Jaane Kya Hoga Aage (My love story) Chapter 3

hey Guys. Thx for the support. I Changed the title to A better name! And I promise u guys this Ff will Be one of my Best ff! So today we r continuing Our Lovely Ff.    Recap: Sanchi meets Kabir And Veer.

Isha looks On worried. Veer leaves. Isha: Omg I Have to put my makeup on. Pragya Just laughs while Sanchi rolls her eyes. Sanchi~ We need to Be ready quickly And u put So much makeup on in the taxi? pragya~ Oh Cmon Sanchi let her.  Isha~ Guys U need to have impression. Why don’t u change clothes. I’ll be back. Need to change. Pragya Nods. Sanchi~ we don’t need to. I think we r fine. I need to call Maa.   Pragya: I know. Just didn’t want to make problems. And u can call Jaya aunty after. We r in hurry. Just message her u will call her after.   Sanchi Frowns but nods. She texts Jaya. Isha comes out in A red Dress With her hair open, they grab their purse and go.        Meeting: Kabir: Hello Everyone.    Students: hello dr Kabir.   Kabir: Everyone welcome to Savitri Devi college. U guys Finally have responsibilities on ur shoulder. Tomorrow is ur first day. You Guys have to wake up early. Be Ready and in class by 8:00. Whoever is late gets 1 warning then next time punishment. It not home that u sleep at 12:00 and wake up at 12:00. Also be healthy. Ur moms aren’t giving/ making foods. U need to get it from Cafeteria. Please Be an responsible respectful Intern. And Today we r Giving Id. That’s Why we had this meeting.    I’ll call ur name and u come take it and leave. 1. Isha neigi.  Isha Just Smiles while kabir just has His serious face on. 2. Veer mahaltra.  Veer Grins And shake hands with Kabir.3. Pragya Yadav.  And He continues, Sanchi is last. Kabir: Sanchi mishra our intelligent one, Kabir Gives Sanchi a big smile. Sanchi blushes but gives an Smile back. And takes her id. P, I And s ( Standing for Our 3 Best friends.) Go To cafeteria to eat dinner. They Eat and talk. Veer and his friends come in he sees Sanchi And Goes up to her. Veer: So ur An topper?  Sanchi: yeah any problem? Veer smiles. Veer: no.  Veer Gives Sanchi An icecream Cone. Sanchi: I can’t take this sorry. Veer laughs. Veer: ur not the only. I gave them to everyone. Sanchi sees everyone licking an icecream Cone and her bffs. She says ok. Veer is about to hand it to her but shoves it in Her face. Everyone laugh at Sanchi. They say things like Omg she Dosent know how to eat and etc. Veer is laughing. While Sanchi feels hurt. Sanchi: Dr veer mahaltra I will get u back for this. She speaks in an anger tone. Veer: Oh yeah. It’s an prank chill. She Storms our Of the cafeteria. She sees Kabir standing there. He sees Sanchi And is trying not to laugh. Kabir: Sanchi Don’t worry that veer likes to prank people. Here u go An tissue for u. She grabs the tissue wipes her face. Sanchi: thx dr Kabir. Dr Kabir just smiles. Sanchi smiles back. Sanchi Lets her Hand out. Friends????? Dr Kabir is suprised. But he nods and shakes her hand. They have an eye lock. Then Sanchi goes from there and Smiles. She goes in hostel room and changes to her night wear. She calls Jaya and tells her about her day. Jaya smiles and they talk for

About an hour. Then she gets her outfit out for tomorrow. She Puts alarm clock. And goes to sleep. Meanwhile dr Kabir is Thinking about Sanchi and how She is the Only one Who is So Nice And respectful. And the only one Expect his friends and mom that make him laugh. He goes to sleep while veer is just laughing when thinking about the prank he did.     Morning. Alarm Clock rings. Sanchi gets up and streches. Sanchi: Guys wake up. ( saying to Isha And pragya). I’m getting ready u guys come as well. She grabs her clothes and leaves to take an shower. Voiceover of Sanchi: I remember When Pragya And Isha got A So Bad punishment in the middle of the year. They would never wake up. And I was the first person In the bathroom to shower. Hah the good times. She showers and wears Light blue Shirt with Pink ripped jeans. She Goes back to room. She’s puts on earrings. Does her hair in an pony tail and Wakes up Isha And pragya. Voiceover of s: I Was so ready to start the day with loving memories. And with Probblems……… precap: Sanchi And Kabir friendship blozz. Sanchi gets her revenge For Veer. Masti and more. Byee Guys have An good Day.

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