Jaane Kya Hoga Aage (My love story) Chapter 8

Hello everyone! I’m back! The reason why I wasn’t posting Any FF Was I was having an hard time in study life and relationships! I hope you remember me and this ff though!                    
              Recap: Friendship day! Veer,Sanchi,Kabir,pragya And Isha Celebrate Friendship day all togetheir

Its morning! Sanchi wakes up peacefully thinking about all the fun she had yesterday! She smiles! And looks on her social media on phone! On Instagram There’s an pic of Sanchi And Veer eating cotton candy (sharing) With an caption cute couple. She’s confused who posted that. She rubs her eyes and sits up it’s an Person she Dosent know! She feels irritated and Wakes Up Isha And pragya And tells them to look at this. They look and laugh. Pi: you and Veer. Never it’s impossible! Sanchi rolls her eyes and gets her outfit out. A Shoulder crop Light blue shirt with white ripped jeans. She goes to the Hostel bathroom. Takes an shower, Wears the outfit and comes back to room. Makes her hair Curly and leaves it out. Puts lip balm and leaves without saying anything to Isha And pragya! When she’s walking she bumps into Kabir. Kabir: Look Out Sanchi And Leaves     Sanchi:  wow no hello no bye? She feels irritated and goes. Veer however is in the cafeteria is eating breakfast peacefully and doesn’t care about The  rumors.

Sanchi goes to Veers friends and asks where veer is! She goes to cafeteria and Screams at Veer for not clearing up rumors. Veer: Ms golgappa Idc about Any rumors. Let them assume what they want and keeps on eating. Veer: And also Apologizing to you was my biggest Mistake! I can’t believe you posted that pic on your profile only 2 of us anyways? That’s where people got it from! So it’s totally your fault! Sanchi’s confused. Sanchi checks her profile and sees an pic she didn’t post on her profile with only Veer. Sanchi: Omg I did not post that! Someone else did! Veer rolls her eyes! Veer: Were not friends anymore ur making probblems in my life and recking my reputation! He leaves while everyone in cafeteria are Silent . Sanchi goes from there to Kabir because There’s still 25 mins till class. Sanchi: Kabir.   Kabir: come in Sanchi Sanchi: Kabir I’m in a big probblem.. Kabir looks in Sanchi’s eyes with pain! Kabir: oh hi Sanchi! Btw congrats to u and veer! Hope your relearionship lasts long.

Sanchi: KABIR THATS MY PROBBLEM! Kabir: wait what?  Sanchi: yes someone posted that pic on my profile I didn’t! And people are making rumors! me And Veer aren’t dating! Kabir seems relieved  Kabir: oh Obviously I knew! U and veer. impossible!  Sanchi: yeah right she giggles anways  Kabir what should I do I think my profile is hacked! Kabir: delete that pic first then log out. Sanchi does that! Now log back in Sanchi logs back in! Kabir: you aren’t not hacked because u can log back in! Somebody probably knows your iPhone password and Cropped our group Photo An day posted that on ur Instagram pic? Do u know anyone who knows your password? Sanchi feels awkward. Sanchi: I don’t have an password. I’m not good at Remembering passwords! Kabir Puts His hand on his head. Kabir: somebody probably Came in ur room and did that! Sanchi plz do get a password! Anyways forget about that! If it happens again

Then We will figure out who that is! Right now forget about it!! Sanchi: Thank u kabir for solving my problems ur an true friend! She Hugs him! Kabir smiles awkwardly and Hugs Her Back! Sanchi goes out and Veer is standing there! Sanchi avoids him and goes. Veer feels Really guilty for not trusting Sanchi but just leaves! After The day ends Everyone go back to their room! Kabir goes home and is singing a tune of a romantic song! Kusum Notices this! Kusum: omg Sanchi changes u a lot! Kabir: Maa shes my friend only and nope I didn’t change! Kusum: You probably we’re thinking about her! Kabir: no Maa I just like this song!  Kusum: Cmon tell me do u like her! and She smiles! Kabir: shes just my friend and leaves from there! Kusum: I know u like her but u just don’t realize! Meanwhile Veer follows Sanchi!

Sanchi Notices this and Yells at Veer. Sanchi: Can u stop! Veer: I’m sorry Sanchi for Not believing u! Sanchi: Sorry I don’t trust u she’s about to leave but veer holds her hand and stops her. Veer Gives Her An Plate With golgappas! Sanchi smiles!!!! My golgappas!!!!!! Veer smiles. Sanchi eats the golgappas! Veer: Plz forgive me Sanchi! Sanchi: Fine I will give u one chance because of these golgappas but plz always trust me And leaves from there. Veer feels something special and weird! Veer: What Relationship is this? It’s so special without any relation! I feel so close to her and he smiles and Leaves. At night Sanchi is Thinking about the rumors, Veer Thinking about Sanchi And Kabir Thinking about Kusums Question! Does he like Sanchi?

precap: Sanchi goes out to meet her mom Not from a vehicle! From Walking because she forgot her money in Hostel! Some goons come and try to misbehave with Sanchi? Will someone save Sanchi? Will it be Veer or Kabir or someone else?

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  1. Finally you are back after so long time with such a nice episode, precap is really interesting so please post next part soon

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