendship day to u! We luv u as well! Pragya: ok now let’s don’t get too emotional! Now we got up early! Sanchi please tell us about the gifts!!!! Isha Nods in excitement. Sanchi: Well Veer Said Sorry to me And we r friends. And Kabir sent me an gift for friendship day! Isha squels! Isha: That is sooo cute! Pragya: yeah! Sanchi smiles. Sanchi: ok guys let’s go and get ready! Isha And pragya Nod And Get their outfits and Sanchi does too. Voiceover Of Sanchi: Thats the only Day they got up so early oh and our bdays as well! They go in the bathroom and see Veer. Veer: Happy Friendship day Miss golgappa, pragya And Isha! IPS: Same to u Mr prankster! All of them laugh and go to their stall! Voiceover of Sanchi: Seriously we Were so happy those days! Sanchi Wears An pink dress. They go back to their room after they shower and get dressed. In their room Sanchi fixes her Hair in an ponytail while pragya And Isha Text other friends happy friendship Day! All of them are ready! Sanchi recieves An text from Kabir. It says Happy Friendship day! Sanchi replies same to u Kabir!!!!! All of them go in Classroom.. Kabir Welcomes Everyone! Kabir: Well Happy Friendship day students! Keep Supporting ur friends and living happiness with them. Today No lesson cause I Have An really important Medical paitent today! Actually it’s my mom! Everyone Laugh! Kabir hands out the files and everyone go happily knowing there’s no lesson!

Veer Thinks About planning an Friendship day For Sanchi And Him. Kabir thinks as well. But Pragya And Isha text veer and Kabir that 4 of them will go For an treat out for friendship day! Veer Replies back ok and so doesn’t Kabir but it’s just that they’ve don’t want to see each other cause they don’t like each other. Voiceover of Sanchi: Isha And pragya saved me from choosing One person between Kabir or veer to go out! I was so relieved! Everyone take care of their paitents. Sanchi has to take catenary of kusum ( Kabir Mom) Kusum Likes Sanchi’s personality! Sanchi Talks With Kusum like a friend and kusum Enjoys telling gossip about Kabir. Both of them laugh! Sanchi: u call him golu? Kusum: yes! He dosent like it! But I love the name’ Sanchi: I will call him that too! Kusum smiles. Sanchi: Ok Aunty I’m done giving u medicine! I’ll see u tomorrow!   Kusum: Ok Beta See u tomorrow. Sanchi leaves.

Kusum thinks: She’s such an Amazing Girl. She is also kabirs friend. Can she be my Perfect bahu and Kabir she wife?   Sanchi is walking while she knocks in Veer. Veer: Miss golgappa Look Out. If it wasn’t me that would have been awkward for u. He pats her shoulder. Sanchi: Ok mr prankster but why dont u Look Out cause u were on ur phone? She pats his shoulder. They both laugh and go to Cafeteria. They sit with Isha And pragya. Pragya: Ok so I planned for the Friendship day outing at 8? First we will go to golgappa Stand. Then We will go to eat the Pink stuff ( I forgot what’s it called but it’s pink and fluffy and on an stick I think) then we will go to restraunt to eat dinner.

Also kabirs coming cause he is Sanchi’s friend. Sanchi nods. Sanchi: That is perfect but 8 seems an little late? Veer: Don’t worry gurls Gunda won’t come when this Muscular man is here. Sanchi: yeah right. Golu will be There and he is responsible and muscular so we will be fine. I’m not worrying about that! It’s just late and we have to wake up early! Veer is confused veer~ whos golu. Sanchi: oh Just Kabir. It’s an nick name. Veer: oh ok but cmon miss golgappa It will be fun. Isha And pragya nod! Sanchi: fine. So we will meet at 8 and it’s 7 so let’s go get ready. Everyone say bye and Sanchi texts Kabir to come at 8 at Sanchi’s door. Kabir replies ok. Sanchi puts on an really cute Black Dress. She puts on makeup and leaves her Hair Out. Isha Wears An Pink Short Dress And Puts her Hair in an pony tail. Pragya puts on A Red shirt with white stripes and overalls with Her hair out.

They get their Phones and purses. Veer Wears An Black Shirt with gray Jeans.  Kabir Wears His blue shirt with black Jeans. All the girls get out and Veer and Kabir are standing outside. Veer looks at Sanchi Mesmerized. Kabir Just Smiles At Sanchi! Veer: Miss golgappa ur looking Like a nice spicy golgappa Sanchi: thanks for flirting veer. But it’s not working. She smiles.  Sanchi: what about u kabir? Any compliments? She laughs. Kabir: u look nice. Sanchi Nods. They go to golgappa stand! Sanchi: Me first! She goes and tells the Golgappa person to make her an sweet golgappa she eats it! Sanchi: it’s prashad    Isha And pragya laugh. Veer and Kabir Get spicy ones. Isha And pragya Get spicy ones. All of them get spicy ones and Do An contest Of Who will keep eating and not drink water will win. Everyone loose and Sanchi wins! Sanchi winks? I’m An master at this. Everyone laugh. Next they go to eat the Pink stuff ( don’t kbie what’s it called) they Eat it. Veer And Sanchi fight over One. Cause there’s only one left. Kabir: Why don’t u guys share. Veer: us? Sanchi:um. Sanchi eats it first then hands it to veer. Then veer eats it and hands it back. It’s an cute moment!  Sanchi: Golu pass me water. Kabir Gets An weird expression on face!  Kabir: Don’t call me that and who told u?  

Sanchi: aunty. And I will! Golu golu golu. Now I’m chasing u. Sanchi chases kabir And Is about to trip while chasing Kabir. Kabir holds her hands and stables her. They have An Eyelock. Sanchi: Thanks golu kabir: ur welcome! But why ur calling me Golu? Sanchi: I love that name Kabir: Uhh I dont like it! Sanchi: whatever Next everyone Go to the restraunt to eat dinner. They Eat Noodels And Talk And have fun. Even Kabir Congrats Veer For Improving a very hard health paitent! Veer Says Thank u! They all have An great time. Next pragya Orders cupcakes. Sanchi makes First Isha Eat the cupcake then Pragya. Then Veer. They have an eye lock. Then finally Kabir! They also have an eye lock! Isha And pragya Hug Sanchi. Veer and Kabir shakes hands! Voiceover of Sanchi: it was an really Great Night! We all had fun!   They Go In Kabirs Car An day Kabir drops them to hostel then goes home! All of them sleep happily after changing!

Precap: Kusum asks Kabir if Kabir Likes Sanchi. Kabir and Sanchi share some cute moments and  Veer And Sanchi share some cute moments.

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  2. Wow what a great description of friendship day celebration just loved it. Post next one soon

  3. It waz os7 reading dis i waz missing my frndr coz itz winter vacation in kashmair n it had been 2 months v didn’t saw each other n i hve 2 wait 4 1 n half month 4 my skool 2 get start again….leave dat coming c ff it waz superb n my fav epi till now…n d pink stuff iz budhi k baal …want it to be kanchi bt itz ol upto u dea…post nxt part soon n tc.

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      Hey! In this ff the pair will Be revealed a lot later. But in the middle of ff U will get To do An vote for Which Boy u think Deserves Sanchi Due to the story ( not The One u like the most) And then I will decide pair. It’s hard to decide. Anyways thank u

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