Jaane Kya Hoga Aage (My love story) Chapter 4

hey GUYSS! So Basically I did not get many comments on my last chapter. That is totally fine because u guys r probably busy. But guys please do take ur time to check out telly updates. And plz do comment on my Chapters when u can! Like I love seeing ur thoughts about my chapter. And if I don’t see ur thoughts that much then I became a little sad. Ur comments brighten my day! So please keep doing That! Let’s just get in episode now.

Recap: Veer pranks Sanchi. Sanchi and Kabir became friends                                  

Sanchi is all ready for her day. With her Blue shirt a little of the shoulder styles and A Pink ripped jean with loop earrings. She Dosent know if she should leave her hair out or not. Pragya An day Isha finally wake up. Isha: omg We r late and Sanchi why didn’t u wake us up. Sanchi just frowns. Sanchi: u guys weren’t waking up. And I got ready.  Pragya And Isha Quickly Get their clothes. Ip: We r not taking an shower. They Go Quickly wear their clothes. Pragya: u should leave ur hair out. Isha nods as well. Sanchi: fine. She takes her hair out while Veer is standing out of the room and watching. Sanveer music plays. Then he just goes. Sanchi smiles to her friends! This is great right? Let’s go. They go and sit in classroom. 10 people r already in there. They all get An seat. Veer comes in classroom and sits with his friends. Dr Kabir comes in. Dr Kabir: Good morning everyone. Everyone smile and all of the girls Blush expect Sanchi. Dr Kabir Rxplains about Their medical lesson ( sorry guys I’m not good at medical stuff so just bare with me) the class is almost finished. Dr Kabir gives everyone Their Files for their Paitents. Everyone go while Sanchi stays there. Kabir is confused. Kabir: Sanchi ru ok?  Sanchi feels dizzy. Flash back in shower. ( Veer is shown Putting ice cubes in tank for water.

Sanchi Always showers In cold water and she just thinks that’s how it is. She is feeling the affects of cold now) Veer Basically pranked her again. Sanchi gets up And Is loosing balance. Kabir holds Sanchi hands and balances her. Sanchi faints on kabirs shoulder. Kabir is angry cause he knows this could only be Veer. Kabir dosent Like Veer. He Gets Some Water. Sprinkles it on Sanchi. Sanchi dosent wake up. Kabir Calls And orders Warm coffee. Voiceover of s: he helped me so much that day. I was so thankful? He makes Sanchi drink it. Sanchi is warming up. She gets up and keeps sneezing. She got an cold. Sanchi: thx Dr Kabir for saving me. Idk what is happening.  Kabir: call me Kabir. Kabir gets some Tylenol from Desk and some water and gives it to Sanchi. Sanchi swallows it. Kabir: Sanchi Why don’t u rest in Hostel room. Sanchi:It’s my first day. I can’t. I need to work. Kabir just frowns. Kabir: ok u may go Sanchi. But plz understand. Sanchi just says ok and Goes. Sanchi goes to her patient. Checks her and Takes care of her. She sneezes and Sneezes. The patient says u need to rest doctor Didi more then me. Veer notices this and hands Sanchi am tissue. Sanchi takes it and blows her nose. Veer feels bad.  Sanchi Is finished checking her patient and goes to second patien. Kabir comes in the room. He Gets Veer by his hand. Veer: what happend Kabir. Kabir: why u pranked Sanchi Again in anger tone. U made her sick. Veer Puts his head down. Veer: I feel bad and I won’t do it again Sir. Kabir: If u do it again I promise u will get an big punishment. Veer goes back in with patients. He gets An Tylenol and water and gives it to Sanchi. Veer: it’s time for medicine. Sanchi looks in veers eyes. Sanchi: no I’m not Getting it from u. Veer: u hav to. I’m sorry for the prank. Sanchi nods no? veer Opens Sanchi’s mouth and puts in and makes her drink water. Veer: now ok? Sanchi just feels embarrassed. Sanchi nods and veer goes. Kabir has been seeing this and gets happy to know that Veer is an good person. Kabir comes to Sanchi And brings her to side. Kabir: hope u feel better.  Sanchi smiles Sanchi: thx Kabir. Kabir takes his hand and Puts in a punching way and Punches Sanchi’s hand she does it back! It’s their handshake.  

         Precap: Sanchi Takes revenge To Veer for the pranks. Sanchi and veer became Friendemies.

     Hoped u guys enjoyed

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